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Prince 2 + XLPM - Semcon - Bert Hedeman

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Prince 2 + XLPM - Semcon - Bert Hedeman

  1. 1. PRINCE2 + XLPM possible to combine? + Bert Hedeman 29‐05‐2012 PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office, the Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of the Cabinet Office
  2. 2. Bert Hedeman• 25 year project and program manager• Management consultant implementation project, program         and portfolio management• Coach project and program managers• Trainer PRINCE2, MSP, P3O, MoP and IPMA• Author and editor various books PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  3. 3. Agenda• Essentials PRINCE2• Essentials XLPM• Cherry picking XLPM and PRINCE2 PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  4. 4. Background PRINCE2• Owned by Cabinet Office, British government• Can be applied to any project• Open to all, no license to use• Based on best practices• Trademark• A framework… PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  5. 5. Best Management Practice guides Cabinet Office PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 © Crown copyright 2012 Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  6. 6. PRINCE2 methodComponents:• Principles• Control aspects• Themes• Processes• Tailoring to the project environment• Product description outlines• Roles and responsibilities• Glossary/ terminology• Health checkExclusions:• Specialist aspects/ operational work• Techniques• Leadership capability PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  7. 7. The structure of PRINCE2 PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 © Crown Copyright 2009. Reproduced under Licence from OGC.
  8. 8. PRINCE2 principles• Continued business justification• Learn from experience• Defined roles and responsibilities• Manage by stages• Manage by exception• Focus on products• Tailoring to the project environment If a project does not adhere to these principles it is  considered not being managed as a PRINCE2 project PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  9. 9. Control aspects – control circleControl aspects Control Circle• Costs• Timescales• Quality• Scope• Risk• Benefits PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 © Crown copyright 2012 Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  10. 10. Levels of management PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 © Crown copyright 2012 Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  11. 11. Project governanceBased on:• Customer/supplier environment• Three project interests• Written from client’s perspective PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 © Crown copyright 2012 Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  12. 12. Project organization PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 Based on Cabinet Office PRINCE2® material. Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  13. 13. PRINCE2 processes Pre- Initiation Delivery stage project stage Directing a Project Directing SU SB CP Managing IP Controlling a Stage Managing Product Delivery Delivering PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 © Crown copyright 2012 Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  14. 14. PRINCE2 processes Pre- Initiation Subsequent Final delivery project stage delivery stage(s) stage Directing a Project Directing SU SB SB SB CP Managing Controlling Controlling Controlling IP a Stage a Stage a Stage Managing Managing Managing Delivering Product Delivery Product Delivery Product Delivery PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 © Crown copyright 2012 Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  15. 15. Starting up a Project 15 Corporate or programme management Project  mandate Directing a Project Starting up a Project Project Brief, Stage Plan IP, • Appoint the Executive and the Project Manager PM team • Capture previous lessons • Design and appoint the project management team • Prepare the outline Business Case Request to  • Select project approach and assemble the Project Brief initiate a  • Plan the initiation stage projectPRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 Based on OGC PRINCE2® material. Reproduced under license from OGC.
  16. 16. Advantages method PRINCE2• Business perspective• Based on generic principles• Process oriented with focus on management products• No mandatory toll gates during execution• Clear roles & responsibilities • User and supplier involvement at board level• Mngt by Exception & assurance for senior management• Proven best practice, widely recognized• Availability Accredited Training OrganizationsPRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  17. 17. PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  18. 18. XLPM project organization Project Steering Group consists of Project Sponsor, Resource Owner and Receiver PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  19. 19. XLPM project life cycle model PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  20. 20. XLPM knowledge areas PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  21. 21. Example activity description PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  22. 22. Project activities PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  23. 23. Example: XLPM application for scrum PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  24. 24. PRINCE2 + XLPM possible to combine? + PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  25. 25. Project life cycle model Pre- Initiation Subsequent Final delivery project stage delivery stage(s) stage Directing a Project SU SB SB SB CP IP CS CS CS MP MP MP PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  26. 26. Project organization PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529 Based on Cabinet Office PRINCE2® material. Reproduced under licence from the Cabinet Office
  27. 27. Knowledge areas ‐ themesKnowledge areas ThemesXLPM PRINCE2• Integration • Organization• Value • Business Case• Scope • Planning• Quality • Quality• Procurement • Risk• Time • Change• Cost • Progress• Human Resources• Risk• Communication PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  28. 28. TerminologyXLPM PRINCE2• Project charter • Project Brief• Project Steering Group • Project Board• Project Sponsor • Project Executive• Resource Owner • Senior Supplier• Receiver • Senior User• Tollgates • Management stages• Subproject Manager • Team Manager PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  29. 29. Cherry pickingXLPM• Business & human perspective• Task and assignments life cycles• Model conform ISO 21500• Roles: Subproject Manager / Work Package Teams• Working form in different operations• Color‐coded symbols and  graphics• Web based +PRINCE2• Process model focused on management products• No pre‐defined tollgates during execution• Roles: Project Board / Project Assurance / Change Authority• Tolerances defined PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529
  30. 30. TACK!PRINCE2 XLPM 20120529