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Shetkari restaurant

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direct link between farmer and people for their agriculture products

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Shetkari restaurant

  1. 1. SHETKARI RESTAURANT (Kolhapur’s Non-Veg)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Inception: Year 1999  Location: Near Pushpak Mangal Karyalaya (1999 to 2001) Near Santosh Hall Sinhgad Road (Current)  Product & Services: Authentic Kolhapuri veg and non-veg dishes, Solkadi  Celebrities like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Sayaji Shinde have visited this restaurant
  3. 3. GOALS  Quick profit output  Direct contact with customer  Not lengthy process  Authentic kolhapuri taste
  4. 4. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Owner Purchase Manager Account Manager Manager (Main) Captain Waiters Sweeper, Kitchen Steward Chef Consistent Cook Mandaniwala (Kitchen order dispenser0
  5. 5. ORGANISATIONAL PLANNING  Raw Materials: purchase of meat, chicken, fish and vegetables on daily basis where rice, wheat etc. are purchased on weekly basis  Purchasing decisions depend upon functionality marketing  Planning is made according to customer psychology  In seasons like 31st Dec, Shravan ending; 50-60 % extra material is purchased as well as 10 % extra labours are appointed  They provide red or white tasty gravy for waiting customers  There is 10 % wastage of meal per day  Capacity: 26 tables, 76 people at a time  2 Captains, 6 Waiters, 2 Sweeper and Steward  Various food festivals: Fish Festivals, Crab Festival etc.
  6. 6. CONTINUED ….. PROFIT Further purchase Infrastructure maintenance Absence of labours Health Care of staff
  7. 7. CO-ORDINATION Captain takes order 3 carbon copies Kitchen Cooking Mandaniwala Waiters serve dishes Steward, sweeper Washer Cash Counter Billing Waiters give bill on table Captain For Record
  8. 8. DECISION MAKING •Owner (purchasing, daily operations, forecasting) TOP LEVEL •Captains (Minor operational decisions, handling customers, making suggestion according to taste of customers) MID LEVEL •Everyone is allowed to give suggestions which can be considered for decision making LOW LEVEL
  9. 9. MARKETING  Word of mouth is main publicity for Shetkari Restaurant  Advertisements in newspaper, electronic media on special occasions
  10. 10. CONTROLLING  Customer feedback decides controlling over quality & services  Managers keep eye on each operation  Kitchen dispenser controls quantity & timely dispensing food  Waiter is responsible for timely service  Chef controls quality of food & use of raw material ; also quantity to of food to be cooked  Wastage controlling is done by proper forecasting
  11. 11. CHALLENGES  Competition (Rate, Quality, Quantity): Purepur Kolhapur, Kaveri Restaurant  Minimising the rates as much as possible  Maintaining consistency  Location Challenge: It is located at inner part of city though it has sufficient parking space and don’t have residential near by but; it would be better if they would have built it on main road.  Launching New Product: Depending upon the regions of customers they belong to and taste they prefer
  12. 12. QUALITY MAINTENANCE  They never compromise with the quality of food they provide even if it leads to increase in cost of food  Vendors who provide good are consistent in their performance though there can be 10 % quality of food can be up or down  They don’t have branches it helps them to concentrate more on quality they provide  Liquor is provided which deals them not to compromise with cleanness and quality of services
  13. 13. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP  All staff is from Kolhapur so they have better staff which helps them to build good relation with customers  They have costumers who really appreciate the services provided and food served and visit Restaurant repeatedly  As they don’t provide liquor, it become totally Family Restaurant; people come with their families and enjoy the delicious food
  14. 14. CONCLUSION  Restaurant know the taste of customers and have dishes which fulfil their taste  They don’t ever compromise with quality of food they provide  They have better services for the customers who visit there to enjoy the food.
  15. 15. THANK YOU