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  1. A website for buying and selling cars linked to all car buying and selling sites inYemen Prepared by the student / Essam Mohamed Yahya Al- Marwala Supervised by Dr. Fouad Abdel Razzaq
  2. Many people seek to buy cars inYemen from exhibitions or private agencies, and most customers or clients find it very difficult to obtain the required car and determine the showroom in which the required car is. Some showroom owners have sought to create independent websites, systems and electronic applications for buying and selling, but they are not available to customers for several factors. The idea of creating a system or a site that links all the sites, systems and applications of buying and selling cars through the web service emerged after coordinating with all service providers and agreeing on all the standards required of the system .
  3. About the Web service Web service : A type of web application that provides electronic services between an application and another application or another system and system . Application programming (API ) and not (GUI such as buttons, arrows, etc.), and then the web service sends the result of the request to the user back in the form of XML
  4. • intermediary online marketplace that specializes in displaying used and new cars for buying and selling. • The user (the customer) enters the system and sets the parameters of the car he wants to buy.The system is through a web server that provides a list of all the options available from service providers (exhibition owners) and the user chooses the appropriate exhibition for his requirements. • The system is linked to the systems and sites for buying and selling cars in Yemen.
  5. • 1- Direct selling to B+C people • 2- Direct selling to government institutions and companies B+B
  6. • Easy access to all car buying and selling systems and sites. • Connecting all systems and sites for buying and selling cars inYemen. • Due to manual work and what Damage and loss of documents . • It is an opportunity for all service providers and customers.
  7.  programmers.  Analysts.  data entry.  coordinator. :  2 pcs of computers  local server  switch  printer  modem and internet  Docs  MySqlserver  Java SDK version  WSDLWeb Service Description Language version  SOAP Engine  design software like photoshop  Internet browsers
  8. • Facilitate buying and selling • Save time and effort loss • Increasing the level of sales by entering the market is a very large business • Make a lot of profits and help owners sell their cars that they don't need • Save data and documents from loss and damage
  9. • been mentioned previously. • Also, you will need a well-known programming and design company to program the website that you will use to display the products on it, in addition to making your own design .Which distinguishes it from other online stores, and when choosing the company, it takes into account that it has an honorable precedent and is committed to its time and support for customers