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Script 1

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  1. 1. 1 Script Scene 1 BLACK SCREEN ALEX, teenage boy, unclean and scruffy, solemn due to basic living. ALEX When it happened there was a black out. I waited for a sign, anything, but there was silence. Until I found them, the survivors. We were different, we were evolved FADE IN: Looking through a dirty window, a figure is lying on a bed asleep. The shot enters the room and we can see the room is bare and derelict. We slowly through a zoom shot. I crave the life I had before the black out. The lost souls who walked the earth alongside me, But they exist only in our memories, And so it is only our footprints that cover this earth now, We thought we had time, an eternity of it, But the thing with time is it can only be spent Not kept So when they took it from us there was nothing we could do, But that wasn’t the only thing. (Character opens his eyes after dialogue heard from next scene) – lead into second voice over BOY/GIRL, survivor, lives among other survivors, dirty and unclean GIRL (Angrily) No we have a few tins that will hardly last us a week let alone the winter BOY (Angrily) Where do you expect to go we emptied the nearest dry store? DISSOLVE TO:
  2. 2. 2 SCENE 2 ARGUMENT – DERELICT COMMUNAL ROOM – FILLED WITH OTHER SURVIVORS A group of teenagers are sat in a derelict room surrounded by blankets and old furniture and tins, indicating their simple life, two main figures are stood in the centre of the room arguing, there is little reaction from surrounding figures. GIRL Oh so that’s it then is it? The dry store is empty so we give up and starve BOY So what exactly are you suggesting? GIRL I suggest we stop moping around like we have been for months and get out and look for food supplies. BOY2, fellow survivor, same description as others, sitting near the two figures, decides to join discussion BOY2 There’s nothing for miles we should go back and check the town, it’s our only shot GIRL We are alone BOY2 there’s not going to be new food supplies BOY There’s nothing else out there ALEX (Loud/stern but hopeful, says as if certain, doesn’t seem amused by argument) Across the forest (MORE) Arguing stops, there is silence in the room, direction of everyone’s eye line goes to Alex, who is sat at the edge of the room fidgeting with a pocket watch. There’s a warehouse, there will be food supplies there BOY2 I say we all go, that way we can carry enough food back for the winter BOY
  3. 3. 3 You’re mad; Alex the forest goes on for miles we might not be back before dark ALEX Then we better leave now CUT TO SEQUENCE OF LEAVING SHOTS SCENE 3 THE PHONE CALL – SURVEILLANCE CAMERA FOOTAGE – DAY The teenagers exiting building, seen through surveillance camera tracking movement cuts to wide angle shot of forest still through surveillance camera, figures walking in to distance. RADIO CRACKLING WOMAN/MAN, disembodied voice, British accent/well-spoken/formal, middle aged. WOMAN They’re leaving the building MAN How many? WOMAN All of them, he’s leading them towards the forest MAN Excellent, wait until they are out of view. They still think they’re alone