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9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid And What To Do Instead

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A 60-minute webinar, where we talk about the things we need to be careful while executing Social Media Marketing strategy.

You’ll learn about:
- 9 common mistakes you should avoid
- What to do instead for optimum results

Watch the complete webinar here -

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9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid And What To Do Instead

  1. 1. Webinar: 9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid And What To Do Instead
  2. 2. Join us on Twitter using #BrewTalk
  3. 3. Agenda ● How promoting yourself a lot backfires. ● Analytics and why they’re the key to your online growth. ● Investing in a dedicated Social Media team. ● ‘Shouting louder’ isn’t ‘Getting attention’ ● Listening to your audience ● Using multiple forms of content ● Using CTAs correctly and effectively ● Importance of a Social Media strategy ● Controlling Automation
  4. 4. Objective To highlight the most effective ways of planning your social media marketing, learn about and avoid 9 extremely common mistakes made in the social landscape marketing.
  5. 5. Promoting yourself a lot and spamming your audience
  6. 6. HBO’S Instagram Strategy RedBull’s Instagram Strategy
  7. 7. Not Tracking Analytics
  8. 8. Not Having a Social Media Team
  9. 9. No Dedicated Social Media Team Dedicated In-house Social Media Team
  10. 10. ‘Shouting louder’ ≠ ‘Getting attention’
  11. 11. Talking without Listening isn’t communication
  12. 12. Not using multiple forms of content
  13. 13. Not having any (or enough) CTAs
  14. 14. Not Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  15. 15. Relying too Much on Automation
  16. 16. Social Media Marketing Platform For You