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Manufacturing and working of transformer

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Syed Fasih -u-l hassan
University of Lahore

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Manufacturing and working of transformer

  1. 1. Transformers FASIH UL HASSAN BSEE01153108
  2. 2. Achievements  All Pakistan essay writing competition hold 3rd POSITION
  3. 3. Aims & Objective in Life  My aim is to be join PAK ARMY after graduation.  My objectives are well organized and professional in my work.  To be a responsible citizen
  4. 4. Ideal Personality  Ideal Personality HAZRAT KHALID BIN WALEED (R.A)  He is the best GERNEL of Islamic History
  5. 5. History  William Stanley
  6. 6. First Transformer
  7. 7. Transformer  Definition: A transformer is a device that changes AC electric power at one voltage level to ac electric power at another voltage level through the action of magnetic field.
  8. 8. Working principle  The basic principle behind working of a transformer is the phenomenon of mutual induction between two windings linked by common magnetic flux. Basically a transformer consists of two inductive coils; primary winding and secondary winding. The coils are electrically separated but magnetically linked to each other. When, primary winding is connected to a source of alternating voltage, alternating magnetic flux is produced around the winding. The core provides magnetic path for the flux, to get linked with the secondary winding & EMF is induced in secondary winding.
  9. 9. Basic concept
  10. 10. Construction  Steel tank  Insulating Oil  Core  Windings  Cooling Fans  Conservator  Bushings  Thermometer  Earthing terminal  Oil gauge  Arching horns
  11. 11. Core CRGO  Cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel  Magnetic flux density more size is less
  12. 12. Core construction  Due to Pulsating flux, core should be laminated  Transformer of larger size may forms in cut “C” or cut “E” type. Core is made with laminated steel sheet in all type of transformers to provide continuous magnetic path and also to provide minimum air gap
  13. 13. Steel tank  It is a main part of transformer. It is steel made box. Transformer core is placed inside this tank. Windings and other helpful devices are placed inside this tank. It is filled with insulating oil ( mineral oil ). It have usually cylindrical or cubical shape depending on transformer construction. It is coated internally and externally with colour for safety point of view. Colour coating also provide protection in case of winding connection with tank accidentally.
  14. 14. Insulating oil  Chemical name or formula name of usually using in transformer is DIFLORO DICHLORO ETHYL BENZENE Insulating oil in an electrical power transformer is commonly known as Transformer Oil. It is normally obtained by fractional distillation and subsequent treatment of crude petroleum. That is why this oil is also known as Mineral Insulating Oil. Transformer oil or insulating oil is usually a highly-refined mineral oil that is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties.
  15. 15. Arcing horns
  16. 16. WAPDA Pakistan specification  Code : DDS:84 (A-5) for distribution transformer  Vector group: Dyn11  Phases 3/3  Oil immersed hermetically sealed transformers
  18. 18. Manufacturing in Lahore  Total Industries are ten in Lahore Renowned are following :  PEL and TRANSFOPOWER