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Quasar - Credentials

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Quasar - Credentials

  1. 1. The Possible way
  2. 2. Contents • Who We Are • What We Do • Why We’re Different • Case Studies • Contact Details
  3. 3. Who We Are Possible World Wide
  4. 4. About US • WPP Group Digital Company. • 8th Largest Digital Advertising Agency in the World. • Present across 9 Countries at 18 different locations. • 1000 People Strong. • Possible Worldwide India : – Present in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore – Largest Digital Advertising Agency in India – Over 18% of total media spends are routed through Possible Worldwide India. – Over 200 people based out of the India Operations Alone.
  5. 5. International Business Division Quasar Branding & Media Solutions Possible World Wide - India Quasar Primo Domestic Business Division
  6. 6. Digital Pioneers – Leaders in Innovation • First Point Roll • First Mobile – Cast • First Super DHTML • First Online Digital Advertisement • First Virtual Exhibition
  7. 7. Awards & Recognition • Agency Of the Year 2005 & 2007 @ Microsoft India. • Creative Gold 2009 from Lenovo Worldwide. • IDMA Gold 2010 for Best Website Design – Apollo Munich. • IDMA Gold 2010 for Best Internet Marketing Campaign – Chevy Beat Launch. • ABBY Gold 2005 for Pepsi. • Cannes Lions Award 2009 – Pringles, Can Hands • Interactive Emmy Awards 2008 – Video Player, NBC • IAMAI Award 2010 – General Motors, Drive Your Beat for Chevy Beat • Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference Awards 2009 – Partner of the Year • IDEA Bronze 2010 – Samsung Mustang UX • Gizmodo Android App of the Week 2009 – NBA Game Time
  8. 8. Our Clients – World Wide
  9. 9. Our Clients – India
  10. 10. Locations Austin Bangalore Beijing Cincinnati New Delhi Dubai Guangzhou Hong Kong San Francisco Singapore Mumbai Nairobi New York Gurgaon Shanghai Los Angeles London San Jose
  11. 11. Why We’re Different The Possible Advantage
  12. 12. + + Creative Digital Media + + + + + + Well Acclimatized to working in a Multi - Agency Environment
  13. 13. Website Mobile Social Media Search Email Marketing Display Advertising
  14. 14. Website Mobile Social Media Search Email Marketing Display Advertising
  15. 15. Our clients have benefited immensely by way of our usability inputs. Two prominent examples highlighted here Usability
  16. 16. CMS Based Solutions CMS Based Solutions
  17. 17. Canon Problem Statement: Canon wanted to revamp their existing site to give a fresh look to their users with ease of manageability. Our Solution: • Developed a robust CMS based Website with high emphasis on the UI. The site acts as a doorway to various Canon digital properties. Result: • The site acts as a single platform for the visitors to browse through multiple Canon Properties. With the ease of navigation, the average page views on the site has increased by more than 25% as compared to their previous site.
  18. 18. Reliance Mutual Fund The latest feather on our cap is the reliance Mutual Fund Website. When we bagged the project the biggest challenge that lay in front of us in terms of creative, content and technology was in the management of the huge number of elements in it. Today, the site is an epitome of extreme creativity and bears a look that no other player in the industry could ever think of for a financial services provider based on a proprietary Content management Solution ,Ecommerce & Extranet application integration as well.
  19. 19. Usability We executed a complete revamp of the General Motors, India Website. Tracing their journey in India right from inception to the present times, Quasar has been a loyal partner in making Chevrolet’s online presence stronger. The current site is an agronomical mixture of great visual designs, usability for the users and unmatched technology.
  20. 20. 20 Web Technologies Programming Languages Social API & Web 2.0 Apps Scripting Languages Java, .NET, Visual Basic,PHP, C#  Apache, IIS, Weblogic, Web Sphere, Tomcat, Jboss, Jrun  Perl, VB script, Javascript, FlashScript  Open Social, Facebook Connect, Google API, Youtube and Twitter apps UI Tools CMS  Umbraco, Kentico, Microsoft Sharepoint, Joomla, Vignette , Drupal. Databases  Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MSSQL Server, Postgres Browser  Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, Opera  Silverlight, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, web GUI and Ajax frameworks Cloud Computing Amazon web services, Windows Azure  Apache, IIS, Weblogic, Web Sphere, Tomcat, Jboss, Jrun Application/ Web Servers ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, JSP, XML, EJB, Ajax, PHP Technology Expertise
  21. 21. Usability We’re proud managers of three world-class technology ventures
  22. 22. Results: •IDMA Gold Award -Quasar bagged the Gold Award for ‘Best Corporate Site’ for Apollo Munich Health Insurance from Indian Digital Media Awards (IDMA) on March 11, 2010 •Quasar and Apollo Munich Health Insurance have been in partnership since 2008 •Quasar has offered Apollo Munich Health Insurance many innovative E-Commerce solutions •Monthly around 50,000 people visit the site •The Solutions provided has benefit and has seen a tremendous growth in online sales of health insurance
  23. 23. Solution: Quasar has been successful in obtaining the lease of The Microsoft Store brand and has taken the engagement to a new level with the launch of Microsoft Store In January 2010.We are looking at a transaction growth of 5x. Success: Revenue contribution of INR 20 Lakhs per month. Traffic has increased by 3x.Coverage has increased in terms of New Categories being Added like Windows Mobiles, Hardware and computers. Scope: is an online initiative with Microsoft India, launched in Feb 2008. It catered to providing incremental sales to Microsoft and counter piracy. Stats: Revenue contribution INR 50 Lakhs, 1% of MS India Sales Problem: Due to the lack of Microsoft Brand identity both sales and piracy objective was less impactful.
  24. 24. Results – Largest travel portal in India •1 lakh visitors on the site on daily basis •Daily domestic flight bookings of approx 10,000 per day •Daily international flight bookings of approx 500 per day •Daily 200 room nights booked on hotels •Integrated with multiple GDS/CRS/Payment gateways
  25. 25. A d a p t e r Flights Engine Social aggregation Hotels Engine Holidays Hotels Airlines User Database MIS Tracking Web server Front End Feed for white label Sites Mobile Browser XML Web services With Intelligent Caching Core Engines Third Party Suppliers Site Admin Editorial & Social Content OTA/GDS Supplier Websites Contextual Ad Serving T r a c k e r MAKEMYTRIP.COM ARCHITECTURE
  26. 26. Website Mobile Social Media Search Email Marketing Display Advertising
  28. 28. Dashboard
  29. 29. Registration
  30. 30. Flight search
  31. 31. Flight search results
  32. 32. Passenger details
  33. 33. Booking confirmation
  34. 34. Website Mobile Social Media SEO Email Marketing Display Advertising
  35. 35. Fashion and You Some Facts Over 138,000 fans on Facebook The most active social asset for brands in this category Some Facts Active Microblogging profile on Twitter with over 600 followers Blog gets 250 unique visitors each week
  36. 36. Tech Hero Ya Zero! Client: Microsoft India Tech Hero ya Zero, was a viral application that was coded as part of the Microsoft Heroes Happen Here Campaign. This application aimed at bringing the unsung heroes (developers, system administrators and coders) to the forefront. The application coincided with the launch of 3 key Microsoft products in India. The application allowed users to choose people from their friend list, give them a score/rating on the basis of their tech skills and share/compare scores. The availability of Facebook sharing features were also extensively used to give the app a viral effect. Some Facts 3023 users within 1 month of the application going live First Facebook application for Microsoft in India
  37. 37. Branding of the Chevrolet Spark Client: General Motors The application allows you to rate the driving and road skills of your friends across 6 different skills, and then allows the user to compare it with a friend. The entire communication takes the lines of a person’s driving skills.
  38. 38. Need: Skoda Auto India was facing tremendous backlash due to service centres’ poor after sales services Solution: Social networking was suggested as the ideal medium choice to provide the customer a direct means to connect with the company and showcase the innovation and quality standards that Skoda stands for Implementation: Quasar created the social presence on behalf of Skoda on all major networks. Listening to all the queries, complaints, and general comments, each interaction was responded to at the earliest, every customer was given a solution and the required information was shared. Result: Skoda is being recognized as one of the more interactive and responsive brands on social networks with a great emphasis on solving customer issues Since 21st Dec 2009: Facebook Fans: 16,550 (no ads) Facebook Friends: 2,193 Twitter Followers: 696 Customer Issues Resolved: Over 700 Number of Interactions: Over 7000 Number of Photo Views: Over 15,000 Number of Page Views: 35k Approx Customer Engagement (Social) Skoda Auto
  39. 39. Website Mobile Social Media SEO Email Marketing Display Advertising
  41. 41. Clients
  42. 42. Website Mobile Social Media Search Email Marketing Display Advertising
  43. 43. The Process
  44. 44. Email Considered best way to Communicate with Prospects and Clients
  45. 45. • Dedicated Server • Anti Spam Flags • Training & Best practices to make the mail spam free • Track Open, Click Rates • Track Bounce Rate • Track your list growth • Track & Store Forward friend • User subscription • Import list from excel to the system • Compose Mail in HTML • Ready to use & send templates Create an Email Grow your list Reliable Delivery Track & Report The process
  46. 46. Clients
  47. 47. Website Mobile Social Media Search Email Marketing Display Advertising
  48. 48. Top Internet advertisers AOR 25% Lowest CPC / CPM Scale | Efficiency | Experience Of entire Online Scale Efficiency Experience We bring to the table… (Online Media being bought in India)
  49. 49. Shows real-time optimization | builds campaign knowledge ..and offer our clients ad-serving control that … A campaign without AD serving Creative file on publisher server Post campaign report, for next campaign reference Campaign period end of Day A campaign with AD serving Creative file on publisher server Optimizing when the campaign is live Achieve better overall campaign result Campaign period Real time tracking & adjustments • Equipped to handle all major AdServers : DoubleClick, ZEDO and Atlas
  50. 50. Best-in-class Tools …plus extensive analytics… HBX Analytics Google Analytics
  51. 51. As some of our clients say.. “Visa's relationship with Quasar goes back 12 months ever since it forayed into Internet advertising in India. One has noticed that Quasar is always trying to be a step ahead of its client's requirements - for Visa this period saw two critical product launches in the e-commerce space and the team at Quasar brought a lot of passion and domain knowledge in helping establish these two products. Their willingness to go deep into understanding client needs is a big positive and this should hold them in good stead” …. Gagan Maini, Country Marketing Manager “At Motorola, the Internet plays as significant a role for us to achieve our marketing goals as any other media such as television or print. In India, we have partnered with Quasar, who have helped us execute some very successful Internet campaigns. This has been primarily possible because the Quasar team comprises of Internet specialists, who understand the medium better than any other Indian agency. We are now taking this partnership further by exploring new media opportunities in other emerging markets in the region.” … Trivikram Thakore, Vice President (Marketing) Our experience of working with Quasar Media has been great. The internet, as a vehicle to reach our audiences, presents us great opportunities. I am sure that at Microsoft we will leverage these opportunities successfully with Quasar Media as our online media partners. Onwards, Anurag Gour | Online Marketing Manager
  52. 52. CASE STUDIES Our Clients…
  53. 53. Digital marketing partners to the Web18 group. Strategy, Product development, Search marketing, media buying, planning and creative development for a successful launch of and making it gain user and page view share
  54. 54. Learning • Re-targeting gives excellent results • Creative with popular content gives excellent performance • Dynamic content based banners grabs attention 5 Top search keywords • Games • Bollywood songs • Free video • Hindi songs • Game
  55. 55. Digital marketing partners since 6 years. Alliances, media buying, planning, optimization and creative development. The two teams have worked towards retaining MakeMyTrip’s leadership position, successful launch of India services and continued media Innovation.
  56. 56. Optimization results - 10.00 20.00 30.00 40.00 50.00 60.00 70.00 80.00 90.00 Oct'05 Nov'05 Dec'05 Jan'06 Feb'06 March'06 April'06 May'06 June'06 Aug'06 Sept'06 Oct'06 Nov'06 Dec'06 Jan'07 Feb'07 March'07 April'07 CPM/CPC Months A Leading Travel Client Avg CPM Avg CPC Blazar planned and purchased media in such a way that despite CPM rates increasing by over by 95%, the CPC in media buying increased only by 8.5% in almost two years
  57. 57. Partners since over 6 years.. Innovations on DTH, Mobile and Viral’s. From a third position to a close second and retaining the leadership. Quasar has been working with the team to build a offline Sales strength from strategic and targeted online acquisitions
  58. 58. Low sell through, low visibility and low order value. That was the problem when Indiatimes shopping came to Quasar. Over the years Quasar build a strong Online marketing model for Indiatimes for targeted acquisition and repository of knowledge
  59. 59. Managed and developed by Quasar and taken the responsibility of increasing the footfalls on the site and increasing the sales revenue of the product. Controlling the CRM activity and pushing the customers to convert as a repeat visitors. Microsoft store
  60. 60. Smile investment - managed and developed by Quasar, focus towards building the brand and revenue through paid advertising channels . Hugh focus on CRM and organic activities to get free traffic and more conversions. Pushing for great discounted deals which brings new customers and increase in ratio of repeat visitors.
  61. 61. Increasing footfalls on yahoo with the new look and feel. As Q took over the campaign, media was bought across categories to ensure 360 degree coverage of the brand. With through optimization the campaign max-ed with a CTR of .24%, exceeding the expectation of the brand!
  62. 62. Branding Initiatives
  63. 63. Client: Lenovo India Quasar was tasked to come up with an idea to highlight the lightweight characteristics of Lenovo ThinkPads. A video viral was conceptualized which communicated the stated objective in lighter vein through a funny but “viralable” element. The video was seeded and promoted across major publishing platforms such as YouTube, Metacafe, Daily Motion etc. The concept proved to be the winner with people commenting extensively across social platforms and sharing with friends – which also helped us generate over 1 million views worldwide. Some Facts 1 million worldwide views Over 2000 comments across various publishing and social platforms Creative Gold from Lenovo Worldwide Amazing Bees: The Flying Laptop!
  64. 64. Client: Titan Fastrack Category: Creative/Branding Fastrack set a daunting challenge for the Quasar team to create a “high impact” digital asset and, quickly for the upcoming “Army” set of watches. The microsite was delivered within 9 days with the following features: • Gaming feature with scores captured • CMS driven product catalogue featuring more than 45 products • MTV Fastrack Contest landing page • CMS driven Store Locator with over 260 stores across 30 cities • Robust backend to capture and sort leads Some Facts The microsite attracted over 2 million users Over 50k leads received Highest response rate in terms of leads for campaigns in its category Fastrack Army
  65. 65. Client: General Motors India Category: Creative/Ideation The campaign aimed at getting users excited about the launch of Chevrolet Beat. A microsite was developed encouraging users to express themselves by contributing what their hearts beat for. The microsite was surrounded with a 360-degree promotions plan utilizing both bought and earned media. A full-fledged thriving community of Beat fans is active on Facebook. Social media channels like Twitter were used very effectively to create buzz around the launch of Beat. Some Facts The microsite attracted over 0.5 million visitors in 7 days! Over 35k people participated in the contest Premium and prominent media properties were blocked and provided “trend-setting” Click Through Rates Drive Your Beat
  66. 66. Client: General Motors India Category: Creative/Ideation/Social A classic example of conquering the “elusive” UGC space in India comes with the success of Chevy’s Spark Muzic campaign. The marketing objective of the campaign was to create awareness & interactivity with the brand. General Motors and Quasar attempted to bring forth budding singers who have their own panache but pleasant singing style. The defined target audience was young music lovers in the age bracket of 23-30 years. The campaign was executed with striking creative innovations Some Facts The microsite attracted over 1.5 million users 10,500 people registered Over 1300 anthems were submitted Highest response rate ever achieved for campaigns in this category Spark Muzic Anthem
  67. 67. Microsoft wanted to launch IE 8 in India - A market inundated with many web browsers promising new and innovative features Our approach needed to stand out from the rest. It had to connect with the youth. The microsite was designed to do just that! A fun quiz that aimed to find out an user’s ‘Explorer Quotient’ was developed. The user came to know about the new features of IE 8 by playing the quiz Viral-able elements such as cheeky videos which highlighted on unique feature of the new browser Creative Ideation and Microsite Microsoft India (Internet Explorer 8) Some Facts 1.2 million video views (on the microsite) 150,000 IE 8 downloads in 1 month (on the microsite) 5000 referrals to the microsite
  68. 68. Microsite Colgate Palmolive (ActiFlex) The microsite brought alive the TVC on web in a larger than life way Presented the toothbrush as a super star footballer Conceptualized games which bring to life the special features Eventually a website with the perfect mix of 3D modeling with 2D flash
  69. 69.  Plan in India is part of Plan International, one of the world's largest community development organizations.  Plan’s work is not possible without the support of funding from individuals, corporations, institutions, foundations and government agencies within India and abroad.  The website was design & developed with an intent to educate people about the world where all children realize their full potential in societies which respect people’s rights and dignity.  We have also implemented ‘edonation” where people can donate online. Plan India
  70. 70.  This is an initiative taken by Eurekaforbes wherein we have developed a microsite.  Here users can enter their pin code and get to know what kind of service providers for water supply BMC/ JMC  This would then suggest what kind of water purification technology they should go for. Eureka Forbes – Water Wonderful World
  71. 71.  This is another initiative by Eureka forbes “Paani Ka Doctor” wherein it educates people about the water borne diseases and how to encounter them.  This encourages people to go for some water purification solution in order to avoid water borne diseases.  It also offer upfront call to action wherein the visitor can contact team @ aqua guard to contact for demo. Aquaguard – Pani Ka doctor
  72. 72.  Nana Nani Foundation is a registered public charity trust founded over a decade ago, whose primary aim is to help improve the "quality of life" of Senior Citizens in India irrespective of caste, creed, religion and social or financial standing .  We design & developed the website and this is again backed by Eureka Forbes.  The mission of this foundation is to help improve the “quality of life” of Senior Citizens in India irrespective of caste, creed, religion and social or financial standing. Nana Nani Foundation – Eureka Forbes
  73. 73.  Mumbai Police and Eureka Forbes have launched Jagrut Mumbaikar - an initiative to spread awareness within the citizens towards protection and equipment to curb terrorism, counter crime and domestic accidents.  With the tag line BE SECURE FOR SURE this program, establishes a one to one relationship with the citizens to better manage the occurrence of residential crime whilst also attempting to address the security concerns currently being faced by the city. As part of the Jagrut Mumbaikar initiative the Mumbai Police and Eureka Forbes will conduct a program in your society. Here users can also contact the team to know tips and ways to curb terrorism and other related activities Eureka Forbes – Jagrut Mumbaikar
  74. 74. Q & A