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March Slide Deck (Public)

  1. Changing the way Creative Industries Share, Collaborate and Manage Ultimate Creative Freedom digital media in one cloud platform. Tuesday, April 2, 13
  2. ARC9 A Comprehensive Creative Cloud Platform Providing unmatched Collaboration and Management Beta Product Launched Jan 2013 About 9 People working in Salt Lake, LA, and San Francisco +$7.8 Billion total addressable market Started byTom Mikota-Arc9 CTO/Founder After 3 grueling years on Avatar Tuesday, April 2, 13
  3. . Founder of OpsTechnology 1999 sold to RealPage (NASDAQ:RP) in 2008. As SVP and President of OpsTechnology at RealPage. He brings over a decade of experience as a software executive to the management of ARC 9 Our product is Tom’s vision and passion.Award winning films Including Avatar, King Kong, Happy Feet, District 9 & Monster House. Supervisors on Avatar first hand experience of industry pain. Tom has spent the last two years working on the solution ARC 9. Sukhi Singh Founder / CEO Tom Mikota Founder / CTO Melissa Davies-Barnett Founder / CCO Lewis Wilks Founder/Chairman Lew Wilks Chief Strategy Officer, President of Internet Markets, Business Markets, Business Development, and subsidiary operations for QWEST Communications. Serves as a management consultant and advisor for many publicly traded and privately held companies. Team Text CEO/Founder Sight Effects 1990 International award winningVFX & Animation Company. CEO/ Founder The Digital Lab 1993 Software tools forVFX/Animation Industry. Founding Partner; DVS Intelestream, EPK.TV, Daily Buzz, Media Max Cloud Tuesday, April 2, 13
  4. The Problem Build a Team Storage and File Share Review & Feedback PIX SYSTEMS Project Management Scalability Branding File Conversion Workflow Tools Library/Archiving Purchase Templates & Building Blocks Custom Development Design Tools Production is Complex and Technical Communication Multiple Applications Do not talk to each other No Industry Standard Multiple File Formats Difficult to scale Redundant software IT Resources Required Time Intensive EXPENSIVE Rendering Web Hosting Tuesday, April 2, 13
  5. API Infrastructure Social Marketplace Production Integrated in Design Software Simple, Intuitive, and Visual UI All in one Application The Solution Storage Review & FeedbackProject Management Branding File Conversion Workflow Tools Design Tools Communication Rendering Build a Team Scalability Library/Archiving File Share Storage Templates Showcase CollaborationConnect Models Plugins Custom Scripts Recruiting Website Hosting Tuesday, April 2, 13
  6. Features Production Marketplace Social Project Management Content Management Reviews Workflow Tools PipelineOptimization Buy Sell Trade Web Hosting Recruit Electronic Press Kits Showcase Built Brand Connect Mentor Collaborate Infrastructure Design Software Integration Storage Full SSL Encryption Security Global Content Delivery Network Workflow integration in design applications creatives use to create Tuesday, April 2, 13
  7. Pricing FREE $249/Month Additional Storage $4/GB/Month +$7.8 Billion Market Opportunity $99/Month Social Social Pro Production Production Lite Production Pro Reviews Live Free $15.95 Free $14.95 $40 Per Event mo/user mo/user mo/user 5GB of Storage 5GB of Storage 1GB of Storage 10 GB of Storage 10 GB of Storage Reviews Project Management Asset Management Sync Content with Groups and Review Live Globally Reviews Project Management Asset Management Reviews Project Management Asset Management Production Management Scheduling Workflow Tools Bidding Analytics Showcase Connect Creative Jobs Marketplace Showcase Media Sharing Creative Jobs Branding Marketplace Library Analytics Web Hosting Tuesday, April 2, 13
  8. Benefits ValueOwners/Managers Global Collaboration & Scalability Production Management Analytics Streamlined Workflow Instant Feedback Efficiency Tools Production Management Recruiting Artists Streamlined workflow Tools at fingertips Clear Communication Instant File Sharing Instant Feedback Selling art and work Freelancers Find work Streamlined Workflow Part of a Global Network Build Brand Work easily with clients Instant Feedback Instant File Sharing Time Savings Students Networking Find Mentors Find Inspiration Collaborate on projects Clients Instant Feedback Integration in the Process Global Reach of Creatives Industry Standardization Studio 25 People Using Arc9 Production Pro Savings: 15 hours/person/month 25 X 15 X $45/hr = $16,875/month Arc9 Costs: 25 x $40 = $1000/Month +15x Return on Investment “Creating is all about Collaboration Arc 9 makes my life so much easier” Bob Engelseipen View Studio “We are a Global Group of Artists these Tools Connect us Brilliantly” Alex Frisch C4 Artists IT Staff Automatic File Conversion Integration Processes Transparent Communication Industry Standardization Single User Management Fewer Software Providers "This is going to streamline our animation pipeline and communication with clients aTON" Jonathan Hallett TML Animation "This is going to make so many things possible we've been waiting for. I've got colleagues around the globe and we'll finally be able to work together on just about anything" Brett Feeney Freelancer “I’ve been looking for a solution like Arc 9 for a long time” Cedric Lejune Workflowers Tuesday, April 2, 13
  9. The Market 26 Million Users 80% Autodesk or Adobe Content Creation Market Continues to Grow 1 Entertainment, Video Games, Visual Effects, Animation, Broadcast 2 3 Advertising Web Design, Graphic Design, Product Design Arc9 Initial Target Market with existing Tools and Contacts Arc9 Additional Market with existing Tools + some added Contacts Arc9 Growth Market with added Tools + added Contacts +$7.8 Billion Market Opportunity $300/user/year Tuesday, April 2, 13
  10. Company Social Network Media Sharing Reviews Annotated Project Management Production Management Software Integration Behance Carbonmade Shotgun Wiredrive Go Simion Interdubs Pixelapse Layervault Reviews Live Analytics Pix Systems Cine Sync Limited Limited The Competitive Landscape is fragmented with tools that do not offer the comprehensive feature set of Arc 9 Competitive Landscape Tuesday, April 2, 13
  11. Go To Market Strategy Growing Pipeline of Leads from Team Contacts Industry PR and Focused Social Media Targeted Email Campaigns Educational Institutions Trade Show Presence Channel Partners SocialNETWORK Application Viral in app growth Social Marketing in Arc9 Tuesday, April 2, 13
  12. Milestones - Currently in Beta Production Review/Media Share - Beta Social March 2013 - Beta Full featured Production 2nd Quarter 2013 - 1.0 Release Q3 2013 Mar/Apr Jun/Jul Aug/Sep Oct/Nov Dec/Jan Feb/Mar 2013 2014 March - June March beta continued feature development Review/Media Share, launch beta Social. April beta development Social, final features Review/Media Share. March-April final product development Production. May beta Production. May Launch full Go To Market Strategy Social, Review/Media Share. June-September September-March June final beta full feature Production. Continued feature development Review/Media Share and Social. July complete Marketplace launch beta. Marketing push light to Review/Media Share. July-August 1.0 release. In house sales and marketing social/trade campaign. Feature development all products. launch Marketing Social/ Trade campaign all products grow user base to EBITDA+ Tuesday, April 2, 13
  13. Collaborate with us! Ultimate Creative Freedom Tuesday, April 2, 13