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Webinar: How to Design a Compliant and GDPR Ready Collaboration System

  1. How to Design a Compliant and GDPR Ready Collaboration System Jon Toor, CMO of Cloudian Doug Soltesz, Director of Product Solutions at SME George Crump, Founder and Lead Analyst of Storage Switzerland For audio playback and Q&A go to:
  2. ● Internal NAS ● Emailing Attachments ● Sharepoint / Document Management ● Consumer File Sync and Share (FSS) ● Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) The Evolution of Collaboration The Evolution of Collaboration
  3. ● Organizations have moved from pure consumer file sync and share to “secure” products ○ Encryption ○ Better administrative controls but still limited ○ Mostly cloud based ● On-premises EFSS has seen limited adoption The State of Collaboration
  4. Why is Enterprise File Sync and Share Stalled ● FInding the right storage to support the platform is a challenge ○ NAS too expensive ● Software Challenges ○ Expensive ○ Not up to the high-bar that consumer solutions have set ■ Users see it as a downgrade ● No significant motivation point ○ Secure solutions seen as “good enough”
  5. ● Great control over what is shared and with whom ● Single data store, no copying data to share ● Long term advantage of owning storage vs. renting The Advantages of On-Premises File Collaboration
  6. Fixing On-Premises File Collaboration ● Improve Software ○ File Fabric vs. File Sync and Share ○ Better Connectivity ○ Better Protection ○ File Event Auditing ○ Policy Driven Management
  7. Fixing On-Premises File Collaboration ● Improve Hardware - Move to an Object Store ○ Greater scalability ○ Multiple use cases beyond FSS ○ Low cost ○ Low administration requirements
  8. The Impact of GDPR and Data Compliance on Collaboration ● Data Management and Data Privacy more critical than ever ● GDPR sets the standard for ○ Data Retention ○ Data Locality ○ Data Removal
  9. A File Fabric is Ideal for GDPR and Compliance ● Total control over data location ● Total control over retention ● Auditing of file activity - (provable deletion) ● Policies specific to privacy and retention ● Protection
  10. Summary ● Move from an FSS mindset to a File Collaboration Mindset ● FSS is a Point Solutions / File Fabric is foundational ● Use Multi-Purpose Hardware - leverage investment across more Workloads
  11. Compliant File Sharing: Cloudian + Storage Made Easy Put IT in control.
  12. © 2018, Cloudian, Inc. Confidential. Do Not Distribute Meet Cloudian • On-premises unstructured data management • Simple, modular, cost effective • Start small, scale to hundreds of petabytes • S3-compatible API Cloud technology, in your data center
  13. • Company founded 2009 • First product launched 2012 • What We Do • A file fabric to unify, manage and secure private and public data stores • Focused on cloud security and compliance for service providers and large enterprises • Particular focus on making cloud storage accessible and usable within the enterprise Storage Made Easy® 100+ Enterprise on-premises customers & ISP’s 5,000+ businesses using hosted SaaS 300,000+ users hosted “The Last Mile of Object Storage”
  14. Compliance-Ready Sync & Share for the Enterprise Business Problem • Users need a way to collaborate & share data • Public file sharing services introduce risk • Data location is not within enterprise boundaries • Personal data / PII leakage • Difficult to ensure 100% regulatory compliance 13 File Sharing Services Personal Data? Authorized users Un-authorized user? Location? Where is data stored? Admin Ability to find and manage data? Control over data usage? Authentication via company’s framework? GDPR Goes Into Effect - May 2018 California Passes Country’s Strictest Data Privacy Act - June 2018 © 2018, Cloudian, Inc. Confidential. Do Not Distribute
  15. Cloudian / SME Solution Data Movers Mac Win Linux Cloudian HyperStore File sharing with compliance features • Dropbox-like service • On-prem storage • File event auditing • Versioning + locking • AD integration Familiar view of files and folders Easy to use. Under your control.
  16. GDPR Ready • Tamper-proof audit trail • User controlled real-time alerts • Identify 60+ forms of personal data • Automatically classify • Configure policies and alerts • Protect in-flight data with AES-256 • File versioning, legal hold • LDAP, AD & SAML Support • Federated authentication to multiple providers • Fine grained NTFS-like access control policies • Sharing policies • Geo-location policies Compliance feature set built in COMPLIANCE Discover Authenticate Govern Audit Encrypt © 2018, Cloudian, Inc. Confidential. Do Not Distribute
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  18. How to Design a Compliant and GDPR Ready Collaboration System For complete audio and Q&A please register for the On Demand Version: