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The Man who knew too much

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Powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. ALEXANDER BARON  AlexanderBaron(1971 99)is a British novelist and short story writer. He is best known for his highly acclaimed novel about the Second World War entitled “From the City from the plough”. “The Man who knew Too Much” is taken from the collection “The Human Kind”
  2. 2. GLOSSARY
  3. 3. Rifle - A gun, especially a one fired from shoulder level
  4. 4. Lanky – Ungracefully Thin and Tall
  5. 5. Musketry – The Technique of using small arm
  6. 6. Squad – The small group of soldiers being trained
  7. 7. Depot – A place where new recruits are trained
  8. 8. Stripe – A long narrow badge denoting military rank
  9. 9. Horn – Rimmed Spectacles – A pair of spectacles with frames made of material that looks like Horn
  10. 10. Stooping - Bending
  11. 11. Raisins - Dried Grapes
  12. 12. Chaps - Friends
  13. 13. Sprawling – Sitting with the arms and legs spread out in a relaxed or awkward way
  14. 14. Beamed - Smiled
  15. 15. Peeling – Taking the skin off (of fruits, vegetables etc)