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Quiz 2
1. Tai decided to join a group protest of his university's policies because he felt it was the right
thing to do, e...
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  1. 1. Quiz 2 1. Tai decided to join a group protest of his university's policies because he felt it was the right thing to do, even though his participation might result in being arrested. Tai's behavior is consistent withh Kohlberg's: Postconventional Morality 2. Which element of Freud's personality theory is guided by the pleasure principle? id 3. The issue that discusses whether development is mor a function of biology or more a function of the environment is the ________ controversy. nature-nurture 4. Micah observs another child throwing a temper tantrum in front of the candy aisle at the supermarket, and now he throws a temper tantrum whenever he passes by the candy. Micah's behavior supports the _______ theory. social learning 5. Whenever Levi cries, his parents seem to satisfy him by changing his diaper, feeding him, or holding him. Simply put, Levi's parents seem to fulfill his dependency needs. What stage of development would Erikson say that Levi is experiencing? Trust vs. Mistrust 6. Your instructor asks you to compare positive and negative reinforcement and explain your conclusions in class. What will you report? Both positive and negative reinforcement increase the frequency of responses. 7. When John Watson paired a loud sound with a rat and caused Little Albert to fear rats, Watson was demonstrating learning through association 8. Psychologists use theories primarily to make predictions about behavior 9. Richard pursues sexual gratification without any regard for consequences or anyone's feelings. Which part of Richard's personality appears to be dominant? id 10. According to Skinner and psychologists who study operant conditioning, which of the following provides the best consequence? "I like the way you are sitting so quietly!"