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1 Fit with the company culture ……………………………………………………………………… During our interviews, everyone However, this does not imply that In other words: let the collaboration mentioned company culture as a very collaboration is only possible in certain objectives and way of working important pillar to evolve from co-creation companies. Collaboration is possible in (duration, intensity and level of to structural collaboration. It is easier to every company, but the current culture involvement of different departments) fit collaborate with employees and determines where you can start. To be with the existing culture. This approach customers if your organization is successful with collaboration it is will allow you to start. After a while, the characterized by an open and positive important to select an approach that fits company culture will change culture the current culture. Don’t try to change automatically, project by project. the culture through your first collaboration Employees will be more connected to projects. For example, if you have culture consumers. This will result in direct where low cost is key, make sure the feedback which will allow better and objective of the collaboration is to reduce faster decisions. In the end, this brings in costs of other expenses (e.g. doing less more money. ad hoc market research). If you are a As a consequence, the opinion of the company that has connection with its customer will increase in value and your Culture target group high on the agenda, add company will evolve towards an consumer connectivity as an objective. open, collaborative environment. I @steven_insites I @tomderuyck

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