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Aardvark case study from #sllconf by Max Ventilla and Damon Horowitz

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Aardvark case study from #sllconf by Max Ventilla and Damon Horowitz

  1. April 2010<br />Damon Horowitz<br /><br />Max Ventilla<br />, @ventilla<br />
  2. Our Product<br />
  3. Web Search is great for objective questions, but subjective questions generate the majority of search revenues<br />Queries<br />X00B/yr<br />Search quality<br />Examples<br />RPMs<br /> What is Einstein’s birthday?<br />~45%<br />Objective<br />Great<br /> Low<br /> How much is the cheapest iPhone?<br />What’s a decent housekeeping service in SF? How much should it cost for a small two bedroom place?<br />~30%<br />Research<br />What’s a good book to read about Romantic Poets?<br />~25%<br />Opinion<br /> High<br />Ok<br />
  4. Friends can answer subjective questions but…<br />Unreliable -- small number of friends available to you in the moment<br />Hard to keep up with what your extended network knows about<br />Social cost of asking for a favor<br />
  5. Aardvark is a new type of social search<br />
  6. Why social search?<br /><ul><li>Users want personalized responses to questions
  7. Most content is still locked in peoples' heads
  8. Each individual’s network is growing exponentially
  9. Social intimacy makes information actionable 
  10. Questions about how to spend your time and money are subjective and highly lucrative</li></li></ul><li>Our Principles<br />
  11. Startups take a while…<br />
  12. …and they generally fail<br />“In a startup, the chance of anything good is always under 50%”<br />-Mike Cassidy (Ruba) .<br />
  13. Minimize Risk<br />Maximize Trials<br />Be Patient<br />
  14. Our Timeline<br />
  15. Conception0.5 Years<br />Picked a problem<br />Prototyped in serial<br />Abandoned<br />
  16. Rekkit - A service to collect your ratings from across the web and give better recommendations to you. <br />Ninjapa - A way that you could open accounts in various applications through a single website and manage your data across multiple sites.<br />The Webb - A central number that you could call and talk to a person who could do anything for you that you could do online. <br />Web Macros - A way to record sequences of steps on websites so that you could repeat common actions, even across sites, and share "recipes" for how you accomplished online tasks.<br />Internet Button Company - A way to package steps taken on a website and smart form-fill functionality. People could encode buttons and share buttons a la social bookmarking.<br />
  17. Implementation1 Year<br />Raised seed financing<br />Wizard of Oz testing<br />Recruited core team<br />
  18. Full Human Judgment<br />Constrained Actions<br />Automation<br />Rote Tasks<br />Action with Approval<br />Prediction<br />Logging<br />February 2009<br />June 2009<br />August 2009<br />September 2009<br />
  19. Refinement1 Year<br />Raised series A<br />Extensive refinement<br />Tripled team<br />
  20. The goal is eventual<br />product / market fit<br />Focus on acceleration<br />
  21. Our Process<br />
  22. Maximize the quantity and impact of trials<br />Process is king<br />
  23. Process: Assume that you are wrong<br />Make continuous improvement the goal<br />Experiment with process as much as product<br />Hire and indoctrinate to support process<br />
  24. Learning: exploit collective wisdom<br />Task people to collect and disseminate learning<br />Set aside regular time for discussion<br />Make transparency the default<br />
  25. Thank You<br />White paper on Aardvark Social Search (<br />How we do qualitative user research at Aardvark (<br />Our approach to design and development processes (<br />Preaching User-Driven Design (<br />