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Running Errands: Reshaping Americans While They Shop. A Digital Fitness Intervention for Walmart

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Created by Brandon Washington, Lucy Knops, and Jung Soo Park

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Running Errands: Reshaping Americans While They Shop. A Digital Fitness Intervention for Walmart

  1. 1. Running Errands! Reshaping Americans While They Shop Brandon Washington, Lucy Knops, Jung Soo Park
  2. 2. Americans spend more than 100 hours a year stuck in traffic.
  3. 3. The most frequent destination typed into GPS is Walmart.
  4. 4. Obesity in the US
  5. 5. Walmart Locations
  6. 6. Obesity in the US
  7. 7. 90 percent of all Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart. ! 1 Walmart / 100,000 residents = 2.4 % increase in obesity rate.
  8. 8. Centers for Disease Control recommends at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity.
  9. 9. Our Intervention:
  10. 10. 3 Key Features:
  11. 11. Burn + Earn Cart
  12. 12. Burn + Earn Cart
  13. 13. Burn + Earn Membership Card
  14. 14. Stay Fit Fitness Installations
  15. 15. 3 User Journeys! ! Charles Rachel Betty
  16. 16. Charles, 51 Charles is recently divorced. He is 51 and lives in a suburb of Atlanta. He is running all of his errands and doing all of his grocery shopping on his own for the first time in years. He moved out of his house into a condo that he is settling into and decorating. He is trying to keep himself busy and get out into the dating game. He is not in the best shape of his life but wants to slim down to attract the ladies.
  17. 17. Charles sees Walmart’s new Stay Fit initiative in his weekly mailer. It contains an Earn + Burn card and a coupon for the new Stay Fit juice bar.
  18. 18. Charles checks his refrigerator and sees that it is nearly empty.
  19. 19. Puts on his sneakers to go run some errands.
  20. 20. He drives over to Walmart to do his shopping.
  21. 21. In the parking lot Charles notices Walmart’s new Stay Fit shopping carts.
  22. 22. "Workout while you shop?"
  23. 23. Charles taps in his new Burn + Earn card and answers a few simple questions. A Burn and Earn shopping path is laid out for him.
  24. 24. Charles walks his way through the aisles while the calorie counter tracks his progress.
  25. 25. Charles receives a ping from his cart notifying him of a healthy item featured just for him.
  26. 26. He checks out the labeled item from the shelf.
  27. 27. Another shopper comments on how much she loves whole wheat pasta. Charles admits that he isn’t much of a cook. She offers to give him some tips and he invites her for a post shopping smoothie.
  28. 28. Charles checks out. "You burned and earned 218 bonus points"
  29. 29. Charles meets up for his smoothie date at the new Stay Fit juice bar.
  30. 30. Rachel, 18 Rachel is a freshman in college. She is living away from home for the first time. She lives in a small college town in West Virginia. There are not many places to hangout in town, so often Rachel and her friends head to Walmart to get away from the dorms. She’s not 21 yet and they can’t go out to bars so they spend a lot of time at Walmart. She was an athlete in high school but isn’t playing sports at college. She is trying hard to avoid the ‘freshman fifteen,’ but the gym at school is always packed.
  31. 31. Rachel and her friends are bored on a Wednesday night. “Let’s see what’s going on at Walmart.”
  32. 32. “Workout while you shop?”
  33. 33. “No thanks.” The girls giggle and walk off.
  34. 34. They walk around the store, still bored.
  35. 35. They notice the Walmart Stay Fit instillation. The instillation instructs them on some exercises they can do with the new Burn and Earn carts.
  36. 36. The instillation instructs them on some exercises they can do with the new Burn and Earn carts.
  37. 37. They check out the interface of the new carts and see that they can earn points by walking.
  38. 38. They set out on different journeys provided from the Burn and Earn cart, competing to burn the most calories.
  39. 39. “Wow, how did we buy all of this stuff?”
  40. 40. Betty, 75 Betty is a 75 year old widow. She lives in an assisted living community in Norfolk, Virginia. She is social by nature and enjoys the group activities hosted in her community. Betty is not one to sit around doing nothing so she insists on running all of her own errands. She travels to Walmart weekly to pick up her prescriptions and complete the rest of her shopping.
  41. 41. Betty is waiting for her prescriptions to be filled at the pharmacy.
  42. 42. Her pharmacist points out a notice on her prescription bag about a new ping feature on the carts.
  43. 43. “Thank you, maybe I’ll try this next time.”
  44. 44. Betty is sitting while waiting for her prescription again.
  45. 45. A friend drops off a prescription, notices Betty, and invites her to walk around the store with the new carts. The pharmacist encourages Betty to go, points out the health benefits and reminds her that she can just ping her when her prescription is ready.
  46. 46. The pharmacist gives Betty her new Burn and Earn card.
  47. 47. Betty walks through the store with her friend, receiving encouraging information from the cart.
  48. 48. Betty’s prescription is ready.
  49. 49. “I think I’ll walk a few more aisles with you.”
  50. 50. “Betty you burned 250 calories! And you earned 100 discount points.” This is music to Betty’s ears because she loves a discount.
  51. 51. Benefits of
  52. 52. Benefits for Shoppers • Shoppers are able to Benefits for Walmart • By creating a valuable visualize the invisible and discover how many calories in store longer, shoppers will they are burning when they spend more increasing shop. • reason for shoppers to stay Walmart’s sales figures. They are provided with • The Stay Fit campaign valuable health information creates a healthier image of that they can apply beyond Walmart. the aisles of Walmart. • They are given healthier food options while shopping. • They are rewarded with discounts on healthy food options.
  53. 53. Next Steps:
  54. 54. Ecosystem • Initially this intervention is Pilot Considerations • To Integrate the cart interface Bottom Line • Weekly, Walmart serves more released as a expansion to with other digital initiatives than 100 million people in the the Walmart’s Great for You within Walmart. US and over 245 million worldwide. campaign. • Walmart is bigger than Home • to burn over 200 million Depot, Kroger, Target, calories per hour at Walmart Costco, and K-Mart with the Burn and Earn carts. combined so there is huge potential for Burn and Earn carts to spread throughout the big box market. There is potential for America • Burn and Earn is beneficial to both Walmart and the consumer.
  55. 55. Thank you