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Fingerprint Attendance System

  1. Fingerprint Attendance System Developed For- SandRiver Technologies Through Shahu Institute of Business Education & Research, Kolhapur Presentation By – Mr. Sandeep. W. Pawar, MCA III, (Exam No – 25053). Submitted to – SHIVAJI UNIVERSITY Kolhapur.
  2. Device connection Continued: Read IP Address, Port Read Com Port, Machine no, Baud rate Device Connection Flow chart . If Serial connection N Connect device using Rs232/Rs 485 Y Connect device using Ethernet Start Device Connection If Ethernet connection Y FAS Settings file N Error with device connection On Error Successful connection
  3. Department Creation Screen: This can maintain department’s information available in company.
  4. Company Creation Screen: This can maintain employees or visitors company information.
  5. Shift Creation Screen: This can generate employee working shifts and can also specify lunch time and duration within shift hours.
  6. Leave Allotment Screen: Confirmed leaves for employees can be assigned using this form.
  7. Device Status Screen: Provides device status information.
  8. Attendance Detail Screen: Display when attendance entered.
  9. Current day attendance report: Provides current day’s attendance report.
  10. Employee absentees report: Provides list of absent employees.
  11. Department wise attendance report: Provides department wise attendance report.
  12. Leave report: Provides list of leaves taken by employees.
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