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Cts informatica interview question answers

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Cts informatica interview question answers

  1. 1. CTS Informatica Interview Question Answers Informatica FAQS Technical Interview Questions Informatica Job Interview Questions Answers Informatica ETL Interview Questions Informatica Interview FAQs And Answers Informatica Interview Questions Collection What is degenerate dimension? Dimension which has no dimension table of its own and is derived from the fact table. What is requirements gathering? It is carried out by Business Analyst. It is nothing but interacting with end users and getting to know what his requirements are. Based on his requirements, the rest of the phases Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing and finally Maintenance are carried on. What is Junk dimension? The dimension that is formed by lumping of smaller dimensions is called Junk dimension. What is Staging Area? Staging Area is indeed a database where data from different source systems are brought together and this database acts as an input to Data Cleansing. What are the types of joins in Informatica and in Oracle? There are four types of joins in oracle equi join non equi join self join outer join Joins in informatica master join (right outer join) detailed join (left outer join) normal join What is the file extension or format of files for the Informatica Objects like sessions, mappings etc. in Repository? The format of files for Informatica Objects in Repository is XML Where can we find Versioning in Informatica? What happens if Versioning is turned off? In Informatica, we can find Versioning in Repository Manager. If Versioning is turned off, we will
  2. 2. not be able to track the changes for the respective Sessions/Mappings/Workflows. What is tracing level? What are the types of tracing level? Tracing level is the amount of information that Informatica server writes into a log file. Types of tracing level Normal Terse Verbose init Verbose data In joiner transformation, we take the table with lesser number of rows as master while the more number of rows as detailed. Why? In joiner, each and every row of the master is compared with every row of the detailed and so, the less number of rows in master, the less is the number of iterations and so better is the performance of the system. What are all the databases the Informatica server on windows can connect to? Informatica server on windows can connect to SQL server database Oracle Sybase Teradata MS Access MS Excel Informix DB2 What are the databases the Informatica server on UNIX can connect to? Informatica on UNIX can connect to Sybase Teradata Informix DB2 Oracle What is an overview window? It is a window where you can see all the transformations in a mapping. In how many ways we can update a source definition? Two ways We can reimport the source definition We can edit the source definition Informatica Interview Questions Collection 2 Informatica Interview Questions Collection 1 Informatica ETL Interview Questions IBM Informatica Technical Questions Informatica Interview Questions Collection Informatica Technical Questions Collection