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Robert Fan - 2012 Lean Startup Conference

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Robert Fan - 2012 Lean Startup Conference

  1. The Challenge ofSustaining DisruptiveInnovation When YouMeet Success
  2. So you get some success... 70 52 Headcount 28 8 63
  3. What is Sharethrough?
  4. What is Sharethrough?
  5. What is Sharethrough?
  6. Innovate or die *disruptive innovations not sustaining innovations
  7. It’s easier to innovate in asuccessful startup
  8. FA LSE!It’s easier to innovate in asuccessful startup
  9. Product & Engineering Resource Allocation
  10. Number of Internal Customers
  11. Certainty of Revenue
  12. Balancing success and disruptiveinnovation is especially hard fora startup
  13. Here’s what we did
  14. Step 1:Create the Right EnvironmentIdentify the right resources based ontheir ability to aid your learning (vsscale)
  15. Step 1:Create the Right EnvironmentIsolate and clear the schedule of yourresources
  16. Step 1:Create the Right EnvironmentDon’t promise to (immediately)revolutionize the business
  17. Step 2:Set Goals and BoundariesUse internal customer development todevelop initial hypotheses
  18. Step 2:Set Goals and BoundariesAim to build an MVP that solves a simplebusiness problem
  19. Step 2:Set Goals and BoundariesBuild a usable product not just a hack -don’t skimp on design
  20. Step 3:Milestones & Progress ChecksKeep the progress updates separatefrom the existing product workflow
  21. Step 3:Milestones & Progress ChecksUse regular (weekly) customer meetingsas release markers
  22. Step 3:Milestones & Progress ChecksRe-assess high-level assumptions andhypotheses every 3 months
  23. My Learnings
  24. Innovation is Hard
  25. Don’t fall into old habits!Re-do your customer development
  26. Don’t fall into old habits!Iterate differently
  27. When you “finish”, have atransition plan in place
  28. Be ready for disappointment andsome pivoting
  29. Thanks!Robert