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  1. 1. Computers & Kids Volume 4, Issue 11 December 2007 (248) 608-6036 Children learn about body parts in Make homework fun by combining preschool with songs like “Head and body parts and spelling with a Shoulders”, “Ten Little Fingers”, and videogame-style fun at the Many “Hokey Pokey”. But who teaches our Things site children about more obscure body parts like eyebrows, nostrils, wrists, and shins? That Although the site is designed for usually falls to the parents and the learning students learning English as a second can be a lot of fun! language, the tools make learning spelling and words fun for any If your child loves to sing, check out the elementary-aged learner. songs about more intricate body parts at the Everything Preschool site at Do you live with a future scientist or doctor? Keep his/her interest in arts/songs.htm. anatomy going by visiting the Smithsonian at If your children are more visual learners, Locate and print the above draw their silhouettes or trace their bodies on y/bodyparts/nma03_bodyparts.html Buckleitner Internet activities at a big piece of paper and let them fill in the to play the body parts game. body parts with crayons, markers, or Buckleitner Box whatever other medium seems appropriate! Learn more about silhouette art at Dear Parents, Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the world's smartest parts/art.htm. th minds on children's interactive media, up close and in person, at the 7 Dust or Magic Institute. You can meet many of the same people by Create an Alien together! Children will going to (search on Dust or Magic), or find the links at have a lot of fun taking what they know about body parts to the Internet where they You'll find talks by Dr. Mitchel Resnick on creativity, and a wonderful can click and drag to create their own discussion of interface research by Dr. Erik Stromman, who has been personalized aliens at the PBS Kids site at working lately with Microsoft. ml and at Lecky's Friends at One of the demonstrations that stole the show was Krista Marks, who showed us, an online creativity tool that is ideal for younger children who are not quite ready for the challenge of Scratch or 0/leckysfriends.swf. LEGO Mindstorms. It's like an electronic flannel board, only with smart pieces of flannel, that resize themselves. Have a look yourself (it’s free), What about body language? Learn how but be warned, the creative process is addicting. In this month's much your child knows about body language LittleClickers, we look at eyeballs. This column might be particularly by sitting in front of a mirror together and useful for children that wear glasses, or have worries about whether they making faces. Ask your child to guess what need to get them. emotion a certain facial expression is Enjoy the issue! conveying. Your child might surprise you! Warren Buckleitner, PhD, Editor, Children's Technology Review