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CEO Network #culturecode

We aim to change the status-quo one (leader) at a time.

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CEO Network #culturecode

  1. UO CEO Network Culture Code “Share YOUR story” #CultureCode
  2. Our vision: We aim to challenge the status quo, one leader at a time. Together we can level the playing field. #CultureCode
  3. We believe in… Diversity as a core value to lead and manage the next generation of innovation for our world. #CultureCode
  4. “ Anyone can lead when they feel empowered by the intrinsic value of their own unique experience. –Tayah Butler, MBA CEO Network Co-Founder #CultureCode
  5. By helping students develop a narrative about the setting that explains their frustrations while projecting positive engagements and success in the setting, you can greatly improve their sense of belonging and achievement- which done at a critical time could redirect the course of their lives. –Claude Steel, PHd Whistling Vivaldi #CultureCode
  6. “When differences are put aside in order to achieve a goal, there’s strength in numbers.” Jem Panganiban Class of 2015 University of Oregon #CultureCode
  7. Our Core Values What we live by 1 2 3 4 5 Branding our uniqueness Using resources to overcome challenges Leverage ALL opportunity Build teams to reach goals Plan academic and skill development #CultureCode
  8. What is your story? Is it worth the sacrifices of those who came before you? #CultureCode
  9. There is no growth without struggle. Using resources to overcome challenges is part of the process of evolution. Salih Waritu Class of 2011 University of Oregon, Lundquist College of Business #CultureCode
  10. OPPORTUNITY Take hold of your chances #CultureCode
  11. TEAMBUILDING No one gets left behind #CultureCode
  12. Plan your work, work your plan. #CultureCode
  13. Take a risk, step up to the challenge of being the change we want to see. #CultureCode
  14. #CultureCode
  15. Find out more: #CultureCode Tayah Butler, MBA | Diversity Champion