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LCP application questionnaire

Application for Local Committee President position of AIESEC Bishkek for the term 2015-2016

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LCP application questionnaire

  1. 1. Application Questionnaire Local Committee President
  2. 2. Dear LCP candidate, I would like to start by congratulating you on deciding to apply for what is going to be your life-changing opportunity. The opportunity to lead a Local Committee AIESEC Bishkek for the term 2015-2016. It is a platform for one to guide and shape the future of Local Committee AIESEC Bishkek, a platform that promises to be challenging and stressful but also exciting and fun with a unique learning curve. Being LCP goes beyond personal aspiration. Does it mean a lot to be the Leader Of a non-for-profit, non-political, global, independent organization that aims for the Peace and Fulfilment of Humankind’s Potential through the development of positive change agents with a value-based leadership? It definitely does. AIESEC Bishkek needs an ambitious and entrepreneurial leader with a bold decision to develop it potential. You need in AIESEC Bishkek because of its high DREAMERS, brave CHALLENGER and true LEADERS. Generation 2015-2016 Local Committee President 2014- 2015
  3. 3. Application Instructions Please note that the position for Local Committee President is elected for the whole year. The term starts on 1st of July 2015 and end 30th of June 2016.  Introduction  Profile (personal information)  AIESEC XP  Motivation  LCP role  Vision and strategy Application is divided into following parts:  Application should not exceed 15 pages  Every question has to be fully answered in English  Endorsements should be scanned and signed. 1-3 endorsements are required: (1 from member, 1 from teammate, 1 from team leader)  Curriculum vitae of candidate has to be in English and should contain information at least about candidate’s education and work and AIESEC experience.  Deadline to send the application is 30th of March 2015 – 23:59 UTC(+6.00)  Application has to be sent to and LC Bishkek email:  Candidate can change the visual and design of application. Questions can’t be changed!
  4. 4. Election process Elections will take place on 5th of April 2015 from 16:00- 18.00. (Detailed information will be sent after 30th of March) During election candidate has • 5 minutes for introductory speech, • 10 minutes for strategy and plan, • 20 minutes for questions and answers. • 1 minute for final speech. Candidate is elected if he/she receives more than 2/3 of valid votes.
  5. 5. Profile (max. ½ page) 1. Name: 2. Date of Birth: 3. Field of study: 4. Semester: 5. Phone Number: 6. Email address: 7. Joined AIESEC(date): 8. Your current position in AIESEC? PHOTO
  6. 6. Your personality 1. Please give details of your languages and level (native, excellent, good, and basic). 2. Please list 3 main strengths and 3 main weaknesses and answer the following questions for each. * Personal strength: How will this make you a better LCP? * Personal weaknesses: What are you going to do to overcome these weaknesses? 3. What are your personal long-term goals? How do you see your potential LCP position contributing to achieve them? 4. What are your interests outside AIESEC? 5. What will be 3 most difficult challenges for you during your President term? How will you overcome them? Language writing speaking listening
  7. 7. AIESEC XP (max 3 pages) 1. Why are you in AIESEC? What is the role of it in your life? 2. Please outline the most relevant experiences, which you have had during your time in AIESEC (e.g. sessions, trainings, call outs, company meetings, leadership experiences, etc.) and explain how these experiences can contribute to the position. 3. What are 2-3 functional areas that you have had abundant experience in, and how do you think those experiences would help you in your role as a LCP? 4. Please list the conferences you have attended in AIESEC 5. Please describe one of your greatest successes and one of your biggest failures in AIESEC. What did you learn out of them? AIESEC Experience and Relevant Working Experience Position Year Area of Experience, key results and achievements AIESEC conference attended Year Role Main learning
  8. 8. Motivation (max 2 page) 1. Why have you decided to run for LCP of AIESEC Bishkek? 2. What are your personal values and how does LCP term contribute to your vision in life? 3. Please, describe the ideal profile of LCP. Which of these characteristics do you have? 4. What is the biggest challenge you will face during your term personally as well as functionally and what do you wish to learn from it?
  9. 9. LCP Role (max 1 ½ pages) 1. What is your role as LCP? What is important to you in leading your EB team? 2. How would your ideal EB team look like in order to compensate your weaknesses and create synergies with your strengths? 3. How will you ensure the development and performance of your EB team? 4. What kind of LCP does the next Generation 2015-2016 of AIESEC Bishkek need?
  10. 10. Vision & Strategy (max 5 pages) 1. If you could change 3 things in your city’s reality: a) What would they be? b) Why? c) How do you think AIESEC can help you to do it? 2. Make a detailed SWOT of LC Bishkek based on the TOWS Matrix. In which you define 1, 2 or 3 drivers and explained it. STRENGTHS 1. 2. 3. WEAKNESSES 1. 2. 3. OPPORTUNITIES 1. 2. 3. SO 1. 2. 3. WO 1. 2. 3. THREATS 1. 2. 3. ST 1. 2. 3. WT 1. 2. 3.
  11. 11. 3. Which organizational changes will you drive during your term in order to get your entity to the next level? 4. What will be the main strategies that you will focus on with Executive Board to ensure positive development of your local entity? 5. How do you envision AIESEC in Bishkek at the end of your term? Please identify the most important aspects of your vision and explain what strategies of the term 15.16 will lead the organization to achieve them? 6. Please define the organizational goals for LCP term (ELD Realizations) and for each goal mention: a) What market opportunities will you capitalize to achieve those goals? b) What improvements have to be altered in each program in order to optimize the delivery of those goals? 7. What issues do you see in LC Bishkek and how would like to change it in the future? 8. How do you see AIESEC Bishkek 2015-2016? Programme: Goals: oGCDP iGCDP oGIP iGIP TLP TMP
  12. 12. Position/Name: Contact information: -LCP- Aizhamal Abdykadyrova +996 554 300 795 -LCVP oGCDP- Aichurok Toksobaeva + 996 700 884 193 -LCVP iGCDP- Begaiym Kalysbekova +996 555 815 082 -LCVP iGIP- Aijana Ruslanbekova +996 700 695 075 -LCVP Comm/PR- Manas Taichiev +996 558 068 828 -LCVP F/BD- Askar Nazarov +996 557 292 929 Contact list
  13. 13. Generation 2015-2016
  14. 14. Local Committee President Generation 2015-2016

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    Apr. 14, 2015

Application for Local Committee President position of AIESEC Bishkek for the term 2015-2016


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