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Buy from Buy something
Company / Product Business Price Recommend? Why?
you again? else from you?
It’s actually awesome. But, now I don’t
Blackberry App World App Store Free Yes, but ... Yes Yes trust it quite as much after the crash.
Love my Bold (Pearl before that)... more
Blackberry Bold $$ Evangelize Yes Yes productive (keyboard) & less data costs
than iPhone. There’s an app store now.
Not related to Bold crash, so I don’t
Rogers Operator $$$$ Neutral Probably Probably blame them; consumers will, though
Google Talk (IM) Free NONONO Yes Yes Reset my whole system.
Recognizes songs from your stereo or Shazam Free Evangelize Yes Yes radio. Love it!!!
Incomplete: Doesn’t list the same events
Ticketmaster Event sales Free No Maybe Maybe and concerts as web.
It’s ok. There’s better RSS readers that
News ‘n
Information Week Free Neutral No Maybe do the trick (Viigo)
Ugh. Bad port. Graphics, gameplay and
Gameloft’s Puzzle
$7 No No No navigation don’t take advantage of the
Brain Challenge Game platform. It’s not really that fun.

Travel Great for traveling, and also for doing
Worldmate Live Free Evangelize Yes Yes international business
Games oad fast & good gameplay. Games $7 Sure Yes Yes Bought “Chizzles” and “Hold’em 3.0”
Texas Hold ‘em

What are your customers saying about you?
Evangelize? Neutral? Criticize?
Make Better Software = Customer Advocacy = Reduced Churn + More Customers = $$$
Customer Advocacy of brand and product is directly related to company growth and profit.
With thanks to Dr. Bob Hayes, Ph.D.

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