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Make sure that along the From co-creation to collaboration

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Make sure that along the way, you take into account these last tactical tips to make collaboration work: • Have clear objectives in each collaboration project. Make sure that you don’t collaborate just for the sake of it. To get the feedback of consumers in the decision flow, it has to be very clear what the objectives are. Objectives that are in line with the business goals. • Involve all stakeholders early in the process. The more departments are involved during the beginning of the process the better. In order to integrate the collaboration flow in the decision flow, it is crucial to have a buy-in from the relevant teams. • Manage expectations. Collaboration won’t bring in the next big idea for your company. Customers are great sparring partners, but don’t set the expectations too high. Make sure that during the integration of their feedback in the decision flows, everybody is aware of what to expect from the collaboration. • Have a community manager. Make sure you have somebody assigned to manage the community. This person is responsible to manage the conversation with participants of the collaboration process and to share the insights internally. He or she brings the consumer’s voice to life within the company. • Create internal and external credibility. By delivering results and integrating the voice of the customer in your decision flows, you will gain credibility among the participants of the collaboration platform. Credibility among employees will also grow as they will see that collaboration adds value. Marketing your collaboration efforts is not a bad thing, but it should not be the only I @steven_insites I @tomderuyck

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