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Albany Park

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This slideshow was created to assist a presentation on places and resources in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago. The presentation focused on the vastly diverse neighborhood’s demographics and its many different humanities-related resources available for learning and entertainment.

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Albany Park

  1. 1. Albany Park Chicago, IL
  2. 2. Where Is It?
  3. 3. Koreatown  Lawrence Ave.
  4. 4. Melting Pot  Population 58,000  40 languages spoken  Middle-East influence  Increasingly Hispanic
  5. 5. Foreign-Born ResidentsBosnia 1,507Columbia 373Ecuador 2,080Slavic Nations 1,964Guatemala 1,750India 2,429Korea 1,020Mexico 10,820Middle East 1,008Pakistan 256Philippines 2,478Romania 247Vietnam 1,500Other 2,221
  6. 6. Men and Women Men Women 30,248 27,778 28 years old 31 years old
  7. 7. Religious Community  Alliance Holiness Church   Lakeside Evangelical   The Church of Jesus Church Christ of Latter Day  Buddhist Association of Saints America   Mayfair Presbyterian Church   Yugoslavian Seventh  First Korean United Day Adventist Church Methodist Church   Mehyun Presbyterian Church  First Temple of Universal Law Church   Peniel Center  Korean Bethany United   Saint Stephen of Decani Presbyterian Church Serbian Orthodox Church  Korean Missionary Church   Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church
  8. 8. Local Landmarks North Mayfair Bungalow Historic District
  9. 9. Local Landmarks Fish Furniture Company
  10. 10. Schools  Hibbard Elementary School   Haugan Middle Campus  Haugan Magnet School   Albany Park Multicultural Academy  Budlong Elementary School   Roosevelt High School  North River Elementary   Northside Prep High School  Peterson Elementary   Von Steuben Metro Science Center  Waters Elementary   Amundsen High School  Volta Elementary   Edison Regional Gifted Center  Chappell Elementary   Global Village  ASPIRA at Haugan Middle School
  11. 11. Universities
  12. 12. Information Centers
  13. 13. Resources
  14. 14. Resources  Albany Park   Lawrence   North Park   Hanul Family Chamber of Avenue Friendship Center Alliance Commerce Development Corporation   King Oscar   Friedman Place  Albany Park Lodge Community   Lawrence Hall   North Mayfair Center Youth Services   Mexico-US Improvement Solidarity Association  ChurchHealthy   Cambodian Network Association of   Mayfair Civic  Albany Park Illinois   American Legion Organization Coalition   Young Womens   Svithiod   Ravenswood  World Relief Empowerment Independent Manor Chicago Project Order Improvement Association  North River   Foresight Design   Irish American Commission Initiative Heritage Center   Korean American Community Services
  15. 15. The Arts
  16. 16. Cambodian American Heritage Museum and KillingFields Memorial
  17. 17. Info and Photo Sources albanypark.gif Resources.htm