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e2e testing with cypress

What is Cypress?
Why it is so good?

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e2e testing with cypress

  1. 1. e2e testing with Cypress December 12, 2017 Tomasz Bąk
  2. 2. About me ● software developer & architect, co-founder ● 12+ years of experience ● 4+ years senior frontend developer
  3. 3. Agenda What is Cypress? Why it is so good?
  4. 4. Cypress is all in one
  5. 5. Cypress does not use Selenium
  6. 6. Cypress has native access to everything ● Cypress is a Node.js server process This makes performing tasks such as taking screenshots, recording videos, general file system operations and network operations possible. ● Cypress tests run inside of the browser You have real, native access to everything in your application under test.
  7. 7. Trade-offs ● Cypress is not a general purpose automation tool ● Cypress commands run inside of a browser ● There will never be support for multiple browser tabs ● You cannot use Cypress to drive two browsers at the same time ● Each test is bound to a single origin
  8. 8. A test runner built for humans
  9. 9. Cypress runs much, much faster
  10. 10. Debugging
  11. 11. CI + Dashboard
  12. 12. Who is using it?
  13. 13. Thank you!