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MINNETTE M. DAVIS                                                                          (3...
Minnette M. Davis                                                             Resume               Sets-up and maintains ...
Minnette M. Davis                                                  Resume         Network Security Specialist II (Consulta...
Minnette M. Davis                                                    Resume         Financial Systems Analyst (Consultant)...
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Minnette Davis - Professional Network Systems Engineer Accomplishments

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A compilation of my life's accomplishments and experiences encompassing Data Network System Technologies

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Minnette Davis - Professional Network Systems Engineer Accomplishments

  1. 1. MINNETTE M. DAVIS (314) 323-3005 (cell)PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS  Versatile Senior Systems Analyst/Network Security Specialist with understanding of customer value and importance of focusing on key processes to continuously increased business growth while eliminating waste in the process.  Tactical and strategic expertise in datacenter operations, WAN operations, active directory w/group policies, network security, desktop and help-desk support, database administration, system diagnostics, troubleshooting and analysis, wireless networking, technical writing, data storage, disaster and recovery, virus, malware, spyware removal, and business process analysis.  Implement Root cause analysis by ascertaining and analyzing the causes of problems in an effort to determine a resolution and preventive maintenance using the five whys technique in an effort to find the real cause as oppose to treating the symptoms.  Complete support functions following procedures to effectively prioritize and respond to requests in accordance with established service level agreements. Articulate Problem Solving Skills resolved by effectively analyzing, communicating, and implementing solutions.PROFESSIONAL HISTORYField Service Technician – Field Solutions, Field Nations, Von TechnologiesSelf Employed 7/07 – current  POS (point of sales) installation, upgrades and printers.  Network Wireless and Wired Security  Routers and Switches installation, configuration, troubleshooting and upgrades  Firewall installation and configurations  Hardware troubleshooting and repair.  Malware removal  Data Analysis  Site Survey  Inventory ENVIRONMENT: POS MACHINES, BARCODE SCANNERS, LAPTOPS, DESKTOPS,HELPDESK,OFFICE 2003-2007, UNIX/WINTEL, SERVERS, VISTA, WINDOWS 7, IBM, HP, Panasonic, FUJITSU,CISCO, WIRELESS, Catalina PrintersNetwork Engineer II (Consultant)Ajilon Consulting 7/10 to 11/10Anheuser Busch InBev - WAN Support  Monitor and Troubleshoot LANs/WAN for the purpose of measuring performance and/or ensuring the secure and reliable operation of district LANs from degrades or outages using network monitoring tools.  Conducts analyses and testing of network systems for the purpose of documenting findings and ensuring efficiency and compliance with company policies and requirements.
  2. 2. Minnette M. Davis Resume  Sets-up and maintains account restrictions, assigned users, groups and domains in a Microsoft environment for the purpose of ensuring system security and/or ensuring appropriate access.  Incident, Problem and Change Management (HPSC) by creating or responding to incident tickets of LAN/ WAN connectivity and performance problems.  Implement and maintain standards for router, switch, firewall and wireless access point configurations, and OS backup and upgrade procedures to ensure optimum and consistent configuration and installations across the enterprise  Root Cause Analysis  Wireless/WAP Support  Router Troubleshooting and Analysis using Cisco and Hp Command Line  Network and Packet Tracking & Analysis  Configure and Troubleshoot Network Protocols  Active Directory  Contact and interact with vendors regarding WAN and equipment maintenance and support ENVIRONMENT: NETSCOUT nGenius, CISCO WORKS, HP OPENVIEW, OVO (Open View Operations Monitor), HP Service Center (HPSC), MS OFFICE ENTERPRISE 2003-2007, TELNET, PUTTY, CISCO ACS (Access Control Server), CISCO ASA, APC UPS, TACACS, PRTG, ITAM (Information Technology Asset Mgmt.), Network Monitor, EIGRP, EDGE ROUTERS & PORTS, OC3, T1, TRUNKING PROTOCOLS, SNMP, VPN TUNNELS GRE/IPSec, VPN CONCENTRATORS, VLANs, Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Services) Systems Support Analyst IBM Global Services 7/09 to 6/10 Performance & Capacity Management  Supported project tasks for client server support operations for work involving RFS, service requests and non-ticketed work to client operating systems, hardware, software, applications or network systems.  Identified improvements within a work area or process.  Ensured SRM data collection met SLO criteria, and collaborated with appropriate teams to ensure accurate and timely data collection.  Participated once or more a day in cadence discussion on team performance.  Collected performance and capacity midrange data from tool set and provided periodic and/or ad- hoc customer reports.  Planned solutions for application and resources required to develop, deliver services and products to meet the needs of business clients.  Prepared new or changed services.  Project Management  Managed change process.  Maintained regulatory, legal, and professional standards.  Managed performance of systems and services in relation to their contribution to business performance, and management including, public network, virtual private network, and outsourced services.  Provided service-level reporting.  Performed risk and contingency planning.  Sized, troubleshot, and performed critical customer situations root cause analysis and solutions. ENVIRONMENT: SRM, HP OVPI, ITM, SAP, LOTUS NOTES 8.5, OFFICE 2007, MVS, VM, CLAS, DB2, ODBC, WINDOWS/UNIX, MAXIMO, REMEDY, TIVOLI, MANAGENOWEmail: Phone: 314-323-3005 Page 2
  3. 3. Minnette M. Davis Resume Network Security Specialist II (Consultant) Ajilon Consulting 9/07 – 11/08 Chrysler, LLC  Maintained production data center operations.  Project Management  Active Directory Administration  Performed network security and network traces/monitoring.  Server Virtualization  Supported remote/desktop /Helpdesk.  Performed wireless networking.  Oversaw disaster and recovery  Installed server cabinets, rack & cable devices within cabinet as required  Maintain cable/LAN layout for data center  Maintain inventory of all hardware as well as change management documentation  Shipping/receiving of computer hardware to and from data center  Managed tape libraries, perform tape library audits, load & unload tapes for all platforms  Manages tape transportation between data center and offsite storage facility  Monitored and report on data center environmental, fire suppression, and UPS systems  Escorted all visitors needing access to data center, maintain Visitor Access Log ENVIRONMENT: CISCO, NORTEL, DELL, HP, WIRLESS, NETWORK SECURITY, (ROUTER & SWITCHES), FLUKE DEVICES (wireless & survey analyzers), NETWORK TRACERS AND ANALYZERS, FIBER OPTIC, SANs, AIX/UNIX/LINUX WINTEL, CITRIX, SHAREPOINT, MS OFFICE ENTERPRISE Senior Application Analyst/Debugger (Consultant) ForensicIT 4/07 – 6/07 Anheuser Busch Companies  Debugged In-house software applications.  Performed senior level Helpdesk support. ENVIRONMENT: WINDBG, LISTDLL, PERFMON, FILEMON, NETWORK ANALYSIS, PACKET TRACERS, SYS INTERNALS, WINDOWS, ETHERPEEK, PROCESS EXPLORER, DEPENDENCY WALKER, REGMON, TCPVIEW Desktop Support/Field Technician H & R Block 1/05 – 1/2010  Provided Active Directory support.  Performed network security and network traces/monitoring.  Supported remote/desktop/Helpdesk.  Maintained wireless networking.  Installed and updated systems.  Performed system diagnostics.  Tax Software Support ENVIRONMENT: OFFICE 2007, POS, WINDOWS SERVER 2003, SERVER DIAGNOSTIC TOOLSEmail: Phone: 314-323-3005 Page 3
  4. 4. Minnette M. Davis Resume Financial Systems Analyst (Consultant) IBM Global Services 7/99 – 04/07 Computer Task Group  Performed Financial System Database/Application support analysis.  Provided Financial System Software support.  Mainframe application batch processing in a TSO/ISPF environment  Job Control Language  Job Scheduling.  Database Reporting -Brio Explorer using API call from Mainframe system  Database VM & MVS Systems Testing.  Software Process Deployment.  Financial System Software Support.  Financial Measurement – Over/Under Support Analyst.  Financial Accounts Reconciliation.  Training Analyst and Support.  Project Analyst ENVIRONMENT: SRM, HP OVPI, ITM, SAP, LOTUS NOTES, OFFICE 2003, MVS, VM, CLAS, DB2, ODBC, WINDOWS/UNIX, LOTUS SMARTSUITE EDUCATION Master’s Degree in MIS, February 2009 Coursework completed in Managerial Communications, Business Systems I& II, Programming Concepts, Systems & Analysis Development, CIS Project Management, Database Concepts, Networking Concepts, CIS Risk Management, CIS Strategic Management Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineer Network Technology, February 2007 Coursework completed in Electronic Fundamentals, Peripherals and Data Communications, PC Troubleshooting and Configuration, Windows Networking, Analysis & Development Technical Writing, TCP/IP and Routing, Linux I, Linux II (Networking)Routing (Routing with CISCO Routers)WAN Switching (CISCO WAN Switching), Project Management, Computer Systems Upgrades and Installations, CCNA CERTIFICATIONS Comptia Security + Comptia Network + Comptia A+ CCNAEmail: Phone: 314-323-3005 Page 4