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  2. Adjectives are words that describe or modify other words. • The comparative form of an adjective compares two things. • The superlative form of an adjective compares three or more things.
  3. Examples / Adjectives • The turtle is small but the giraffe is big. • The lion is smaller than the zebra and bigger than the turtle. • The turle is the smallest and the giraffe is the biggest.
  4. To form the comparative or superlative of one-syllable adjectives (short adjectives) add -er OR -est. Adjective Comparative Superlative tall taller tallest short shorter shortest cheap cheaper cheapest
  5. Rules to Remember!! Adjective Comparative Superlative One-syllable adjectives. Examples: old, fast, tall, neat, cheap Add -er: older, faster, taller, neater, cheaper Add -est: oldest, fastest, tallest. neatest, cheapest One-syllable adjectives, ending in E. Examples: late, fine, nice Add -r: later, finer, nicer Add -st: latest, finest, nicest One-syllable adjectives, with one vowel and one consonant (CVC). Examples: hot, big, fat, thin Double the consonant, and add -er: hotter, bigger, fatter, thinner Double the consonant, and add -est: hottest, biggest, fattest, thinnest Two-syllable adjectives, ending in Y. Examples: happy, easy Change y to i, then add -er: happier, easier Change y to i, then add -est: happiest, easiest Two-syllable adjectives ending in a vowel-sound that is not stressed. Examples: narrow, simple Add -er: narrower, simpler Add -est: narrower, simplest
  6. Some comparative and superlative forms are irregular and do not follow any rules or patterns. These must be memorized. Adjective Comparative Superlative good better best bad worse worst much more most little less least far farther further farthest furthest
  7. To form the comparative or superlative of adjectives of three or more syllables (long adjectives) use more and most. Adjective Comparative Superlative intelligent more intelligent most intelligent practical more practical most practical beautiful more beautiful most beautiful expensive more expensive most expensive
  8. Adverb Comparative Superlative hard harder hardest quietly more quietly most quietly quickly more quickly most quickly Like adjectives, some adverbs can take comparative and superlative forms You should speak more quietly. You’ll wake up the baby.