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Vinit kumar singh for wat

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Online Marketing of Wills Lifestyle made by Vinit Kumar Singh for WAT Consult Social Media

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Vinit kumar singh for wat

  1. 1. Online Marketing of Wills Lifestyle Submitted by Vinit Kumar Singh
  2. 2. Brand Communication Objective Target Audience Slide• Objective • Providing better clothing which suits your personality • Brand awareness • Increase number and involvement of audience • Provide updated info on latest release and offers• Target Audience • People of age group 15-40
  3. 3. Social Media Platforms• Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 45,825,620 Facebook users in India 16million + Twitter users in India• Reach millions with one share• Immediate feedback and likes for the product launch• Predict success/failure of launch• Queries, assistance and complaints at a click• Receive ideas, opinions from audience on latest trends• Videos attract more audience on FB & twitter through YouTube
  4. 4. Communication Idea (BIG Idea)• Post pictures of new launch• Ask questions or polls to know people taste and preference in fashion• ‘Member of the month’ with highest likes and shares• Promote CSR activities to gain goodwill• Maintain and increase members paticipation
  5. 5. Leverage of the BIG Idea on Social Media Platforms• Give what Audience want• Conversation• Get together• Community• Collective indulgence• Maintain relationship