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Guest Column: Digital Trends Affect All of Us - Rockford Register Star

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Everything is Digital and Always Available On Demand by Everyone Who is Inter-Connected Via The Cloud Which is Everywhere.

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Guest Column: Digital Trends Affect All of Us - Rockford Register Star

  1. 1. 10/6/2010 Guest column: Digital trends affect all o… Guest column: Digital trends affect all of us RRST AR.COM Posted Aug 1 4, 201 0 @ 07 :08 PM Last update Aug 1 4, 201 0 @ 07 :1 2 PM Recommend Be the first of your friends to rec The 21 st-century world is changing fast. In fact the pace of change is constantly accelerating. Businesses and gov ernments can affect change or get affected by it. Our education sy stem must change if we want to prepare our children to be ready for a hy per-connected world. We need to stop teaching “factory workers” and begin training “knowledge sy nthesizers.” As indiv iduals we need to understand how the new forms of human communications impact us and free us to access the knowledge we want, gain ex periences we need and allow us to interact socially like nev er before possible. Human progress is due to innov ation and our ability to communicate, to ex change ideas, to build upon others’ successes. Changes in transportation ov er the last millennium resulted in higher speed and lower cost of communications. We’v e mov ed from walking carav ans to wind-powered ships, to trains and automobiles. But it really accelerated with the introduction of v irtual communication v ia wired telegraph and telephone, then terrestrial and satellite wireless links, to fiber-optics networks ... and the Internet. A s communications technology improv es, innov ation happens faster, which improv es technology , which speeds innov ation. We are currently ex periencing unprecedented change in human communications and innov ation. The economics of digitization hav e affected broadcast v ideo, mov ies, magazines, newspapers, phones and books. As content becomes digital, huge new opportunities are created and old business models collapse. Defenders of traditional business models first deny it, then attack it, and then try to control it. Finally , if they are smart, they adapt and transform their business. They must offer conv enient access to content for their customers, or they will fail. There will alway s be a place for phy sical books and paintings and liv e performances, but there will also be digitized, v irtual v ersions av ailable to those who do not hav e access to the phy sical v ersion. The adv ancement of Internet bandwidth and computational capability are creating an ex plosion in online serv ices to allow the ondemand download of all digitized media and computational output. I hav e a son who just graduated from high school. From the time he went to preschool until today , dev ices are about 1 ,000 times more powerful. In his working lifetime they will adv ance 1 ,000 x 1 ,000 x 1 ,000 times. That is 1 billion times. Imagine y our desktop or laptop being 1 billion times faster with 1 billion times the storage. In the last 1 0 y ears, mobile serv ice subscriptions hav e increased almost tenfold worldwide, while telephone landlines hav e dropped. There are now 5 billion connected wireless dev ices and growing. Smartphones with Internet connectiv ity will soon dominate the market. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter report that users who access them v ia wireless dev ices post three to four times more often than those that use a traditional browser. We will soon enter a world where most people will access most media from wireless hand-held dev ices instead of desktops and laptops. We will be alway s on, alway s be connected, using ubiquitous serv ices and content, able to communicate with any one, any where, any time. Are y ou ready ? A re y ou changing with the changing world? Jeffrey Stewart is chief technology officer at Trekk Cross-Media, Rockford Copy r ig h t 2 0 1 0 Rock for d Reg ist er St a r . Som e r ig h t s r eser v ed Rockford Register Star Jobs Rockford Jobs Cheap Flights to Rockford IL (Free) Job Search $15-98/Hr Jobs In Find top jobs by location. Find your next C ompare C heap Flight Deals to Rockford Your Area career here. IL & Save Airfare EZLoca /R ock ford www.TripMam a .com Ads by Yahoo! Com m en ts (1) KL93 2 m on th s ago Report A bu se Y ou m u st be l ogged i n to report abu…/Guest-column-Digital-tre… 1/2
  2. 2. 10/6/2010 Guest column: Digital trends affect all o… Report Abuse Ju st wh at I wan ted to h ear. More peopl e preoccu pi ed wh i l e dri v i n g. Leav e a Com m en t: Before di v i n g i n to post a com m en t, be su re to read an d fol l ow th e pool ru l es. Logged i n as: Logou t Pool R u l es Keep i t cl ean . Stay on topi c. Be h on est an d a ccu ra te. N o person al attacks. Don t bash an y on e based on th ei r race, creed, h eri ta ge, or ori en tati on . Don t say an y th i n g h ere y ou wou l dn t say i n fron t of y ou r m oth er at th e di n n er ta bl e. Use th e R eport A bu se bu tton wh en y ou spot a ru l e v i ol ati on . (Don t report com m en ts ju st becau se y ou di sa gree.) Parti ci pati on i n on l i n e di scu ssi on i s su bject to ou r Term s of Use. By com m en ti n g, y ou agree to be bou n d by th ese term s. Add Comment Contact us | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | About our Ads Rockford Register Star | 99 E. State St. Rockford, IL 61104 Copyright © 2006-2010 GateHouse Media, Inc. Some Rights Reserved. Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except w here noted. SEO by eLocalListing | Advertiser profiles | RadarFrog Merchant…/Guest-column-Digital-tre… 2/2