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CEM meets BPM_London_April_2014

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Certified Process Professional Masters qualification. Five days in London - intensive, fun and immediately useful.

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CEM meets BPM_London_April_2014

  1. 1. PAY FOR TWO BRING THREE! Enterprise Special Lead Sponsor: Academy of Customer Experience C ustomer Experience Management meets BPM Qualify as a Certified Process Professional Master and harness the power of process and CEM 7th - 11th April 2014 I Premier Inn, London Eye, London, UK! Gain skills and techniques including: Establishing how to develop, implement and leverage an ‘end-to-end’ customer experience management approach across each touchpoint in the business Examining how to optimise employee engagement and build a customer-centric culture Identifying the most effective measurement metrics to use to enhance your CEM implementation and strategy Exclusive insights with: Steve Towers
 CEO & Founder! BPGroup James Dodkins Director of Customer Experience BPGroup Case Studies include 
 Tesco State Farm
 Capital One
 Zara Emirates And many more Hands-on Experiential learning in Teams from the founders of BPM and CEMMethod You will learn the aproaches and techniques within the CEMMethod Developing and aligning all activities to deliver Successful Customer Outcomes Utilizing 42 specific tools and techniques in the Outside-In toolkit that will create, grow and enhance programs to deliver success. Join the BPGroup on Linkedin Active exchanges and new resources every week •  •  You will receive an invite to the closed areas of the community where you can ask questions, ask experts and access new case studies shared by your peers. With a constantly updating agenda the BP Group help make real the promise “the customer experience is the process” and enable you and your organization to deploy the very latest thinking and practice Why the BPGroup & the CPP Masters qualification? •  The BPGroup is staffed by hands-on doers who have been there and done it at all levels in the worlds leading organizations. You are making an investment in your future and deserve to know you will be coached and trained by the worlds leading authorites who continue to innovate and develop the CPP program based on REAL current case-studies. You will learn the aproaches and techniques within the CEMMethod “Steve  led  the  best  training   sessions  I  have  ever  taken  in  my   20+  years  as  a  professional.   A<er  those  sessions,  I  was  able   to  have  immediate  impact  on   my  organizaAon" Mark Barnett Director of Process, Bank of America “We  held  our  outside  in  session  last  week   focusing  on  a  criAcal  process  for  bank   customers.  We  had  a  really  fantasAc  session  -­‐   not  only  did  we  walk  away  with  the   deliverables  we  needed,  but  people  had  a  lot   of  fun  too!      Sharon Laemie Naya, SVP, Citi Partners: Register now at