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Job Oriented Course - GetHired

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This is the details of the training programme on ERP based Modern Day accounting

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Job Oriented Course - GetHired

  1. 1. ERP based Accounting
  2. 2. After the end of this program: Participants will be able to use F&A Concepts, learnt duringacademics, effectively in ERP based Accounting environment Gain clarity on job profile/description in an MNC/F&A outsourcingcompany/Indian corporate Candidates would be better prepared for an interview and on-job performanceCandidates would be more productive for a rapid growth by learning key F&Aand MS-Excel skills Candidates would be oriented on work culture and how to have right attitudeat work
  3. 3.  On macro level, India has become the major destination for KPO services Corporate spent is huge on recruitment & training Hit ratio at times is as low as 3 out of 100 resumes scanned After recruitment there is expectations mis-match for freshers with regards to job profile Industry-Academic gap is steep and students are not able to relate their existing knowledge to the job profile ERP accounting is not familiar to students of finance and accounts in the way businesses execute & record transactions
  4. 4. Benefits to Participants Increased chances of getting a job in an MNC/Indian corporate/KPO Once in the job, would know exactly what to expect from his job thereby reducing discontentment Gain knowledge of ERP and Modern Day Accounting Opportunity of Interview with the best brands in the industryBenefits to Corporates Get a candidate who is job ready Reduce cost of recruitment Save time on recruitment Reduce on-the-job training costs
  5. 5. Post Training Assessment •Online Assessment of Program Candidates •Overview of Accounting in •Certification by ERP Scenario TakshilaPre Training Assessment •Record to Report •Arrange interviews with• Basic English •Procure to Pay (AP Process) F&A outsourcing Knowledge •Order to Cash (AR Process) Company•Knowledge of Basic Accounting •Excel for Accountants •Capsule course on English •Office etiquettes & interview essentials
  6. 6. Day 1 - Overview of ERP based Modern Day Accounting (6 Hours) Finance & Accounts Refresher (Basic Accounting including golden rules, Journal Entries, Assumptions, principles etc) Journey of Accounting from Single Entry Book keeping to ERP based Accounting ERP Overview and Accounting in ERP Scenarios Rationale of Segregating F&A into AP, AR and RTR functions F&A Outsourcing business overview
  7. 7. Day 2 - Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivables Process Overview (8 Hours) A. Procure to Pay Session: (3 Hours) Basic Concepts and Terminologies Procurement & Vendor Analysis Vendor Master Data Records Invoice Processing Payment Processing Other AP Processes
  8. 8. Day 2 - Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivables Process Overview (8 Hours) B. Operations Management in F&A Outsourcing Processes (2 Hours) Quality Framework – Sample Size, Errors, Reporting and Quality Score calculation Process Improvements in various tools for process automation Documentations – SIPOC, Standard Operating Procedure document, Process Manual, Process Maps Productivity Reports – Importance and significance
  9. 9. Day 2 - Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivables Process Overview (8 Hours) C. Order To Cash Session: (3 Hours) Basic Concepts and Terminologies Order Management & Customer Analysis Customer Master Data Records Invoice Generation – Billing Function Cash Applications Collections including dispute management Other AR Processes
  10. 10.  Day 3 A - Record To Report (4 Hours) Basic Concepts and Terminologies Chart of Accounts – meaning & relevance General Ledgers – Daily & Month end deliverables Journal Entries – Standard, Recurring, Provisions and Reserves Fixed Asset Accounting Reconciliations – Bank, Vendor, Customer, Sub-system, stock etc Closing and Reporting overview FP&A overview
  11. 11.  Day 3 B - Excel for Accountants (4 Hours) Basic Excel functions including formatting & filter Text to Column function Pivots V-look & H-lookup IF-THEN-ELSE function Concatenate Case Study – High Volume Reconciliation
  12. 12.  Day 4 a - Capsule course on English (3 Hours) English Grammar Commercial correspondence Spoken English Day 4 b - Interview Essentials (3 Hours) Interview basics Preparation for the interview Body language - non-verbal Interview Mannerism Do’s and Don’t’s
  13. 13.  Day 4 c - Office etiquettes (3 Hours) Social & Communication skills at work place - Verbal & Non-verbal Presentation skills Managing and participating in meetings – group dynamics Business reports & Memo writing Cross-cultural skills Teaming skills Attitude at work – telephones handling, email writing, general behavior
  14. 14.  Day 5 (Optional) - Real Life Scenario Handling Mock Interviews Mock presentations Mock meetings Write and demonstrate the communication skills
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