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Film openings

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Film openings

  1. 1. FILM OPENINGS<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Our chosen genre after long debates is Crime. <br />We have decided to do this theme as we could not decide on a genre together there was a contrast of comedy and action. <br />So we decided to stick to the theme we had in our preliminary as everyone like it when it was shown to the class and it is our actor’s strongest point. <br />Also as it was very liked amongst different kinds of personalities within our class from different backgrounds it shows its has a more open target audience. <br />We have a target audience but because there are a lot of people who might like it will be liked across the board hopefully.<br />Our inspirations<br />In this scene from KiDULTHOOD the boys are kicking “Sam” face in and we want to use this camera angle to end the opening scene with a kick and then a black out.<br />
  4. 4. Our Ideas<br />To make it easier we have decided to keep the same characters we originally had in our preliminary.<br />Boss Man – Samuel William : The big boss man everyone asked for in our General Survey.<br />Jason – Jack Smith : Was a main character in the preliminary but is an extra in the opening.<br />Joshua – Himself : Was an extra in the preliminary is an extra in the opening as well.<br />Baby – Halida Aloyo : Was originally the dumb pretty girl but most people said that was too typical so she’s now just a cranky, spoilt boss’ girlfriend.<br />Tony – Isaac Joseph : Tony was a body guard in the preliminary and in the opening his going to be the same no change.<br />NEW CHARACTERS<br />KayBee – Kudzai Taziveyi:<br />Cannon – Evan Fernando : <br />We are the directors but just to show that we are taking turns in shots and that we are just extras and things like that.<br />Tomo – Kingsley Mpofu : The clumsy geek. Was a very demanded character and this chosen actor would be great at it. <br />iClassic – Fabio Almedia : We have decided to remove this character as he was not necessary and we did not want to go over the top.<br />
  5. 5. Our Idea will include…<br />Mixed in with a bit of laughs here and there!<br />Some action!<br />Something never seen before!<br />With some crime over here!<br />And a hint of tears!<br />
  6. 6. Problems!<br />Due to unreliable actors we may have to recast parts of our characters in our film opening… <br />These include:<br />The rest of the characters will remain the same. As in the previous slide.<br />
  7. 7. THE MAIN CHARACTERS WE HAVE IN OUR FILM OPENING NOT SURE OF THE NAMES YET, BUT THIS IS THE CHARACTER’S BACKGROUND INFORMATION.<br />BOSS MAN – Now played by Michael Muranda. He is quite hench, scary looking, manly, has a beard which makes look a bit like powerful because he looks older than the others and suits perfect with his deep voice and frightful look . <br />THE PARTNER IN CRIME – Kingsley now removed as the weakly becomes the villain as the partner in crime of Boss Man chasing after Steven. Kingsley is skinny and this works perfectly as he makes Boss Man look all the more bigger and very empowering. His voice is deep just to show his big but its not as deep as Boss Man either. He looks scary but not intense just the middle man. <br />JASON– The poor weakling getting chased by these tough looking guys. Unexpectedly walking to the train station he begins to run up to the station as he planned but is then caught and beaten by THE PARTNER IN CRIME then spits in THE BOSS MANs eye and then the main run begins as THE PATNER continues to chase after him. The actor Daniel Muranda is not skinny but is average build, wearing glasses to show geekiness as glasses are a stereo typical prop for geeks. He also wears a body warmer and jeans to show that he’s an average guy. So there's a bit of contradiction of geekiness and kind of hood at the same time to show he’s just normal. <br />THE GANG –Jason is going to be chased after by the BOSSMANs gang. The partner is second in command so he runs in front line and the others follow. There will be a couple of them so there wont be too many. They will be frightening and threatening looking and very antisocial. All they will do is run after Jason and act very menacing. They are all made of different heights and body builds to show a congregation they have no speaking part though.<br />
  8. 8. FINALLY DECIDED ON THE NAMES…<br />Boss Man – COYOTE by MICHAEL MURANDA<br />Partner In Crime – SKINZ by KINGSLEY MPOFU<br />Jason – JASON by DANIEL MURANDA<br />The Gang - O.D.T.<br />Gang Members : <br /><ul><li>NICHOLAS HOLMES
  10. 10. MICHAEL ROWE
  11. 11. SAM DIPPER
  12. 12. EDDY EL BABA
  13. 13. ISAAC JOSEPH
  14. 14. JACK SMITH
  17. 17. MARCUS LARAME</li>