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Basics of Intention: Planning to the End

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Basics of Intention: Planning to the End

  2. 2. THE COMMUNICATION GROUP I‟mnotsureaboutyou,butIgrewuphearingthings like“whatisyourgoal?”or“whatareyour objectives”or“what‟syourmission?”AndIcameto realizeIcouldn‟ttruthfullyoradequatelyanswer these,asIdidn‟tyetknowmyintention.Whatis intention? Intention 1.Anactorinstanceofdeterminingmentallyupon someactionorresult 2.Theendorobjectintended;purpose. Tome,itisaboutcommitmentand“energytruth.” ItisfirstunderstandingthereasonwhyIamabout todo/wanttodo/saysomething,coupledwiththe understandingofmydesiredoutcome.Andthe activepartisalaser-focusedenergyon accomplishingtheintendedpurposeTHE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
  3. 3. THE COMMUNICATION GROUPFor example, if my intention is to do my best, and if Here is an example of how I mess up with this:my goal iswinning a game of squash, I will focuswith laser beamfocus on both my goal and my :I am often loudly declaring apologies for being late.intention. If I have no intentionof winning, even if Even today, I watched myself spiral down themy goal was to win, I would just wingit and see clock‟s anxiety ladder ,and prayed for magic towhat happens. occur, such as crossing town in Manhattan in 7 minutes during lunch hour. And so on.Once I know my intention then I can better I knew my goal was to be there at 2PM, but I clearlyunderstand how tolist out my goals or objectives. wasn‟t going to be. So…finally I asked myself, (don‟t tell my therapist) “Self, what is your true intentionIn business, I have heard Fortune 100 CEO‟s talk here? Do you want to be on time for this meeting orabout Goals,Missions and Objectives, but I have not? Is this important or not? Do you think you arenever heard them talkabout Intention. Why is this more important than whom you are meeting andso? Why do we feel okay applyingintention to our able to be late? Or do you just have a challengedpersonal lives, but not necessarily to our sense of location and time?”business lives?Why can people say, “My intention isto lose 10 pounds andtherefore my goal would be After looking at all this I see my intention was reallyto work out 5 times a week forthe next 3 skewed. Because 2PM was a doctor‟s appointmentweeks,” but they can‟t say, “my intention is to have (just a general check up) I realized I was not puttingfun at work and therefore my goal is to go out for my health as a very important goal amongst mylunch ora walk with my colleagues at least twice a daily objectives. Therefore, my truth was not aboutweek.” Instead, it isalways, “My goal is to get respecting my self worth. I‟d fallen into the cave ofthrough my to-do list today.” only goals and objectives and hadn‟t even knocked Upon Intentions door.THE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
  4. 4. THE COMMUNICATION GROUPIf I had, I would have seen that my Once You have 1-6 answered then let‟s assumeIntention is of course to look after myself you are now understanding why you are aboutand be responsible about doing so. But Ididn‟t ask. to do this „task. ‟It is hard to remember all oflife‟s do‟s and 1. Make sure your intentions are clear to youdon‟t‟s, but I really do thinkit could be quite 2. Make sure your intentions are clear to relevanteasy if we alwaysremembered that the first othersstep is aboutunderstanding Intention. Once we 3. Help others understand your goals after yourhavethought of that, the rest pretty much falls intentions are made clear.into place. 4. Then go to the project management basics.How To Prepare For Intention Planning: 5. Have fun .1. Why are you about to do what you are I hope I remember to walk my type2. about to do?What interests you about it?3. What would you rather be doing?4. Do you have to do this? Be well5. What have you promised to deliver? -c6. Why did you promise to deliver? Job? Moralobligation? Ego? Other?THE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012
  5. 5. CONTACT THE COMMUNICATION GROUP 131 Greene Street Suite 3b New York City, NY 10012 NY o: 646-873-7664 SF o: 415-864-1431 Twitter: @TCGagency OUR COMPANIES: TCG: SocMe Academy: Social Presence: 7 In Motion: http://7inmotion.comTHE COMMUNICATION GROUP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012