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Choose2Matter: The Online Course

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This course fosters authentic, passion-based learning, and will change the way educators view themselves and their students, and what they can collectively accomplish. Participants will become empathetic, empowered, self-aware, courageous, collaborative, innovative, well-informed, and passionate agents of social change.

Curriculum materials for students and a classroom implementation packet are included.

The course will take 6-8 seat hours and includes ample opportunities for group discussion. It would be an excellent choice for professional development days in your district. All schools of education should make this course available to their teachers in training.

The course will be available on June 5, 2017 at

The cost is $99 per teacher, which covers up to 30 students. Teachers above the elementary level may cover more students, for a modest additional fee.

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Choose2Matter: The Online Course

  1. 1. Introducing Choose2Matter An Online Course for Educators and Students By Mark Moran and Angela Maiers Choose2Matter challenges everyone to live up to their responsibility as citizens
  2. 2. Grace Miner, 2016 U.S. Presidential Scholar
  3. 3. Testimonials for Choose2Matter “Choose2Matter helped my team learn important things about each other we never knew. We used it as a chance to remind each other what’s special about each of us.” –Lovejoy HS (TX) “I’ve been trying to find the right words to capture the energy, the passion, the enthusiasm, the positivity of the first professional development day in a long time that actually mattered. The takeaways of our staff have been incredible. The effects of the Choose2Matter message have transcended the high school auditorium.” - Steve Figurelli, Edison Township School District (NJ). “Something remarkable Thursday in Estherville that will no doubt influence ELC students for the rest of their lives. Empowerment is giving power to others, and tools to change their lives and the lives of others. It’s thinking outside the box, above offering a unique perspective. We should all try thinking that way. It just might help us solve the world's problems.” - Estherville Daily News
  4. 4. Overview of Choose2Matter Choose2Matter is a call-to-action that challenges everyone to live up to their responsibilities as citizens. It was formed in response to the breathtaking reaction to Angela Maiers’ “You Matter” TEDxTalk in June 2011. The authors have conducted hundreds of Choose2Matter events. Participants learned they matter and have a genius to contribute, and to identify their heartbreak and take action to solve the world’s problems. Students and educators learned to innovate and iterate, and to persevere. This course brings the Choose2Matter message to classrooms everywhere. Angela Maiers explains ChooseMatter Click to Watch
  5. 5. Undisputed Research: Mattering Matters “Teenagers given responsibilities that are relevant to their world had higher test scores and fewer behavioral problems than those who did not. Dropout and pregnancy rates among such teens also dropped by at least half.” - UVa Magazine “Mattering to others is an existentially reassuring awareness, and failing to matter is terrifying. Mattering is a basic component of social integration.” - Family Matters: The Importance of Mattering to Family in Adolescence Mattering provides students with a “strong foundation of self-efficacy and self- confidence from which they have found a sense of purpose and an enduring sense of intrinsic motivation and drive for continued school engagement and academic success.” - American School Counselor Association
  6. 6. A Universal Question ” Everyone the world over asks the same question: ‘Do I matter?’ They want to know, ‘Does what I do have meaning to others? To myself? Am I worthy? If you come to believe you’re worthy, your entire life shifts. Change that fundamental belief and you change your world, and the world at large. - Maria Shriver The One Question on Everyone’s Mind Igniting Architects of Change, April 30, 2017 “ ”
  7. 7. Technological change is stirring an existential fear. That fear is stoking the wildfires in our politics and society. When we’re reminded that we matter, things get better. We’re more likely to act as good citizens, to be our best selves. We’re more likely to actually solve problems. This is key to saving democracy and solving our biggest problems. - Eli Parisier Dominican University Commencement May 14, 2016 The Key to Solving Our Biggest Problems “ ”
  8. 8. The Answer to a Vital Question As a society, we owe our children safety, support, opportunity and a way forward. We can start by showing children they matter. It’s the answer to a vital question that all children and adolescents ask about their place in the world: Do I make a difference to others? When the answer is no, kids feel rejected and alone. They become more prone to self-destructive and antisocial behaviors. Others withdraw. - Sheryl Sandberg “How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss” The New York Times, April 24, 2017 “ ”
  9. 9. •The Course launches June 5, 2017, at •Participants will engage in authentic, passion-based learning and become self-aware, empathetic, empowered, collaborative, innovative, passionate agents of social change. • The course takes six seat hours; it includes activities and group discussion that extend the learning for a full course or a full year. An email newsletter and online forums provide substantial follow-up to ensure the lessons are fully adopted in your school. • The course is an excellent choice for professional development days, and would utterly transform college students and aspiring teachers. • Pricing is just $99 per teacher, which includes student materials. Volume discounts apply. Overview of the Course
  10. 10. Structure of the Course At the National Academy of Sciences, President Barack Obama said: “The call and need of a new era is for greatness. It's for fulfillment, passionate execution and significant contribution. Students can rise up to the challenge and do amazing work. They can do genius work!” Is your school a place for invention, innovation and amazing, genius work? This course takes you and your students on a journey to make it so. • In the first set of lessons, we begin the brave journey of living up to our genius. • The next set focuses on how to explore what makes us come alive. • Set three discusses ways in which we let others know they matter. • The fourth explores how to solve problems by leveraging collective genius. To help you implement this course in your classroom, we include: • A video-based module for you to share directly with your students • A Classroom Implementation Guide • Follow-up through a newsletter and private social media group.
  11. 11. Excerpts from the Course “Andrew Robinson examined 10 episodes when an inventor supposedly experienced a ‘eureka’ moment leading to a famous discovery. He found in each case ‘a long lead-up to breakthroughs, and efforts required, following the revelation, to explore and substantiate it.’”– How Do Genius Learners Work? “When we dwell in possibility, we help others do so. We stretch their thinking and build their capacity to dream, hope, and plan for a brighter future.” – Why See Limits Instead of Possibility? “We fool ourselves into thinking that we show people they matter every day....To actually do so consistently, we must make an affirmative choice each day to offer, thank, encourage, inspire, and let others know we notice and believe in them.” – Accelerating the Message: Everyone Matters “The language and tone we use with students has a profound effect on learning, classroom management, students’ self-control, and their sense of belonging. However, thoughtful use of language is an often overlooked component of the teacher’s repertoire.” – Words Matter
  12. 12. Testimonial - The Room Nine Kids Tammy Dunbar is a fifth grade teacher in California. She and her “Room Nine Kids” worked through many aspects of this course this past school year. Below are just a few wonderful things that resulted from presenting the lessons to the Room Nine Kids. “While grieving over a KinderTechBuddy killed in an accident, my students created “Compassion Portraits,” drawing their Buddy on their device and inviting their Buddy to draw themselves. My students added “You Matter,” printed the drawings and gave them to their buddies. The buddies snuggled close, put their heads on the shoulders of my students and smiled. My students came away touched, and changed. One said, “I think they know how important they are to us.” “One reason they are so ready to tackle projects is the lesson “Finding Mentors.” Students connected with experts. When you meet people from fields you’re interested in, you invite them t0 an amazing conversation that provides students with resources, confidence and excitement.” “I was shocked to see the growth of the average class score. In Math, the class average increased from 12.7 out of 20 to 16.6 out of 20. Our students now approach standardized district testing with more confidence and more creativity. That can be directly traced to these lessons.”
  13. 13. Mark E. Moran spent four years collaborating with Angela Maiers to launch Choose2Matter. He has worked with educators and students at hundreds of schools at live events and professional development workshops. About the Authors of the Course Mark is now publisher of SweetSearch, A Search Engine for Students, and SweetSearch2Day, which curates the web. He is also writing a course on effective online research. Mark was previously General Counsel at 24/7 Media. He has an M.B.A. and J.D. from Fordham University, and a B.A. from University of Virginia. Angela Maiers, founder of Choose2Matter, has been leading change in education for 28 years, teaching kindergarten to graduate school and consulting with companies globally. Her powerful message and down-to-earth style has made her a renowned keynote speaker. Angela is the author of six books, including Classroom Habitudes, The Passion-Driven Classroom and Genius Matters. She is an alumna of The University of Iowa, with a Bachelor’s in Education and her Master’s in Educational Supervision.