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My HBA Presentation - Social Media and James Brown

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My Harlem Business Alliance presentation from 9/23/2013.

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My HBA Presentation - Social Media and James Brown

  1. 1. AndSocialMediaJamesBrown By @MrMikeStreet
  2. 2. Digital Strategist Blogger Hardest Working Man in Social Media
  3. 3. People/Brands I’ve Worked With
  4. 4. Harlem In CRISIS!
  5. 5. Customer Service Lack of Marketing Rent is too Damn High!
  6. 6. Marketing Innovation
  7. 7. 850 Million USERS Facebook has
  8. 8. Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20-40% more money with those companies than customers who do not
  9. 9. James Brown What CAN We Learn About Social Media From
  10. 10. Social Media Soul Brotha Master Tips
  11. 11. GET UP
  12. 12. You can’t win if you DON’T participate. If your not leveraging social then you’ve already lost. #HBAMikeStreet
  13. 13. Happy Make Your Consumers Innovate Your Customer Service
  14. 14. Happy customers will come back. Did you make sure everyone was happy online and offline? #HBAMikeStreet
  15. 15. Good Foot Get On The
  16. 16. Work as hard as you can to make sure everything your are doing puts your business in a good position. #HBAMikeStreet
  17. 17. Pictures USE Pretty
  18. 18. Tell your brand story, innovate your marketing message with VISUALS. #HBAMikeStreet
  19. 19. Recap Innovate your marketing message through social media story telling Use social media as a customer service platform Create visual content that tells the story of your brand
  20. 20. Don’t Be Boring! Innovate your marketing message and win big. #HBAMikeStreet
  21. 21. Join the HarlemNY Facebook Community
  22. 22. 91,000 Members
  23. 23. Thank You @MrMikeStreet