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Presentation on KFC

this is specially for those who r lazy enough to make their ppt... students rocks... :)))

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Presentation on KFC

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION …… KFC is the world’s No.1 Chicken QSR. Leading in UK, Australia, South Africa, China,USA, Malaysia and many more. Introduced many offerings for its growing customer base in India while staying rooted in the taste legacy of Colonel Harland Sander’s secret recipe. Products are made on the motto of“Crispy outside, juicy inside” . In India, KFC is growing rapidly and today has presence in 21
  2. 2. HISTORICALBACKGROUND……  In 1930’s Colonel Harland Sanders some distinguished Kentucky folks licking’ their fingers.  Founder of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken, was born on September 9, 1890.  By 1964, Colonel had 600 franchise outlets for his chicken across the United States and Canada.  KFC now stretches worldwide with more than 13,000 restaurants in more than 80 countries and territories
  3. 3. PROBLEMS FACED…… Why doesnt KFC use healthier oil?: the oil does have dangerous trans-fatty acids. Is KFCs food really that unhealthy?: a three-piece extra- crispy combo meal contains as much as 15 g of Trans fat--more than a person should ingest in a week. What are other chains doing?: the Cheesecake Factory is doing so already, McDonalds backpedaled on a promise to cut Trans fats and says its studying alternative oils, as is Burger King.
  4. 4. PROBLEMS FACED ININDIA….. KFC entered India in 1995, The regulatory authorities found that KFCs chickens did not adhere to the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 KFC faced severe protests by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights protection organization. PETA accused KFC of cruelty towards chickens and released a video tape showing the ill-treatment of birds in KFCs poultry farms
  5. 5. RE-ENTRY OF KFC…… The company had to shut all but one outlet in the country. Recently in 2003 it made a quiet re-entry into the Indian market. Came up with the strategies and menu that is desirable by the Indian consumers. Mission statement “To be the leader in western style quick service restaurants through friendly service, good qualit food and clean atmosphere ”
  6. 6. GOALS OF KFC….. Build an organization dedicated to excellence. Deliver superior quality and value in our products and services. Maintain a commitment to innovation Generate consistently superior financial returns and benefits our owner and employees. Establish in India our position as leading WQSR (Western Quick Service Restaurant) chain, serving good value.
  7. 7. STRENGHTS…. KFCs secret recipe: the "secret recipe" was the initial home replacement strategy. Name recognition and reputation: the KFC logo was the only one which significantly enhance the brands image Conflicting cultures of KFC and Pepsi Co. Turnover in top management. Recent contractual disputes with franchisees in the United States.
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITIES….. New Markets: Globalisation has opened doors for new markets for the company Cross Culture: Generally there is a good acceptance of American culture of fast food in India Large Youth population: India has a very large share of youth population a compared to other countries. New variety: Company can also come up with new variety in the menu likePizzas, garlic breads to attract more customers.
  9. 9. THREATS…. Competition: Competitor companies like McDonalds are fast catching up with the market. Organizations like PETA People for Ethnic Treatment for Animals have given a bad name to the company Saturated US Market: Now KFC cannot rely on just its home market to generate sales. As the US markets are already saturated and leave no or little scope for growth,
  10. 10. PROBLEMS…. No defined target market. Saturation of the U.S. Market. Health Conscious Consumers. Increased Start Up Costs.
  11. 11. PRODUCTS OF KFC….
  12. 12. THANK YOU…….