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Types of Alternative Energies

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Types of Alternative Energies

  1. 1. ==== ====Alternative Energy Source ====The sources of fossil fuels are decreasing day by day. Also, the burning of fossil fuels causesmany harmful effects on the environment. Unfortunately we cannot avoid either of these situations.The only way out is if we totally get rid of using fossil fuels and use alternatives. There are manyalternative energy technologies available which will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.Solar energy is a great alternative for fossil fuels, as the major part of energy comes from thesuns rays. Windmills also produce energy, which is known as wind power.A third, but less known type is marine energy, generated with the help of waves and the flow ofwater.These three alternative energy technologies are on the top of the list and have so much potentialin the future. There are many other alternatives available but those are still not in general use.Solar, wind and marine powers are the natural resources that can generate huge amounts ofenergy.Solar Energy:These days solar energy is the top alternative energy technology and is utilized the most.Although for many years people have been aware of the fact that the sun can generate electricity,due to the inexpensiveness and the abundance of fossil fuels, they happen to be more popularand usable.By utilizing the sun rays with the help of the latest technologies, we can generate incredibleamounts of energy. All over the world, people use solar energy to warm up water, to bathe andheat pools.Solar energy is a natural source of energy that provides us with hot water and electricity. Also it isan inexpensive way to get energy.Installing this technology now is a good idea as solar collectors will become more costly in thefuture with increases in electricity prices as fossil fuels become more scarce.The most beneficial aspect of alternative energy technologies is they are not only harmless for theenvironment but also are sustainable. As long as sun is there, solar power will be there.
  2. 2. Wind Energy:An additional and proven alternative energy technology is wind power. Windmills have been in usefor many years for crushing grains and pumping water. These were used to generate energy in theEuropean countries during the late 1800s.A lot of researchers agree that wind power is among the best alternatives for energy. All over theworld there are many wind farms that use alternative technologies for generation of energy.Wind technology works with the help of a rotor to which three blades are attached. As the windblows, these three blades start spinning the rotor. Eventually this results in the generation ofenergy.This is a very simple method to understand. In making use of this technology, wind is the mostimportant factor.In many parts of world there is not enough wind. But this alternative technology can be utilized inplaces like Wales in the UK and in North Dakota in the US as well as off-shore in the oceans.Marine Energy:Research is ongoing in the use of marine power as an alternative energy technology. However,more research is needed to completely understand this technology before recommending it as analternative energy solution.Like solar and wind energies, marine energy will take some time to gain acceptance as a reliablealternative energy technology.For general information about alternative energy technologies, check out Alternative EnergySources. Further details about making solar panels and windmills: Source: ====
  3. 3. Alternative Energy Source ====