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Tips For Getting Hired In Design

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Jon Fox, Creative and UX Director at Idean, offers tips from his many years of experience as a hiring manager in product organizations and digital agencies on how to land the job you want in UX and Design.

This talk was given at the UX Intensive at General Assembly Los Angeles in Feb. 2017.

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Tips For Getting Hired In Design

  1. 1. How to Get Hired in Design Jon Fox UX, Product, Design Leadership @JonFoxUX
  2. 2. ® History
  3. 3. TITLE OF TEXT 3 Community
  4. 4. Who is Idean? Confidential: for internal distribution only The Leading Digital Customer and User Experience Design Consultancy 17 years of experience 200 talented design professionals 4,000+ projects delivered successfully since 1999
  5. 5. Since 1999 our 8 studios have delivered over 4000 design projects with our customers around the world. Idean Studios San Francisco Palo Alto Los Angeles Austin New York Helsinki Berlin Tampere 2002 Design practice established 2014 Austin and SF Studios 2015 LA and NYC Studios 2012 Palo Alto Studio 1999 User research agency in Helsinki 2016 Berlin Studio 2017 Capgemini
 Acquires Idean;
 Idean will continue to
 run autonomously
  6. 6. …and now with the support of Capgemini, we have 180,000 new family members and a presence in over 40 countries! Idean + Capgemini 2002 Design practice established 2014 Austin and SF Studios 2015 LA and NYC Studios 2012 Palo Alto Studio 1999 User research agency in Helsinki 2016 Berlin Studio 2017 Capgemini
 Acquires Idean;
 Idean will continue to
 run autonomously
  7. 7. Core capabilities 9 Ethnography Qualitative Research Quantitative Research Usability Testing User Personas and Scenarios Customer / User Journeys Custom-built Design Thinking Workshops & Academies Touchpoint Analysis Branding & Re-branding Signature Moments and Interactions Experience Blueprints Experience Roadmaps Omni-Channel Strategy User Stories and Flows Task Analysis Information Architecture Concepting & Wireframing Low-to-High-Fidelity Prototyping Pattern Library and Design Language Design Language Visual Branding Exploration and Concepting Refinement Illustrations Data Visualization Design and Asset Production Web(HTML/CSS/ Javascript) iOS Android Windows Phone VR + AR Content Strategy Editorial Services Motion Graphics and Animation Live Action Film/Video Storytelling & Communication Front-end Development Visual Design Interaction Design Customer Experience Design Research Web Mobile Wearable In-store HMI & Connected Vehicle VR & AR AI Confidential: for internal distribution only
  8. 8. 20+ years
  9. 9. Some Topics of Expertise. 12 Design Leadership UX Strategy UX is a Business Function The Power of Design Culture Agile Scrum Software Development Product and Project Management Research Methodologies Developing a Ladder Hiring with Results
  10. 10. 13
  11. 11. TITLE OF TEXT TIPS FOR GETTING HIRED 14 1. UX yourself. 2. Differentiate Yo’self 3. Show, don’t tell. 4. Be findable. 5. Research. 6. Play to your strengths. 7. Interesting… and interested. 8. Ask the best questions. 9. Be prepared to present. 10.Committed, not attached.
  12. 12. UX Yourself 15 Do you know who you are? What are your strengths? Where do you excel? How would you find out? UX yourself! Get out in the community and ask smart questions.
  13. 13. Differentiate Yo’Self 16 Make yourself stand out. Invent work if it shows your process. Take everything you’ve learned and do something new with it. Show your work. Socialize. Create your brand.
  14. 14. Show, Don’t Tell 17
  15. 15. Be Findable 18 Make sure your portfolio is easy to find. Put it on your LinkedIn. Link it in an email. Reference it in your cover letter. Make sure you come up on a web search easily. Don’t make people work for it.
  16. 16. Research 19 Know everything there is to know about the job and the company. Contact the recruiters directly. Learn about the hiring manager. Find out what makes them human. Empathize. What makes you the BEST candidate? If you aren’t, how could you be? Tailor your expertise to the job, but be honest.
  17. 17. Play to your strengths. 20 Do you know what you’re the best at? Do you know what needs more work? Do you know what you did versus what your classmates did? Show what is great about you. Don’t lead with what isn’t your strong suit. Bad work hurts more than good work helps.
  18. 18. Interesting… and Interested. 21 Interviewing is a lot like dating. You’ve got to be on your game lead the discussion. Don’t come off as too pushy but be engaged. Be genuine and show that you know what you are talking about. No bullshit. Being interesting is not enough. You’ve got to be interested too.
  19. 19. Ask the best questions. 22 Conversations, not interviews. Interviewers are busy. Engage in dialogue. Asking questions, is as much a part of the interview as answering them. And that you want it.
  20. 20. Ask the best questions. 23 Plan ahead. Use your research expertise. It shows interest and that you’ve done the research.
  21. 21. Be Prepared to Present 24 You may need to do a design exercise. This may be “on the fly.” This may be a take home design exercise. You may need to present your design solution. AGAIN: Play to your strengths.
  22. 22. Committed, not Attached. 25 Hiring managers are busy doing their job. Recruiters are fielding lots of inquiries. Be patient. The best opportunity for you will show up. Be resilient and in communication. Send thank you notes. Do not worry.
  23. 23. You got this! But… 26 It takes more than what you’ll learn in this class. How can you take it from here? Use your downtime to enhance your skills, create something and differentiate. Dedicate time to this. Finding a job is a job. You’ll be fine… eventually.
  24. 24. ThankYou! QUESTIONS? Slides?