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Supreme Capital Group-Private Equity Funds Pitchbook

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Supreme Advisory Group

Supreme Capital Group-Private Equity Funds Pitchbook

  1. 1. Supreme Capital Group Private Equity Funds Chicago New York Philadelphia Tampa Creating Value by Restoring Human Dignity
  2. 2. Social Impact Investing Industry Sectors Investment Strategies Competitive Advantage Team Experience Alignment of Interests EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  3. 3. • • Providing Jobs • experienced investment professionals demonstrating excellence in . . . Rebuilding Communities • SOCIAL IMPACT INVESTING Creating Value Restoring Human Dignity
  4. 4. • • Energy Management • Environmental Remediation • investing in companies pursuing exciting new developments in the fields of . . . Food Processing • INDUSTRY SECTORS Manufacturing Technology Health Care • Education Delivery Systems • Real Estate Development
  5. 5. • • Special Situations • Value-Added • achieving competitive returns by employing these proven strategies. . . Growth/Buyout • INVESTMENT STRATEGIES Venture Capital Opportunistic
  6. 6. • • providing consistently strong results through our . . . Research • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Relationships Risk Management
  7. 7. Team Avg yrs exp Executives Research 20 Advisory Board 24 Average executives, staff, & senior advisors average 23 years in the industry 21 Operations TEAM EXPERIENCE 27 23
  8. 8. • • Company Management • forming strong, lasting partnerships with . . . Fiduciaries • ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS Institutional Investors Community Leaders
  9. 9. Market Insights Emerging Markets Approach Investment Criteria INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY
  10. 10. • • In the aftershock of the Great Recession, the dominant themes in the U.S. economy are. . . U.S. labor market has become less competitive • MARKET INSIGHTS Mass de-leveraging among consumer & business sectors Environmental impacts of carbon emissions and energy resources are major concerns
  11. 11. Compelling evidence suggests that emerging markets private equity: • • EMERGING MARKETS APPROACH Many devastated American communities have become the new “emerging” markets. . . Outperforms developed market private equity; Has broader scope; and • Is less risky than conventional wisdom would suggest.
  12. 12. • • From our proprietary network of deal sources, we are constantly searching for scalable, repeatable business models that have. . . Revenue growth potential; • INVESTMENT CRITERIA Solid value propositions that solve meaningful problems; Cash flow; and • Sustainable performance
  13. 13. Fund Launch Timing Other Opportunities Areas of Interest Deal Pipeline MARKET OPPORTUNITIES
  14. 14. • • FUND LAUNCH TIMING To date, U.S. public schools, economic growth, and equal rights have failed to overcome class, race, and gender inequalities, so it is imperative to start raising living standards today because. . . ½ of the nation’s recent college graduates work in jobs that don't require a degree; 69% of U.S. adults are overweight; • 23 million Americans are dependent on some mindor mood-altering substance
  15. 15. AREAS OF INTEREST Manufacturing Food Processing Energy Energy Mgmt Systems Technology Software Development Apparel Mfg 3D Printing Robotics Renewable Energy Artificial Intelligence Environmental Remediation Education Delivery Systems Health Care Wellness Mgmt Health Care Delivery Systems Real Estate Multi-Family Residential Retail/ Commercial Substance Abuse Treatment Leisure/ Hospitality
  16. 16. • • Despite strong growth in recent years, overall penetration of private equity in what can be described as "emerging markets" in the U.S. remains low relative to developed markets . . . EB-5 visas may be set aside for non-U.S. investors in our funds; and • OTHER OPPORTUNITIES Qualified low-income community investments (QLICI’s) make our U.S. investors eligible to receive New Market Tax Credits (NMTC); A technical assistance (TA) facility is used to pay a 3d party to measure and validate the social impacts achieved by our investments.
  17. 17. Ancient Bakers, Inc. Boston, MA Manufacturers of healthy, organic snack foods for schools, hospitals, and other institutions Florida Citrus Groves, Inc. Wauchula, FL 440-acre citrus grove producing oranges for Tropicana orange juice Maverick Sports & Entertainment, Inc. Tampa, FL Developer of 400-acre youth sports/hotel/retail complexes in Tampa & Allentown, NJ Wyndham Camden-Waterfront Camden, NJ 300-room hotel & conference center in downtown Camden, NJ near Rutgers Univ. Medical School DEAL PIPELINE We are currently warehousing the following investments in anticipation of our initial closing in July, 2014. . . In-Tech Ventures, Inc. Tampa, FL Cutting edge SaaS software development Corporate IslandWear, Inc. New York, NY Designer & manufacturer of fashion apparel and corporate business uniforms Franklin Village Townhomes Philadelphia, PA 200-unit townhouse/retail development
  18. 18. Deal Sourcing Operations Research & Due Diligence Risk Management Value Creation Exit Strategies INVESTMENT PROCESS
  19. 19. • • Intermediaries • Our investment advisors are skilled at finding attractive investment opportunities and generating great deal flow from our network of . . Private databases • DEAL SOURCING Industry relationships Past investors
  20. 20. • • RESEARCH & DUE DILIGENCE Our operational, financial, and tax due diligence is among the finest in the industry . . . Our teams work to uncover any "fatal flaws" in a potential investment or business plan before we invest; and We understand the relationship between the required skill set for successful emerging market projects, company managers, and the drivers of returns for the funds.
  21. 21. Our analysts form an investment thesis that focuses on: • • VALUE CREATION We create economic value, by creating real and sustainable productivity improvements at our portfolio companies and properties. . . . Improving profitability; and Increasing capital efficiency
  22. 22. • • OPERATIONS We monitor our investments with an on-line solution that allows our managers and analysts to understand what is really happening at their portfolio companies in real time. . . Our operations teams establish challenging performance targets for existing or new management; and We pursue follow-on investments to facilitate further growth.
  23. 23. • • Our approach to risk management starts with a well thought-out process that includes setting policies and risk tolerances, identifying and measuring risk, collecting the proper data, and adjusting risk levels. . . Our compensation is significantly incentivebased; and • RISK MANAGEMENT Emerging market company characteristics require more unconventional risk management procedures; We have worked hard to establish good reputations and to maintain them, we must show good performance in our funds.
  24. 24. • • Initial Public Offerings • Leveraged Buyouts • Our plan for an exit starts during the initial investment stage as we negotiate the acquisition of the portfolio company or property. That way, we can reasonably expect to exit our investments at the time and in the manner we deem best through. . . Strategic Sales • EXIT STRATEGIES 3d Party Auctions Dividend Recapitalizations • Special Situations
  25. 25. Executives Advisory Board KEY BIOGRAPHIES
  26. 26. Experience: Mr. Elliott has 35 years experience in organizing, planning and executing large-scale real estate projects from conception through implementation. He has demonstrated a deep understanding of the global economy and current investment climate, extensive hospitality industry knowledge, and the ability to perform comprehensive financial analyses of related business trends. THOMAS ELLIOTT Managing Director Chief Compliance Officer A former real estate attorney and private equity fund advisor who has coordinated economic development activities for developers, faith-based institutions, and other community development organizations engaged in the development of over $150 million hotels, multi-family residential, elderly hi-rises, regional shopping malls, urban strip centers, and low-rise office complexes. Education: JD, IIT-Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL; MBA, Finance, Keller Grad. School of Mgmt BS, Bus. Admin/Economics, Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO
  27. 27. Experience: Mr. Leroys background includes extensive experience as a management consultant for several Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, computing, and communication industries. Over the past 17 years he has performed these services for leaders in their respective industries including: Emc Corp. (information technology); Adventis Corp. (management consulting); 3m Corp (manufacturing); Bellsouth Wireless (telecommunications), and Reuters, Inc. (news and information services). Education: JEAN LEROY VP, Corporate Division MBA, Finance, DePaul University, Chicago, IL; BSEET, Devry University, Chicago, IL
  28. 28. Experience: Mr. Sawyer’s background includes 25 years experience as an economic development and management consultant for several government agencies and other community development organizations. He and his staff are primarily responsible for sourcing and analyzing real estate investment opportunities and providing development services for the funds portfolio properties. Education: CRAIG SAWYER VP, Real Estate Division MBA, Finance, Rutgers University; BS, Business Admin., Rider University
  29. 29. Experience: Mr. Medellin has 20 years experience as an executive recruiter and management consultant specializing in outsourced human resources, staff augmentation, recruitment process outsourcing, diversity recruitment & consulting, human capital consulting, and workforce management. Education: JD, Western New England College of Law, Springfield, MA BS, Business Admin. Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale, IL GEORGE MEDELLIN, III Independent Advisor Executive Recruitment CEO, Medellin & Associates Chicago, IL
  30. 30. Experience: Mr. Carson is an expert in financing all real estate property types, with 22 years experience in securing funding for multifamily, mixed use, retail, and medical/medical office properties. He has developed a niche in large-scale townhouse, coop, and condominium lending and has structured deals on transactions with loan amounts up to $5 million. Shawn also has significant experience in securing capital for hospitality property ventures as well as working with top hotel management companies, developers, REITS, and hospitality-focused private equity funds from around the United States. Education: SHAWN CARSON Independent Advisor Real Estate Finance Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer Quontic Bank Brooklyn, NY MBA, Finance, University of Rochester, NY; BA, Sociology, State University of New York (SUNY)-Oswego
  31. 31. Experience: Mr. McFerren has 34 years experience as a leading expert on logistics and supply chain management for several major product manufacturers and transportation companies like Soft Sheen Products, Quaker Oats, Burlington Northern, and United Airlines. Education: BS, Bus. Admin., Chicago State University, Chicago, IL CARL MCFERREN Independent Advisor Logistics/Supply Chain Mgmt. CEO, Aerospace Management Systems, LLC Chicago, IL
  32. 32. Experience: Dr. Foston has over 40 years experience as an esteemed physician and health care administrator at several health clinics and hospitals throughout the southeastern U.S. Education: MD, Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN BS, Pre Med, Austin Peay University, Clarksville, TN DR. WILL FOSTON, MD Independent Advisor Health Care Physician, General Surgeon Huntingdon, TN
  33. 33. Experience: Mr. Kucera has 24 years experience in hospitality management, including corporate and property level expertise in full service, extended stay, limited service and independent hotel management, corporate branding, expansion and training, capital planning, market development and information technology selection and implementation. MARK KUCERA Independent Advisor Leisure/Hospitality President, COO Presidian Hotels San Antonio, TX Mr. Kucera has served as Regional Director of Operations - Midwest Region for Flagstone Hotels and was responsible for Operations, Guest Satisfaction, Finance, and Marketing at a 14-hotel portfolio. A member of the Flagstone Executive Management Committee, he was also the corporate representative for all Intercontinental Hotel Group properties operated by Flagstone, and a member of the IAHI Central Regional Committee. Education: BS, Hospitality Management, the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  34. 34. Experience: Mr. Adhia has 25 years experience as a Certified Public Accountant and investment fund manager for Avatar Insurance Co., WellSouth HMO, and the Florida Dept of Insurance. Education: MBA, Finance, Univ. of South Florida, Tampa, FL BS Accounting, University of South Florida; HITESH ADHIA Independent Advisor Risk Management CEO, Avatar Property & Casualty Insurance Co. Tampa, FL
  35. 35. Experience: Mr. Maloy 35 has years experience as leading expert and respected author on the subjects of teacher education, curriculum development, and school reform. Education: EdD, Boston University MA, Education, Univ. of Mass-Amherst BA, Education, Univ. of Mass-Amherst ROBERT MALOY Independent Advisor Education Sr. Lecturer Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst, MA
  36. 36. Fund Terms Past Performance Risk Exposures APPENDIX
  37. 37. Fund Size: Target Minimum Maximum/Cap GP Commitment $200,000,000 50,000,000 none 3,000,000 FUND TERMS The key terms of our U.S. Social Impact Fund, LP are . . . 2.5 2.0 Extension Fund Term(yrs): Investment Period Follow-On Mgmt Fees (%): 2.0 Investment Period 10 Follow-On Remainder 6 Extension Misc. Terms: 3 3 Hurdle Rate(%) 8 Carried Interest (%) 10 Catch-Up(%) 50 Carry Escrow(%) 15
  38. 38. PAST PERFORMANCE* Company/Project Bench Mark*** Sector Cash Out Cash In IRR(%) Exit St Stephens Sr. Apts R/E 3,500,000 6,000,000 19.68 LBO Tabernacle Baptist Sr. Apts R/E 3,500,000 6,200,000 15.37 LBO East End Apartments R/E 450,000 1,200,000 63.30 3d Party Sale Governors Pointe Estates R/E 10,000,000 9,000,000 (3.45) LBO Wyndham Hotel ** R/E 2,450,000 -0- (100.00) ** Homewood Suites Hotel R/E 6,800,000 11,000,000 27.19 3d Party Sale Holiday Inn Express Hotel R/E 7,000,000 11,000,000 25.36 3d Party Sale Supreme Realty Investments, Inc. R/E 36,000 3,000,000 173.24 3d Party Sale Mfg 290,000 350,000 41.38 3d Party Sale Con 450,000 1,000,000 244.44 LBO Multi-Family (>20 units): Hotels/Other Real Estate: Food Processing: Baldwin Ice Cream, Inc. Construction: Bonaparte Cable & Wire, Inc. Weighted Average IRR 18.96 7.88 * Performance of combined predecessor funds during the 20-year period from 1988-2008 ** Project abandoned during 2008 collapse of the global financial markets *** Cambridge & Associates Global ex U.S. Emerging Markets Private Equity & Venture Capital Index-20 year IRR
  39. 39. • • RISK EXPOSURES Many investment risks exist, ranging from market, credit, and liquidity risks to settlement, regulatory, legal, accounting, and tax risks. To mitigate, . . . The Fund expects to be diversified and balanced across a mix of asset types operating within several different business sectors; Our investment teams track record of investing and entrepreneurial experience will provide guidance to portfolio company management while keeping the business on track to achieve business milestones; and • Our investment committee keeps an eye on the portfolio and selects the most appropriate timing and mode of exit.
  40. 40. Cautionary Statement This Presentation is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell the units of Supreme Capital Group, LP(the “Fund”) or an offer to participate in any of the funds proposed to be sponsored by it. This information profile has been provided to its recipient upon the express understanding that the information contained herein, or made available in connection with any further investigation, is strictly confidential and is intended for the exclusive use of its recipient. It shall not be photocopied, reproduced or distributed to others at any time. This document is neither a prospectus nor an invitation to subscribe to the units of the Fund. Nothing in this document is intended to constitute legal, tax, securities or investment advice, or opinion regarding the appropriateness of any investment, or a solicitation for any product or service. The information herein is subject to change without notice. CONTACT Thomas Elliott, Managing Director Supreme Advisory Group, Inc. 112 W. 34th St. – 17th Fl. New York, NY 10120 (212) 537-5071 Statements in this Presentation describing the Funds objectives, projections, estimates, expectations, or predictions may be “forward looking statements” within the meaning of the applicable securities laws and regulations. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied in this Presentation. Important factors that could make a difference to the Fund’s operations include global demandsupply conditions, finished goods prices, cyclical demand, pricing in the Fund’s portfolio companies’ or properties’ principal markets, changes in government regulations, tax regimes, economic developments within the United States and the countries within which the portfolio companies conduct business and other factors such as litigation and labor negotiations. The information, including facts and figures have been derived from public sources and should be relied upon by the reader at his or her own risk and the Fund, its directors or officers assume no responsibility, expressed or implied, for the completeness or accuracy of the information contained or views expressed herein or for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this publication or its contents.