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Webinar: NAS vs. Object Storage: 10 Reasons Why Object Storage Will Win

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Join Storage Switzerland's Founder George Crump and Caringo's VP of Products Tony Barbagallo for this on demand webinar. They compare NAS and object storage and provide 10 reasons they think object storage will be the file server of the future for the enterprise.

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Webinar: NAS vs. Object Storage: 10 Reasons Why Object Storage Will Win

  1. 1. Webinar NAS vs. Object Storage 10 Reasons Why Object Storage Will Win Join us as we explain: ● The Unstructured Data Challenge Facing the Enterprise ● What Exactly Object Storage is ● Ten Reasons Why Object Storage Will Win The Enterprise For audio playback and Q&A go to:
  2. 2. Our Speakers George Crump is the founder of Storage Switzerland, the leading storage analyst focused on the subjects of big data, solid state storage, virtualization, cloud computing and data protection. He is widely recognized for his articles, white papers, and videos on such current approaches as all-flash arrays, deduplication, SSDs, software-defined storage, backup appliances, and storage networking. He has 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for data centers across the US. Speaker bio
  3. 3. ● Analyst firm focused on storage, cloud and virtualization ● Knowledge of these markets is gained through product testing and interaction with end users and suppliers ● The results of this research can be found in the articles, videos, webinars, product analysis and case studies on our web site: Who Is Storage Switzerland?
  4. 4. Our Speakers Tony Barbagallo is VP of Product at Caringo. He is a 25 year veteran of the storage and IT industry, starting his career as a software engineer, then moving into Product Management and global marketing roles at startups and Fortune 500 companies, including Dantz/EMC, Mentor Graphics, Microsoft, EVault, Skyera, Sun Microsystems, and Wind River Systems.
  5. 5. Who Is Caringo? Object Storage Experts 10+ Years Swarm 8 Searchable Storage for the Cloud Age 500+ Deployments
  6. 6. What Is Unstructured Data? • Data outside of a database • Traditionally created by users (office applications) • Now created by machines and devices
  7. 7. Polling Question A. Less Than 100 TB B. 100 TB – 500 TB C. 500 TB - 1 PB D. 1 PB - 5 PB E. More Than 5 PBs How Much Capacity Will Your Unstructured Data Need By This Time Next Year?
  8. 8. Polling Question How Much Capacity Will Your Unstructured Data Need By This Time Next Year?
  9. 9. The Unstructured Data Challenges • Growth in capacity requirements • Growth in number of items (files, objects) • The RATE of growth in storage capacity and item count • Traditional, mobile, and cloud applications accessing the same data
  10. 10. The Impact Of Unstructured Data • Legacy NAS Devices can’t scale to meet demand • Modern NAS Devices may scale but are expensive • Cost and Performance of either becomes an issue
  11. 11. Object Storage Is... • An alternative to Traditional File Systems • Ideal for Unstructured Data • Data is identified by a Unique ID instead of a folder structure • Very popular in the “cloud”, Enterprises are interested
  12. 12. The Forms Of Object Storage • Software Only • Integrated System
  13. 13. 10. Performance Challenge can be solved (Avere, Panzura, etc…) 9. Scale capacity almost infinitely 8. Scale file/object count almost infinitely 7. More cost effective to deploy (use your own hardware) 6. More cost effective to manage (one system not dozens) 5. More cost effective to operate (power/cooling advantages) 4. More cost effective to maintain (redundant parts & easily replaced) 3. Easier to verify data integrity 2. Integrates cloud for application enablement or deep archive 1. Continuous refreshing architecture, ends NAS refresh cycle 10 Reasons Why Object Storage Will Replace NAS In The Enterprise
  14. 14. Caringo Swarm Overview Complete Software Appliance Flexible Deployment Instant Search & AnalysisContinuous Protection
  15. 15. Swarm – Business Benefits Lowers TCO CAPEX and OPEX Reduces strain on primary file servers Eliminates Risk Provides 100% business continuity Enables regulatory compliance Improves Productivity Automated file management Content organization, search & analysis at scale Storage that Adapts to YOUR Business
  16. 16. DoD – Scale Infinitely Medical images taken in field, unreliable or no bandwidth. Shipped to main archive, plugged in. Continuous protection, instantly available.
  17. 17. DDB – Cost Effective to Run, Operate & Maintain ● PBs storage, tens of thousands of users ● Reduced data center footprint by 82% ● $50,000 monthly OPEX reduction ● Only 1 Admin managing multiple petabytes ● Flexible data protection reduces risk “It’s all about the bottom line. Less hardware, store more and spend less time managing it. With Caringo we can manage multiple petabytes with one resource. This completely changes our ability to scale and grow to meet all of our clients’ demands.” Troy Cheeseman President Business Benefits with Object Storage
  18. 18. Thank you! Storage Switzerland StorageSwiss on Twitter: StorageSwiss on YouTube: Caringo Caringo on Twitter: Caringo on YouTube:
  19. 19. NAS vs. Object Storage 10 Reasons Why Object Storage Will Win For Complete Audio and Q&A please register for the On-Demand Version at: