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Better Journalism through Engagement

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These are slides by Mandy Jenkins, Ivan Lajara and me for an engagement workshop for Digital First newsrooms in New England and New York.

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Better Journalism through Engagement

  1. 1. Better Journalism Through Engagement Northeast Cluster October 8, 2013 #DFMengage
  2. 2. Introductions • • • • • Name Newsroom What you do Recent engagement success/challenge What would make today a success for you?
  3. 3. Plan for the day • • • • • • • • Engagement overview ScribbleLive Growing Network Newsroom Café Google Glass Social conversation Using Tout effectively Touts from police log • • • • • • • • Facebook engagement Photo curation Social Media Wire Contests Curation tools Community outreach Video engagement Brainstorming
  4. 4. Throughout the day • Choose 1 or 2 things to try this week • Choose 1 or 2 things to try next week • Choose 1 or 2 things to dig in deeper with us • Write down follow-up questions • Slides and links on my blog
  5. 5. What is engagement?
  6. 6. Tools of engagement
  7. 7. Ways of engaging • Community blogs • Seek community content (words, photos, videos) • Curation, aggregation • Contests • Don’t forget the newspaper! • Face to face
  8. 8. Do More With
  9. 9. White Label Accounts • • Live.dailyfreemancom Coming VERY soon: • •
  10. 10. Ideas • Create a live story for breaking news with your own photos, text and updates • Hold live chats with reporters about coverage • Hold live chats with local newsmakers • Feed in tweets from staff and/or community during events or breaking news • Create a second screen experience for sports, debates or TV
  11. 11. Syndicate DFM Events • See What’s Scheduled Within DFM: • To use events on your site, use the embed code or ask Thunderdome to syndicate to your white label
  12. 12. Syndicate Others’ Events • See What’s Scheduled Available: • To use events on your site, click the syndicate button or ask Thunderdome to get an embed code for you
  13. 13. Available Training Courses for topic areas, monetization and coverage ides at:
  14. 14. Support Chris March, Live Events, DFM Thunderdome
  15. 15. Growing your network Finding new bloggers: • Google (blog search w/ community names) • Check local blogs’ blogrolls • Check links of local tweeps • Help set up people with blogs
  16. 16. Host some group blogs • • • • • Community clubs Community religious organizations Youth sports teams Neighborhood groups Music (marching bands, church choirs, garage bands, youth recitals) • What else?
  17. 17. Social media • • • • • • Community orgs w/ FB pages Community FB groups (if they’re open) Community orgs, voices on Twitter Community orgs w/ YouTube channels Community orgs on Instagram, Flickr Community Pinboards
  18. 18. The Newsroom Café
  19. 19. Google Glass and journalism Ivan Lajara Oct. 8, 2013
  20. 20. What is it and why does it matter? Google Glass — the high-tech wearable augmented reality device— has the potential to reshape journalism for both consumers and producers. And although it is still in very much in the early stages, Google Glass can disrupt the news industry.
  21. 21. What is it and why does it matter?
  22. 22. What can you do with it • • • • • • • • Google things (links and YouTube work) Take and share photos and videos Get directions (with Android device) Send emails Make phone calls Make video conferences (ala Google Hangout) Take notes Apps (Nytimes, CNN, Mashable, Evernote)
  23. 23. What can you do with it
  24. 24. How do people react? • People ask questions: 'What is that?'; 'is that Google Glass' or 'what happened to your eyes?/Is your vision OK?' ; 'Can I try them • People look at you and look at you like you're some sort of alien. • People look at you and pretend they're not looking at you and elbow their friends and point at you and make comments under their breaths. • People look at you with disdain. • People ignore you.
  25. 25. How do people react?
  26. 26. Is it a productive tool or just a fancy toy? In terms of filing photos and videos, it is indeed easier, because it's pretty much hands-free. The best feature, in my view, is the video calls, where you can have a video conference with up to 10 people at a time (they see what you see). So, technically, I could be covering an event while having people not only watch it but also participate (ask questions, etc) while it's going on. At the same time, it is also a fancy luxury and you can use it like that (which I do on my personal time).
  27. 27. Glass can enhance your productivity And your personal life
  28. 28. What it means for journalism From a journalist’s perspective: • Currently, Google Glass can help improve journalism by enhancing live coverage, communication and engagement. • Enhancing live coverage: It’s much easier to take photos and videos with Glass. I can’t stress this enough. It’s the equivalent of having a phone ready to take a picture or video right in front of you at all times. You can easily cover fires, protests, floods, conferences, fairs, you name it. The coverage benefits from having eyes on the ground, and allowing your audience to be part of that experience.
  29. 29. You can use it to enhance live coverage of meetings with politicians, events, fairs
  30. 30. What it means for journalism • Improving communications and engagement: You could be at an event while having a video conference in which your intended audience could see what you are covering. This could be to help reporters, or for the reporter at the scene to give the newsroom a live sense of the scene. You can also make calls and send and get priority emails to selected contacts.
  31. 31. Glass is just a tool, but it’s a tool that changes the way we experience news. And the change is coming. So the question is, will the news industry be blind to Glass?
  32. 32. Related posts • Google Glass and journalism: • Curated rebelmouse posts: • Photos: • Reddit AMA: ecently_got_google_glass_ama/ • #glassplainer videos:
  33. 33. Contact me • • • • • ON GOOGLE +, where most Glass posts go:
  34. 34. Taking Tout To The Next Level
  35. 35. Stitch Multiple Scenes Together Tap and release “Touch to RECORD” to film different shots and self-edit. Delete clips, drag to edit. Tap
  36. 36. Upload Edited Video (Mobile) 1. Tap “camera” icon / bottom-center 2. Tap “camera roll” icon / top-center 3. Select clip from camera roll 4. Edit if necessary 5. Upload, add caption info and headline (3)
  37. 37. Upload Edited Video • Select a video to upload from your desktop • Files can be no larger than 40MB, but you can edit beforehand
  38. 38. Spreading Your Touts • Include relevant hashtags (like places, team names, events, etc.) • Include Twitter/Tout handles of your newsroom, those in videos • Share Tout to your social networks • Tout/ReTout from newsroom account
  39. 39. Embed Related Touts Into Stories
  40. 40. Embed a Tout Series as a Widget
  41. 41. Share With Thunderdome! For Touts that have the potential to reach a national audience, add “#DFM” in the caption. #DFM #DFM #DFM
  42. 42. Touts on ScribbleLive
  43. 43. Touts on RebelMouse
  44. 44. Tout Premium Dashboard • Go to and log in with your newsroom’s Tout credentials • Add/remove users from your Tout widgets • Give new users premium account access • Set users to be moderated • Edit/Schedule/Delete Touts
  45. 45. Tout Premium Dashboard Coming soon: • Property-wide Tout search • Property-wide analytics • Easily build widgets across staff accounts
  46. 46. Resources & Support • Contact Yvonne Leow of DFM Video at • Tweet to @touthel • • Technical issues contact Ruby Tugade at
  47. 47. The Social Media Conversation
  48. 48. Great for promotion, but also … • • • • Great for reporting Find story ideas Crowdsource Join & spur the conversation (reply, retweet, ask questions)
  49. 49. engagement Photos engage better than updates
  50. 50. engagement
  51. 51. Why converse w/ no link? • Question invites conversation • Engagement w/ question boosts views/engagement on subsequent links • Builds brand, gain followers • Do you enjoy conversation w/ people always calling attention to themselves?
  52. 52. Engagement tips: • Engage with comments • Post and/or share from personal pages (selectively; don’t be a spammer) • Crowdsource on community pages (not just yours) • No AP photos
  53. 53. CT Twitter study: • Newsroom accounts mostly heads & links • @5thDistrictCT conversational (links to competition, RTs, replies, great info) • @5thDistrictCT = 2x to 10x more referrals per Twitter follower
  54. 54. Tips for being conversational: • Monitor @ mentions & reply (answer questions, thank for links, address critics) • Make link posts conversational • RT competition, community bloggers • Ask questions
  55. 55. Monitor community conversation: • Save searches for key names, hashtags • Save location searches for breaking-news terms (fire, emergency, siren) • Make lists (HootSuite, TweetDeck columns) of key community users • Reply & RT
  56. 56. Encourage staff to be conversational: • Be personable (can do that w/o stating opinions) • More than just links • Listen to community; reply & RT • Livetweeting events
  57. 57. What’s your social-media voice • • • • All about me? Join other conversations? Appropriate to content (light, serious)? Who would your social-media voice be (think of a character)?
  58. 58. Crowdsourcing tips • Say what you know, what you need to know • Don’t ask for help; invite people to tell their stories, share their photos • Reach broader audience (hashtags, ask on FB pages of groups w/ interests)
  59. 59. Photo curation Ivan Lajara Oct. 8, 2013
  60. 60. What is photo curation? My definition: Curation refers to the filtered collection and display of content, either crowdsourced or from a feed. • TL;DR: A collection
  61. 61. What it isn’t Curation is not downloading photos and posting them on your site without permission. Work within the terms of service of the platforms you are using. Respect copyright (don’t upload AP photos, for instance) and remember that embeds are your friend.
  62. 62. Why curation? Because: • You can’t be everywhere; • More photos means more coverage; • Increases engagement and visibility; • Improves your relationship with your community; • It’s fun!
  63. 63. Why curation?
  64. 64. What stories benefit from story curated photos? • Breaking news • Festivals, fairs, parades, graduations and any event with large gatherings • Sports
  65. 65. What tools can I use to find content? Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Pinterest Tumblr Foursquare Use hashtags to crowdsource and follow a particular event
  66. 66. So how do I curate? • Reach out • Use hashtags • Do advance searches • Use third party tools: Banjo (app)
  67. 67. What tool can I use to publish that content • Native embeds • Storify • Rebelmouse • Media Center (slideshows) • Olapic
  68. 68. Be careful Confirm and verify, then retweet, reblog or embed. Real(!!!) Fake
  69. 69. Be extra careful during breaking news situations • • • • Contact source Check timeline of posts Look at location Use reverse image search, especially with dramatic images: (reddit)
  70. 70. Push hard Add widgets and promotion on your site, social media and print. People won’t just send you a photo because you sent a tweet. Contact the source. Ask for permission.
  71. 71. Crowdsourcing + curation = WIN
  72. 72. Storify allows you to add context
  73. 73. Rebelmouse
  74. 74. TIPS • During breaking news, search Twitter and Facebook. • Feed your website with your social media posts. If you are posting on social media you can also populate your site with that content. • Prioritize social media networks that create more engagement. • Crowdsourcing won’t work if people feel like you are not doing your job. Add a bunch of your own and invite people to contribute more.
  75. 75. FURTHER READING: • Curation in Journalism Photo engagement in journalism #dfmchat Wednesdays at noon!
  76. 76. Contact me • • • •
  77. 77. Making the Most of Your Social Media Wire A Social Media Tool from Digital First Media & CrowdyNews
  78. 78. • Log in with your newsroom’s username and password • Contact Mandy if you don’t have it
  79. 79. 3 Quick Steps 1. Create Topic and add sources 2. Create widget, select topics to include 3. Embed widget
  80. 80. Sources Available • Twitter: Usernames, hashtags and keyword searches, locations • Youtube: Usernames, keyword searches, playlists, locations • Vimeo: Usernames and albums • Flickr: Tags • Facebook usernames (in dev) • Tout: Usernames and hashtags
  81. 81. Ideas • Create a topic just for a breaking or ongoing story and add it to your widgets (#cofloods) • Bring in all tweets/videos from a location when news breaks • Display items from selected social streams containing only a particular keyword set (storm, snow, etc.)
  82. 82. Help and Contact Info Get the dashboard manual: Mandy Jenkins Director of Interactives, Digital First Media m: 202.455.5469 | skype: mmjenkin |
  83. 83. Storify and Rebelmouse as curation tools in journalism Ivan Lajara Oct. 8, 2013
  84. 84. What are they Both Storify and Rebelmouse are best described as curation tools, which can serve greatly in the pursuit of journalism. But it should be noted that they are much more. As curation tools, they can be used to display curated content in either a static or feed-like fashion. Both are free, but have pro versions with extra features.
  85. 85. What stories benefit • Breaking news; • Storms, floods, emergencies; • Large gatherings: Festivals, fairs, graduations, sports, parades • Long-term events;
  86. 86. Storify • Storify allows you to pull in content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, Flickr, Disqus, Tumblr, RSS feeds, Websites (and Tout!) from around the web. • The free version is static. • There are three displays: classic, slideshow and grid, the last two work well for images or videos. • You can build and write a narrative to add context (you can even write a full story around curated content).
  87. 87. You can use hashtags and location in search!
  88. 88. Chances are, if people are talking about something in social media, there is a chance there will also be photos
  89. 89. Rebelmouse • Rebelmouse allows you to pull in 25 feeds from Twitter, your Facebook profile or pages you manage, Instagram, Google +, Youtube, Flickr, Tumblr, RSS feeds from around the web. • The free version constantly updates as much as you tell it to do, but you can ‘stick’ posts to chosen positions. • All tweets without media (photo or video) go into your drafts. • You can also build and write a narrative to add context; single posts with multiple photos. • There are five different design choices with several more touches.
  90. 90. Rebelmouse channels With Twitter, you can filter by @handle, #hashtag or even a domain name and with Instagram, you can filter by user or hashtag. But you can add RSS feeds, other social media content or even write your own from within the console, which allows you to add context to a post.
  91. 91. Rebelmouse’s feed, look and feel can be customized to your liking. Bonus: It features responsive design
  92. 92. PRO-TIPS! • Use Storify AS the search tool, that way you’ll save time. • You can also mass-post in Storify from your own feeds, so you could have a specific event hashtag and feed it all at once. • Rebelmouse can be left alone, but it should be groomed and filters should be included. • EMBED! Use the back end of your site to create a page.
  94. 94. Resources Storify: • Updated guide for journalists: • Best practices:
  95. 95. Resources Rebelmouse • How Tos: ow_Tos/ • Getting started:
  96. 96. Further reading Storify and Rebelmouse in journalism:
  97. 97. Contact me • • • • • •
  98. 98. Video engagement • • • • • • Surveillance video Seek submissions from community Vine, Tout Google Voice + still photos Search YouTube, Vimeo Hangout (live on YouTube)
  99. 99. Video engagement • • • • • POV camera Live webcam Post raw video Live coverage Video from source, agency