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  1. 1. THE PRESENT SIMPLE TEACHER:sheila romera aznar
  2. 2. ?What does Peter do .He works in a bank ?What time does he start to work .He starts to work at eight o’clock every day
  3. 3. PRESENT  We use the present simple for permanent states, for SIMPLE repeated actions and daily routines.  We form the present simple with the subject and the main verb.  We usually add an –s to the third person singular in the afirmative form.  In the interrogative and negative forms, we use the auxiliary verb do/don’t and does/doesn’t.
  4. 4. AFFIR MATIVE I / You / We / They He / She / It read read s INTERROGATIVE Do I/ you / we /they ?read Does he / she / it NEGATIVE I/ You / We / They don’ t He / She / It do not does not read
  5. 5. SPELLING RULES .Most verbs take –s in the third person singular I read – he reads Verbs ending in –ss, sh, ch, x, and –o take – es . I Kiss – he Kisses ,I brush – he brushes , I teach – he teaches ,I fix – he fixes I go – he goes Verbs ending in a consonant + y drop the – y and take –ies ,I try – he tries I fly – he flies Verbs ending in a vowel + y, simple take –s I buy –he buys
  6. 6. PRACTICE W rite the third person singular of the verbs in the list in the correct box. ,Dance, finish, study, open, mix, pray, put miss, like, dry, do, catch, wash, say, cry, copy, watch, play, pass, begin s Dances --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -es finishes ------------------------------------------------------------------ -ies studies -------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. Dances Opens Prays Puts Likes Says Plays begins Finishes Mixes Misses Does Catches Washes Watches passes Studies Dries Cries Copies
  8. 8. .Peter reads an e-mail
  9. 9. Mr. Smith writes a letter
  10. 10. Steven teaches English on . Monday
  11. 11. Miss Montenegro calls to her .boss every morning