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team sports

For learning purposes

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team sports

  1. 1. MAPEH BY : PETER AND MJ TOPIC : PHYSICAL FITNESS Teacher: Mr. Gerson G. Arboleda
  2. 2. What is the nature and background of Futsal • Futsal started in 1930 in Montevideo, Urugay by Juan carlos Ceriani who invented a five-a-side form of soccer for youth competition in YMCAS. The game is played indoors and outdoors
  3. 3. How was Futsal introdeuced into the Philippines • In The Philippines Futsal was conceptualized and created by Xarex Velasquez on November 2010 who pictured the probability of Futsal played by Filipinos to play with
  4. 4. • For an aspiring Futsal player and participant you need to be able to aquire the following skills. These are some basic skills
  5. 5. What are the different skills used in Futsal Kicking – refers to the moving of the ball by using either Inside, Oustide sole, or back of the heel. Dribbling – It is the ability of moving the ball far from the opponent with succesion of taps while in control of the ball Passing – it is the act of kicking the ball to a teammate to make the ball safe from an oppenent
  6. 6. • Heading – it is the act of passing the ball using your head • Tackling – it is a defensive skill in stopping your opponent from scoring. Tip ( This Technique preventing from scoring may cause fatal injury
  7. 7. Example / Picture
  8. 8. Tackling and Defense 4-5-1 – 4-2-3-1
  9. 9. BASKET BALL • Basketball – is a team sport, in which the goal is to shoot a ball through a basket that is positioned on both ends of the court. Typically 2 team must have 5 players
  10. 10. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT SKILLS NEEDED IN PLAYING BASKETBALL • Shooting – This is the act of throwing the ball with an intention of getting it into the ring or basket to earn point • Dribbling – is a skill in basketball that permits you to move inside the court. It is a legal method that allows you to progress to make a score • Passing – it is a skill that maximizes the player’s involvement to set up a play to earn successful throw on the basket and earn score • Rebounding – if a player shoots the ball and miss it allows the player to get the ball and pass to it’s teammate for their team to make another score
  11. 11. Some players in basketball