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W jax wenn-code altert

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W jax wenn-code altert

  1. Sven Peters / AtlassianWenn Code altertTipps, wie Wartungsprojekte frisch bleiben
  2. Sven
  3. Disclaimer my
  4. “ Nothing has a more profound or long- lasting negative effect on the productivity of a software team than a mess. Nothing. Robert C. Martin “
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  14. How long does it take? 8 hours no Tests! grüneWe need it in 6! Wiese OK, I‘ll do it in 4!
  15. more cooks!
  16. too many cooks... ...spoil the broth
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  20. Don‘t stopthe Engines
  22. Boy Scout Rule Leave the campground cleaner than you found it.
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  24. readabilityimprove
  25. Naming“ Any fool can write code that ahumans cancan understand. Good computer programmers write code that understand. “ Martin Fowler
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  27. testautomated
  28. Legacy Code Change Algorithm by Michael C. Feathers1. Identify Change Points2. Make Changes and Refactor
  29. Legacy Code Change Algorithm by Michael C. Feathers1. Identify Change Points2. Find Test Points3. Break Dependencies4. Write Tests5. Make Changes and Refactor
  30. Clean Code
  31. ingle Responsible Principlepen Closed Principleiskow Substitution Principlenterface Segregation Principleependency Inversion Principle
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  33. Clean CodeDeveloper von Stefan Lieser & Ralf Westphal
  34. EvolveClean Code &Developer
  35. Sven Peters Atlassian@svenpet