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deasINeMedia/XML              Deliver on the                 Promise of               Cross-Media                         ...
The digital revolution is                                                                                                 ...
they get to decide which channels they use          nology. Delivering it requires collabora-                             ...
Campaign roadmaps           are very effective in           explaining—and           selling—programs to           our cli...
Delivering on the Promise of Cross-Media
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Delivering on the Promise of Cross-Media

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An article by Jeffrey Stewart, partner and Chief Technology Officer at Trekk Cross-Media, will appear in the latest issue of the IPA Bulletin. The quarterly magazine is a publication of IPA, The Association of Graphic Service Providers.
Stewart’s article, “Deliver on the Promise of Cross-Media,” offers insight to marketing services providers on the practical issues of understanding, delivering and measuring new cross-media services. It was based on a presentation made at the IDEAlliance’s XML 2010 conference, eMedia Revolution.

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Delivering on the Promise of Cross-Media

  1. 1. deasINeMedia/XML Deliver on the Promise of Cross-Media C U S T O M E R B E H AV I O R S A R E Your ability to help clients transition C H A N G I N G . E X P E C TAT I O N S A R E to more engaging, customized, per- S H I F T I N G . T O D AY ’ S M A R K E T I N G C O M M U N I C AT I O N B U Y E R S A R E sonalized marketing across all LOOKING TO THEIR TRADITIONAL media—including social media—may C O M M U N I C AT I O N PA R T N E R S F O R very well determine your future as a N E W T O O L S A N D C H A N N E L S T H AT marketing services provider. But DELIVER ON THE PROMISE OF C R O S S M E D I A C O M M U N I C AT I O N S . does your sales force have the tools to sell it? Can you deliver it? As your BY JEFFREY STEWART company adds more complex com- munication services to its traditional set of solutions, keeping your sales force up-to-speed on the terminol- ogy and possibility of cross-media communications is critical to e ec- tive integration. The key to deliver- ing these new services lies in not only understanding the dynamics of the marketplace but also in under- standing why cross-media works.14 4 T H Q U A R T E R 2 010 | BULLETIN
  2. 2. The digital revolution is enabling the return of a one-to-one marketing model SHIFT HAPPENS keters to develop, package and deliver rel- i n g ), ma ke re com mendat ion s a nd Before the industrial revolution, people evant, timely information. In fact, organiza- in uence the audience. bought their goods locally. Shopkeepers tions can now customize content for all of While the channels for communicating knew their customers by name and o en the audiences they need to reach—custom- with customers and prospects have had a personal relationship with them. ers, employees, business partners and expanded, advertising spending has Because of this, stores could cater to the other stakeholders. Instead of one-to-many, remained relatively at. Obviously, some- wants and needs of their customers and digital communications allow us to return thing has to give. Globally, the trend has stock the right mix of products and ser- to one-to-one. been a decline in traditional mass media vices for their audiences. In the age of mass This paradigm shi also has changed spend and an increase in dollars budgeted communications, companies began using the relationship dynamics between con- for interactive media, such as online adver- new channels and technologies like news- sumers and companies. New communica- tising, mobile and social media. In the papers, magazines, “spray-and-pray” direct tions channels have opened up and United States this year, digital media is pre- mail, radio and television. What they lost in returned power to customers to interact dicted to overtake print for the rst time. personal relationships, they gained in their with companies and brands when, where As your customers look to you for ways ability to reach more and more people with and how they choose. to integrate more interactive media into their messages. One of the biggest shi s is the ability to their marketing campaigns, you not only With the digital revolution, there has interact through social media. Smart mar- need to deliver on the promise of cross- been a return to the days of one-to-one keters have recognized the value of social media but also to e ectively sell it. communications—albeit a hyper-con- media as a marketing tool. Within these nected one-to-one on steroids. Today, communities, there is a tremendous oppor- KNOW IT enhanced, personalized communication tunity to share information, create dia- When I’m speaking to audiences about architectures are making it easier for mar- logues, collect information (crowd sourc- cross-media or technology in general, I like16 4 T H Q U A R T E R 2 010 | BULLETIN
  3. 3. they get to decide which channels they use nology. Delivering it requires collabora- to respond, whether that’s digital print, tion between a wide range of skilled peo- email, web, mobile or social media. ple, including graphic and interactive Because of this, a multichannel, multi- designers, copywriters, account manag- touch approach is most e ective in captur- ers, prepress production, direct mail ing the highest possible response. New experts, programmers, application archi- research is con rming the validity of this tects, database experts and system technique. For example, a study from Get- administrators. If you don’t have or can’t Response shows that integrating email and find the talent it takes to deliver on all the social media signi cantly increases click- tactics your customers need, consider through rates. In our experience, the triad partnering with someone who already of print, email and social media is proving has these capabilities in place. to be even more powerful. Just like no one person has all the skills This multichannel, multi-touch model needed for cross-media, there’s no one so - reinforces the message while providing ware package or solution that provides numerous opportunities to respond when everything. By choosing best-of-breed so - and how the audience chooses to do so. ware and systems and building mashups, Adding social media to the mix expands you can take advantage of the best solutions, your reach even further. Incorporating combining them as needed for speci c proj-Source: Outsell’s Marketing and Ad Spending social media buttons encourages message ects. Again, nding a partner can help youStudy 2010: Total US and B2B Advertising sharing. Feeding these channels allows quickly ll in any gaps in your o ering with- you to spread messages virally with little out making huge technology relay something Albert Einstein once e ort. Now, especially with the explosionsaid. “If you can’t explain it simply, you of mobile devices, instead of one-to-many, RIDE THE MESSAGEdon’t understand it.” If you don’t under- messages are spread many-to-many. ROADMAPstand cross-media, how can you sell it? Trekk learned a long time ago that commu- So what is cross-media? At its core, cross- nicating an idea to our clients is just asmedia is a technology and communications important as developing the campaign cre-strategy that allows companies to cultivate ative and messaging. Over the years, we’verelationships with their audience. Recogniz- found that using program or campaigning that mass, one-way communications can- roadmaps is very e ective in explaining—not fulfill the need for immediate, relevant and selling—programs to our clients.information, cross-media uses data and tech- This visual technique helps us docu-nology to deliver messages through the most ment the process flow, showing how acost-e ective and e cient channels. cross-media campaign mingles print, To create the two-way dialogue that email, social media, web landing pages andconstitutes a relationship, cross-media other tactics. The roadmaps spell out thecommunications must also incorporate individual tactics, channels, responsefeedback mechanisms to monitor the dia- mechanisms and feedback loops that While integrating email and social medialogue, collect information and continue significantly increases click-through rates, the allow us to track response and learn morethe conversation. The more you can learn triad of print, email and social media is proving about individual customer preferences. to be even more powerful.about individuals and audience segments, By breaking programs up into smaller,the more relevant you can be in your mes- bite-sized steps, we reduce the complex-saging, your o ers and the channels you DELIVER IT ity and improve our ability to understanduse to communicate with them. Because Developi n g cross-med ia ca mpa i g ns our own cost structures. It also allows ourthe audience controls the relationship, requires cross-discipline teams and tech- clients to see each individual channel and
  4. 4. Campaign roadmaps are very effective in explaining—and selling—programs to our clients. the steps in time from one touch point to where we are in real time. This knowledge some bumbling error committed by Gilli- another that ultimately guide a prospect allows us to refine campaigns and pro- gan. But rather than applying what they to a measurable call to action. grams in mid-stream rather than waiting learned and adjusting accordingly, the A good example of this is a recent cam- weeks or months to compile campaign next week there would be a brand new, paign Trekk designed and implemented for results. This more rational approach equally elaborate plan. Like the castaways, one of our clients. You can see in the pro- keeps you on track to achieve your pro- marketers who use this old approach will gram roadmap that we included a combina- gram goals and increase return on com- never “get o the island.” tion of variable direct mail, variable email, munications investments. Instead, by building test and measure- lumpy mail and QR Codes that directed Too o en, marketers implement a mar- ment into cross-media programs, you can recipients to a personalized URL. The land- keting campaign that doesn’t garner the monitor what’s happening and continu- ing page is available as a traditional web expected result. But rather than optimizing ally change and adapt your strategy and page as well as a mobile-device optimized the campaign by trying different offers, tactics to optimize response. The very version. This is critical if you want to use QR messaging or calls to action, the entire plan nature of data-driven technologies gives codes as part of your strategy. is scrapped in favor of a new one. us unprecedented flexibility in testing This phenomenon is what Trekk part- campaign components and identifying MEASURE AND OPTIMIZE ner MJ Anderson refers to as the Gilligan unique segment behavior. Headlines, In the days of mass marketing, segmenta- E ect. If you remember the old television images, messaging and lists can be accu- tion and measurement was, at best, a show Gilligan’s Island, in each episode the rately tested—even for small campaigns— guess. With digital, you can measure exact castaways would come up with an elabo- at minimal cost. Based on the data, cam- response and ultimately ROI. Now, instead rate plan to get off the island. And each paigns can be refined for the next cycle of relying on gut instinct, data tell us week the plan would go awry because of continuous improvement.18 4 T H Q U A R T E R 2 010 | BULLETIN
  5. 5. P O P U L A R M E C H A N I C S .C O M / S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 0 / 0 0WEB TO EVERYWHERE,EVERYONE AND EVERYTHINGAt Trekk, we deliver cross-media cam-paigns, projects and tools for our clientsusing a web-to-everywhere philosophy. Youare probably familiar with the term web-to-print, which typically refers to online orweb-based ordering and customization ofprint-on-demand or variable data print.Web-to-everywhere takes that concept fur-ther, allowing for customized variable out-put across all media. The first thing to remember is to manageall marketing message content in a way thatcompletely separates content from format. Wethen use asset and content management toolsto help organize, assign and deliver text,image and multimedia content and channel-specific templates for delivery to web pages,email messages, social media networks and, By maintaining a consistent structure,yes, digital print. content can be quickly and easily deployed to a multitude of distribution An example from one of our clients channels, from mobile devices, socialshows this concept in action. Product infor- media to web sites, email and print.mation is structured in a common XMLschema and managed by a web content matted for variable email, variable direct channels are designed to create clickmanagement system (CMS). The CMS mail and for Really Simple Syndication throughs back to a featured product pagedelivers the information as web page con- (RSS) feeds. RSS can be used to deliver on the website for tracking and call totent by transforming the XML structure into email to other web sites and social media action. The website is e-Commerce andHTML for delivery to and rendering by outlets like Facebook and Twitter. The struc- e-Mobile enabled to deliver the easiest andrequesting web browsers. tured content can also be used to drive digi- most convenient customer experience for That same product information is for- tal print for catalogs. All of these outbound purchasing the product.LAUNCH & LEARNI also like to misquote Voltaire by saying, “per- ABOUT THE print, web, mobile and social media, as well as help printers transition tofection is the enemy of good enough.” What I AUTHOR marketing service providers. Today his Jeffrey Stewart, amean by that is that you can’t afford to wait focus is on database system integration, founding partneruntil you have all the pieces in place to develop web-based applications and content and chief technicalthe perfect program (because you never will). management systems, cross-media officer at Trekk formatting technologies, variable dataToday, behaviors are quickly changing. What Cross-Media, communications and emerging usesworked yesterday may not work today. To be has been on of social media and cloud computing the forefront ofsuccessful in cross-media, marketers and their platforms. Stewart is a frequent speaker communications technology sinceservice providers must continually identify at industry conferences and regularly the firm’s inception in 1995. An earlyunique segment behavior, test, innovate and blogs and tweets on topics ranging adopter of web technologies and one- from variable data marketing and web-optimize. The good news is that cross-media to-one cross-media marketing, Stewart to-print technologies, to web contentand its underlying technologies allow you to uses his technological expertise to help management solutions and social all of those things—quickly, inexpensively clients improve processes, reduce costs and optimize communications across, www.trekk.comand e ectively.