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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter May05

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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter May05

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Serving Inner-City Youth and Families Newsletter ~ May 2005 a $25.00 registration Summertime in the City fee, this in no way covers all the costs. The actual cost per What do you have planned existent, so the children child is $300 for the for this summer? Are there will bike and play summer. Due to our vacations to take, sports basketball or football in being a Christian programs to be involved the streets. The kids organization, we will in, and quality family time encounter speeders, drug not be receiving a to be spent together? To dealers, gangs, and the grant this year to most people this is the mentally unstable on a help offset the costs daily basis. The and will only take the inside of their home camp as far as may not be any donations will allow. safer for them as We also want to tempers flare, provide a small unsupervised TV Bible Study, music, salary for the Camp watching and video recreation, dance, and Teachers and Job game playing arts & crafts. In the past Trainers. We have occupy most of the years, many children have provided a response card day and uninvited prayed to receive Christ for you to return by mail. quests may stop by. into their lives. Along with You may also email us if We want to provide the camp, we also offer a you want to be involved norm, but not to our kids in an alternative for our Job Training Program for in this important ministry. the city. Summertime young people. For the past the teens. Our program is Volunteer opportunities brings a whole new set of four summers, SCM has designed to give young are available for challenges to our individuals, families, and communities. Parents We need your help to have a successful camp this summer. groups to provide snacks, still have to provide for chaperone trips, and their families, but have Please help sponsor a child. No donation is too small. teach enrichment no one to take care of activities. Above all we their children. Often the offered a quality Christ- people an opportunity to need your prayers! oldest child is left in centered camp for the kids spend quality time in an Thank you for blessing charge of their siblings in Summerhill, environment that requires us!! resulting in “babies taking Peoplestown, teamwork and individual care of babies”. Back Mechanicsville, and Grant responsibility. Teens gain Justina Dix yards are small or non- Park where the young a work ethic and develop people can receive love positive life long habits and encouragement that equip them for from staff and caring their future. volunteers, and We are asking you to participate in consider giving a enrichment activities, special gift to one of service projects and our urban youth this field trips. Each day of summer by the seven week camp is sponsoring them for filled with activities like camp. Although, we ask the parents to pay
  2. 2. Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Saying Goodbye About five years ago God began hopeless thought stirring something in me to begin that I would have. praying about a major change in my He also ordained life. In October, 2000 I drove from the exact day that Washington State across the country many special to Georgia, to serve a family in the events in my life city of Cumming. Even though that would happen: move was one of the hardest things I each day that I have ever done, it was also one that I would meet some will never regret. A year after my of the most move I began seeking the Lord and wonderful friends asking Him to place me back in an that I have ever inner city ministry, one where I known—too many could serve children and families as to list here, but you I had done in college. Shortly know who you are; the day that I about it. After just a few weeks of thereafter I learned of the ministry in would walk into the church that praying and seeking wise counsel Summerhill, and in November of would become an answer to many the Lord gave me the answer-- I was 2001 I began my work as the After- years of fervent prayers—First supposed to move and go help my School Coordinator. It is funny to Alliance Church; the day that I dad. This hasn’t been an easy look back and see how the Lord has would meet the most incredible decision or one that I have made worked over the last 5 years. I would teacher and leader that I have ever without a lot of thought and tears. I have never chosen to move to the known-- Justina Dix; the day that I love the children and the families state of Georgia and never dreamed would meet some of the most here in Summerhill--they are such a that I would end up moving into the resilient people that I will probably big part of my life and my heart. inner city of Atlanta, but, God had ever know--the families in However, I believe that God’s Word this planned from the very Summerhill; the day that I would is true and that He has a plan in all of beginning of time. He knew how meet the professors, students, and this that is good. I don’t have any much I needed to grow and learn staff at the American University of idea what God has in store for me, during my time here. He saw every Biblical Studies; and the day that I or what life will be like in this new tear that I shed and knew each would begin working for an amazing place, but one thing that I am certain Christian Adoption Agency-- of is that I serve a faithful and Covenant Care Services. Each of awesome God! I am so sad about these events has led to 4 1/2 years of (Continued on page 3) pruning, shaping, molding and refining—the radical changes of which I was in desperate need. I know some of you are asking what in the world is happening and why is she sharing this with us? What I need to tell you is that I am moving. The Lord has called me to Manteo, North Carolina to work with my dad at his bookstore. In March my aunt Christie passed away, which left the family without an incredible person, and also left my dad without someone who played a key role at the bookstore. My dad asked me if I would ever consider coming to work with him, and I told him that I would pray
  3. 3. May 2005 Page 3 (Continued from page 2) leaving all that I have been blessed with here, but I am also excited about Labor of Love what the Lord will do in these new circumstances. Please pray that the It is never easy saying good-by. available for service in many Lord will lead me to a Bible-believing God places people in our lives for different areas of need. church and Christian friends, and times and seasons. We have been Truly, God will not forget her also for encouragement as I leave so blessed with Jennifer Brumfield labor of Love. many people that I love. Please pray for the past four years and will for those that I am leaving too—it’s miss her presence in SCM. No As Jennifer goes to be with her never easy to say goodbye. Pray that one can put a value on the service Dad, to help him with the God will raise up new leaders and Jennifer has given to inner city bookstore, we send her our love, volunteers—people with hearts to children and families. Jennifer prayers, and support. serve. And, please pray that this tackled difficult tasks, over came Because she is a dear friend of wonderful ministry will continue to racial tension, laughed and cried my family and me, we will keep flourish no matter who leaves and no with kids as they shared their in close contact with each other. matter who comes--we want to see hearts, and made herself Justina Dix people’s lives changed and made better because of the hope and love that we offer through Jesus Christ. If you would like to stay in touch with me my address until June 1st is still 751 Cherokee Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30315 and after that my address will be P.O. Box 1388, Manteo, NC 27954. My cell phone number is (404) 909-3110 and will be the same for awhile, and I will also keep my email address ( I thank each and every one of you for your support and prayers, and trust that the Lord will lead you as to whether you should continue to support the ministry in Summerhill. I know that I plan to, no matter how far away the Lord leads me. I pray God’s love and blessing upon each of you! Jennifer Brumfield Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Serving Inner-City Youth and Families P. O. Box 160294 Atlanta, Georgia 30316 404-964-4604 e-mail: Check out our new website! - All donations are tax deductible.
  4. 4. Thank You! A big THANK YOU goes out to all of our wonderful After school Tutors and volunteers. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. The children really benefited from the extra tutoring and homework help. Justina made many visits to the schools and held conversations with several teachers. Incomplete homework is one of the problems teachers often complain about, and counts for a Annie Swier - Mission Year Philip Yarberough - Mission Year certain percentage of a student’s grade. High praise came from Special Thanks to Nancy Lindsey for teachers about homework being being a wonderful editor and turned in completed. Without a administrative assistant. doubt, math and reading skills Special thanks to Jennifer Brumfield for have really improved. coordinating our after school program this year and assisting our new soccer coach. Teachers are looking for better test scores this year. (We will let Thanks to Anne Burlas & kids (Billy, Katie & Michael) for their labor of love in you know when they’re back). designing our newsletter and website and These wonderful for printing, stuffing & mailing our accomplishments were the newsletters! results of having these dedicated volunteers. Juliet Cho- Mission Year Diane Doss - Redemption Fellowship Kristy Smith Margaret Goins from First Alliance Church Anne Burlas - from East Cobb PCA “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 Sally Doster - from Christ Church PCA Katie Weber from Atlanta