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B2B Portal - Knowledge Base

All you wanted to know about business to business portal (b2b portal) featured article provided by world's leading textile and fashion industry b2b portal

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B2B Portal - Knowledge Base

  1. 1. All you wanted to know about B2B portals By: Fibre2Fashion. Com
  2. 2. All you wanted to know about B2B portals By: Fibre2Fashion. Com B28 (business—to-business) websites include all internet-based technical solutions which faclitate services in the establishment ol new trading relationshqas between cormanies and supporting the existing relationships. it can be termed as an e-market tor e-business transactions. A 828 portal primarily serves as a plattorm tor wholesalers. retailers. dstrbutors and manutacturers to carry out their business activities online. It slows electronic transfer ol orders. invoicing and payments. 828 stands tor business to business. so in B2B site the communication and transaction is between one business ventures to another business venture. here he targeted customers are not approached dreary. it does not sell rirectly to the end user. 828 site has become one ol the most sorts out and techno-savvy mode tor business transactions as well as a plattorm for sales. it provides the user the opportunity to reach out to companies and businesses globaly. Marketing done through the B28 portals is exclusively online thus there are no print. ristrbution or postage costs plus it is measurable through sophisticated tracking software. B2B online marketing is an essential part Irom buyer's perspective as we! as sellers perspective. For buyers it lacilitates in searching new suppliers. post buying requests. and search tor used or new investment goods. For a seller point or view, it makes easy to tind out buyers for their products. they could sell online new as we! as used promcts. They could even access the iniormation about their competitors. 828 websites are an excellent source ol various types ot business related intormalion. Such as: - » The history about sales. present scenario as well as luture prediction about the sales by business pundits. Knowledge about their competitors market share. the products ollerod by them and it also hebs the companies to understand their competitors marketing strategies. It also provides intormation about the product's pricing and sales in the e-market. It provides business classifieds. i. e. indirectly business directory or sellers and buyers. Intormation tor the supply chain process i. e. quaity, deivery time. mode at payment, etc. Provides information daout latest happenings of the industry the website is dealing to. ‘. - vvvv B28 website is a low cost electronic medium to communicate about your products or services to the target markets. Nearly 90% at technical buyers use the intemet to tulllll their business requirements. it is very easy to operate through 328. all that is needed a web browser and internet connection. Belcro taking decision to invest in 328 portals certain points shodd be cleared in the buyer or seller's mind. like why they want to use this ptattorm. decision about what are products that are to be displayed for sale on the website and to see to it that 828 marketing does not conltict with other marketing channels been used betore. 828 portals have made possiite for buyers and selers to carry out sales and business online with the advantage ol having choice ol many companies that are isted through these websites for business purpose. There are many benefits coupled with B2Bs. Here tollow the gist ot the advantages that are procured by the companies using 828 websites lor their business : - IQ
  3. 3. 1) it is a low cost clcctronlc medium to promote the bus nose. 2) It minimizes the overall steps of selling procedures. 3) it also reduces the overall cost for so ring and marketing. 4) There are many oorrpetiiors in online auction as a result the buyer of industrial goods could get the products at a cheap deal. 5) 82B saves time for business transactions and commercial dealings between the buyer and the seller. thus it IS a cost saving medium in terms of time. money and resources. 6) One of the biggest advantages of 828 websites is ]USl in time delivery. Such promptness of delivery is satisfying and favorable for both buyers and sellers. 7) it facilitates the establishment of new trading relationships between companies and supports existing business relationships. 8) By the help of business drectory and search engines provided in 828 ponais buyers can find out potential sellers and vice-versa 9) With the help of classifieds it becomes easy to sell or purchase different products. to‘) Tendering services which are a pan of 828 websites assists in finolng orders and placing requests. Technology has taken over paper communlcatfon which has accelerated the business processes and ncreased ‘ accuracy. Present time demands more speed and _-r ‘_ ' efficiency for every business activity. in B2B ponais the _. /r ‘ business dealings occur with more speed and efficiency thus prcvidlng satisfaction to its customers. These websites are well-equipped with the latest technological resources thus making it possible for the business to grow faster The delivery of the products can be traced very easily and effectively by the means of advanced software programmes which is pleasing for both the Client and the Vendor. Prompt delivery ensures instant profits. thus making the business transaction fruitfu'. Through 828 websites the geographical and time ’lmitations has blurred. hence it has become easy to sell or purchase products 24."? days a week. 365 days a year in any country without any mediator. Business to business ponais provides its members the opportunity to display thelr products. deliver up-todate information. specifications and applications as well as sell and purchase products at one common plattonn that IS the 828 portal. Similar products can be re ordered from any previous data with just a clck of the mouse. check point for the B2B portals 823 websites are the latest innovation in the field of business enhancing medium and platform for venous commercial activities which can be done on global basis on your computenlaptop. in huge and vast electronic world of websites there are many B28 portals deal mg with various fields. For instance-automob Ies. computers. agricuiture. consumer goods. textile and apparel prod ucts. etc. Therefore amidst so many options available on the internal it is become important to check out the authenticity and rellabiitty of the website before enrolling. Here are the indicators ' sled. which proves the genuineness of the B2B website : - 'r The frequency of updating of recent data on the website is a checkpolnt for a B2B portal. Any website that is prompt in its work would always try to provide the latest infonnaiion on «ts web page. There would be no stagnancy of contents on the website > The importance of its web page is calculated through its page rank ln home page of Goog'e search engine. The website link should open by entering key word and its page rank should be between 1 and 10.
  4. 4. '»The portal should be cortlllod by standard notriicatlon tor / verification. For example- Like VISA. ISO 9001. Payment Gateway. etc. >The clientele and visitor base oi the portal should be studied belore the enrolment. ‘rA portal which provides statistical data about ilsell is also worth considering The data that is provided through any authentic log analyzer holds inportanoe. Some of known names in log analyzing are web trends, I23. Alexa ranking etc. ‘r The portal should contain A to 2 information about the field it is connected to and that too with accuracy xv There is no better way to judge a portal than through the word of mouth. through the feedback lrom its present members. the relarences it gets and also by its certificates. "p The class of advenisers on the portal has to seen beforehand. Good and genuine portals will have known brands as their advertisers. ‘r The range of topics covered in the portal pertaining to the lield it is connected. indicates its knowledge base about its lleld and its activcncss to provide wholesome data base to its members and visitors. For instance there can be additional topics which ooud be covered by a 828 website iike- news. articles. directory. jobs, events. etc. Thus 8213 website provides equal opportunrty lor smal as we! as big businesses and international companies. It makes possible for an enterprise or business to term electronic relationship with their distributors. resellers. suppliers and other associates. To read more anicies on Textlo, Fashion, gist. Technolggg. Retail and General piease V3" To promote your company. product and services via promotional article. follow this link: m; I/vmrw. ti: re2lastion. corn/ senrioasr'leatrued-article/ tegtured grticlaag