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challenges of software
development in a
fragmented mobile

        WiTec Connections   Steph...
We broker crowd-sourced relationships to make mobile software better
    Our testing community includes more than 8,600 ha...
The Big Picture
i.e. Macro-Economic Environment

   “Much Ado About Something”
3.3B mobile
handset users
• 6 out of every 10 people in the
    world have a mobile handset
•   4B subscriptions; 18% of p...
Where is everybody?

Where are new subscriptions coming from?
• Many markets saturated (top 5: Italy:153%, Greece, Hong Kong, Portugal, Israel)...
From “no phone” to “cell phone.”
Of the 280M people with phones in
Africa, 260M of them use mobile
A Trillion Dollar Industry                                             

• $800M is se...
Mobile is the “7th Mass Media”: Scope + Content
•   The only media generation that can replicate all the benefits of the ot...
Fragmented Mobile Ecosystem
How does fragmentation affect the customer?

The Frankenstein Effect of Fragmentation
•   This happened to me the week Blackberry App World launched. http:/...
This is not a good user experience ... where’s the [Not OK] button?
 After I downloaded/installed Google Talk, my Bold had...
Buy from    Buy something
    Company / Product     Business    Price   Recommend?                                        ...
(He’s just being honest ... and all
                                        vendors face the same issue)
“Expect more bugs...
Fragmentation is the inability to
  “write once and run anywhere.”

 More formally, it is the inability to develop an appl...
All Operating Contexts? That’s a lot.
• Games publisher,, made 25,000 different builds for their Transformers mobi...
Fragmentation is a result of the
permutations and combinations of:
Mobile Ecosystem
 • Handset diversity
 • Software diver...

Handset manufacturer market share
•   1B handsets sold in 2008
•   Nokia sells 1M handsets a d...
About 20,000 different handsets worldwide
Each handset
can have up to
1,500 different
• screen size & video resolution
• processor performance, memory...
Over 25 O/S’s platforms, middleware, and frameworks
• Differences in platform/OS (Symbian, Nokia OS, RIM OS, Apple OS X, P...

Over 750+ Operators Worldwide
• Operator’s environmental...
What about Mobile 2.0?
It’s not Web 2.0, but it is browser based,
just like your PC internet surfing. Sort of.

 And, it’s ...
If *Last Name is mandatory,
                                                   shouldn’t I see a field so I can

More people access the internet
through mobile handsets
(1.02B) than PC’s (940M).

Within 2...

Significant differences in HTML handling between browsers
Fragmented Mobile Ecosystem
             (The Shape of Things to Come)

 Industry Trends
i.e. Herein lies opportunity
Handset manufacturers
are feeling pinched

                              • Slowing handset sales due
However, in Q4 2008, there was a ray of sunshine
 While feature phones declined by 6% YOY, smartphones, data and applicati...
With apps, Apple has shown the way. But it’s still V0.9
•   Released July, 2008
•   In less than one year, 1 Billion downl...
How much can a developer make?
•   Perhaps very little. First 30 days on Apple App Store is crucial.
•   Or, a lot. After ...
2009 is
 “The Year of Mobile”
• Mobile Handsets vs. PC’s
   • Hurry ... release analog TV spectrum! The
     Gold Rush for...
The global demand for mobile
  apps is just starting; and it’s
      not just about iFart.
                i.e. Developers...

First Monday of every Month
                          at Metropolitan Grill in
                                Mount Royal...
Thank you!
Stephen King
                             Want to know more about Mob4Hire?         View a...

                                     Teemu Kurppa
Jason Grigsby                                          ... Handset manufacturer market share Handset manufacturer market share Handset manufacturer market share Handset manufacturer market share Handset manufacturer market share Handset manufacturer market share Handset manufacturer market share
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Handset manufacturer market share
• 1B handsets sold in 2008
• Nokia sells 1M handsets a day (well ... not in Q1, 2009)
• Most desired feature driving new phone sales is the built-in camera and it’s resolution
• 30 companies in the next tier (RIM, Apple, ZTE, Kyocera, Sharp, Palm, etc...) each have a share of <2%

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