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Paul Carruthers - TALK Innovation and Transformation

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Presentation from Paul Carruthers of Manchester Business School at the TALK Innovation and Transformation event in London on October 14th, 2008.

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Paul Carruthers - TALK Innovation and Transformation

  1. 1. TALK - What is it? Paul Carruthers Manchester Business School
  2. 2. the basic stuff It's a wiki. + + It lets you work together. It's about people sharing knowledge. Encourage more open communication across boundaries. and another thing! N Y It's secure. Public, private or a melding of the two.You choose. ✗ ✓ ✓
  3. 3. the structure Everything hinges around the 'space'. Create a space for yourself, your project or your 'group' In fact, any situation where you need people to work together Spaces are boundaries. Security is down to you.You decide who sees it/has access
  4. 4. other bits of technology Video Images Push content RSS, favourites, watches, email updates Tagging Good old text. remember that? Platform is extensible with a lively open source community
  5. 5. the fit A number of LA's innovating with social media Activity and prominence steadily increasing Individual use for individual purpose This is great! But what happens when LA's want to work together?
  6. 6. the fit, part II When collaboration is needed, who... Sources, provides, manages, funds the platform? Builds the tricky connections between socmed boundaries? TALK in the middle TALK sits in the gaps between LA's and provides the platform
  7. 7. where it stands x 600 spaces x 50 PK blog over 43,000 hits in 12 months
  8. 8. where it’s going Extendable, customisable Social network connections Community themes Podcast channels Building TALK on the web Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, Blip, Facebook, Slideshare
  9. 9. interesting or not? Yes. tell me more. Grab me or any of the other TALK people here over lunch Sign up at Request a space Get TALKing No. you’ve lost the plot my friend Grab me or any of the other TALK people here over lunch Tell us what you think we need to do