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aplicación tras ob-
servar el app store
de su iphone. Al
mes de habérselo
comentado a su
amigo ambos fun-
daron la compañí...
CCleaner is a free software
program (or freeware) used
clean up your trash files on your
computer, it also improves your
1. IT Consultant
Ranking number 5 on Best paid
Jobs in the IT world, the work
of being an IT consultant is as
vague as it ...
This is an article for the unexpe-
rinced people at internet its main
purpose is to teach, what and
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La pecera 2

  1. 1. aplicación tras ob- servar el app store de su iphone. Al mes de habérselo comentado a su amigo ambos fun- daron la compañía “Whatsapp Inc.” con sede en el fa- moso valle de la tecnología o “Silicon valley”. El nombre de su compañía esta ba- sado en el juego de palabras: what´s up (que hay). El cual les gusto y de ahí que se llam3e whatsapp. Jan Koum de nacio- nalidad ucraniana llego a estados unidos en 1992 acompañado de su familia excepto su padre quien se que- do en ucrania. En aquella época tenia 16 años. Gracias a la ayuda de una asociación consi- guieron una casa en Mountain View cali- fornia. A los 18, Jan se intereso por la programación y se matriculo en la universidad de San José en la cual es- tudio a la vez que trabajaba como especialista de seguridad. En 1997 Jan fue contratado por Yahoo! Donde cono- ció a Brian Acton. Su época en Yahoo! duro hasta 2007 cuando Jan y Brian dejaron el puesto y se tomaron un año sabatico. Despues de ese año sabatico intentaron ser que facebook les ficha- ra pero no les hicieron caso. A principios de 2009 estaban am- bos conversando cuando a jan se le ocurrió la idea de crear la famosa After several un- der-the-hood up- grades at Firefox, mozilla´s web browser, you wont recognize it. If has become the most likely browser from any point of view (security, inter- face, appearance, etc.) but they´ve also introduced new functions like the ones I'm going to show you: Refining your search: adding some characters will limit your search for exam- ple only to your bookmarks, or on your browsing history Firefox health stats: firefox makes analyzes the browsers be- havior and warn you for example for plug -ins that slow down your browser, of course all this stats are anonymous. Keyboard shortcuts: This new version adds new shortcuts, try this, press alt + right/left arrows to go back/forward on your search. Artículos de interés en este volumen:  Colosos informaticos: Entrevista a Jan Koum creador de la famosa app “Whatsapp”.  La entrevista: Artu- ro .  Firefox.  Security: Firewall.  Software: CCleaner.  Apps: CleanMaster.  Hardware: NOX  Logo de la famosa aplicación Nº 2 ENERO COLOSOS INFORMATICOS JAN KOUM TIPS & HOWS BROWSING LIKE A BOSS AT FIREFOX Jan Koum con el logo de su empresa
  2. 2. CCleaner is a free software program (or freeware) used clean up your trash files on your computer, it also improves your computer´s performance as it cleans up the cache at your pc and restrict the programs that run as the computer has just booted. It is developed be the pririform company and has peri- odical updates, you can also pay for a pro version but the key functions are on the free ver- sion you can down load on piri- form´s webpage: Here there is a photo of CCleaner´s interphace herals and computer cases. Firstly NOX computer cases are produced with high quality ma- terials, mainly aluminium and titanium being these last ones the most expensive in the brand. You can choose between a big variaty of sizes, colours and of course diferent prices. About NOX peripherals i must say that the brand is not as famous as with computer hard- ware, but it give some good pro- Nox is a hardware brand dedica- ted on building computer cases, CPU heat sinks and other com- puter hardware. It also produ- ces peripherals for computers like gaming mouses and keybo- ards, also headphones. This brand has achieved a really good reputation for their cuality pro- ducts but also because they are bot too expensive as other fa- mous brands like Cooler Master. In thisb article I am going to get in detail with Nox perip- ducts like their mouses. NOX mouses are focused for people related with the videogames world, giving them the chance to set their own options and even to customize it, with the keybo- ards is the same although some people doesn´t like the feeling with the keys system. To sum up NOX is a good brand with good prices but if you are looking for something really good you might choose a more expensive brand. HARDWARE NOX tions from the posible “attacks” of other people. Appart from a firewall it is recommended to have an anti virus. Here you can see Linux´s firewall settings. A firewall is a security network system that controls the inco- ming and outgoing network traf- fic based on a set of rules. A firewall establishes a barrier between your local network and the jungle of internet or if you move with your laptop it protect you at public internet connec- An essential tool in your computer LA PECERA SOFTWARE CCLEANER El cortafuegos es la barrera entre tu ordenador y lo desconocido de internet El logo de la marca Logo del programa CCleaner This is the cleaner tab in wich you can see the files that are going to be erased, at the left you can see other 3 tabs with some other fea- tures like the registry cleaner or the program options SECURITY FIREWALL
  3. 3. 1. IT Consultant Ranking number 5 on Best paid Jobs in the IT world, the work of being an IT consultant is as vague as it sounds. In this posi- tion, your job is to evaluate the systems and do the research that no one else entirely unders- tands. Everyone from local star- tups to the Fortune 500 compa- nies need IT consultants to help them figure out the cheapest and fastest ways to run compu- ters better. Education required: A bachelor’s degree in computer science definitely helps, it is also recommends that an IT consultant specialize in a niche category to help focus on the kind of experience he or she gets. Salary:$96,400$ aprox. 2. Cloud architect You’ve heard of cloud computing of course. Although that stora- ge space existing in the ether can’t be touched literally, it still needs to be organized and given an architecture. That’s what this job is for. Education required: A bachelor’s degree. Salary:112,000$ making it one of the best payed IT jobs. 3. Computer forensic investigator Computer crime detectives – The Best Schools reports that computer forensic investigators search for, identify and evaluate information from computer sys- tems, often for trial evidence. Education required: you’ll need a degree in computer forensics, information security or cyber security. Certification from a computer examiner board also helps. Salary: 64,000 aprox 4. Health IT spe- cialist Health IT is an amazing field, especially with major changes going on in healthcare, the gra- dual transition to electronic health records. Health IT spe- cialists will mix computer know- ledge will record-keeping skills, but specialties in medical coding, billing and cancer registry are also in demand,. Education required: While some health IT jobs require only an associate degree and/or certifi- cation, supervisory technician positions call for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Salary: 45,000$ on the average 5. Mobile application developer nowadays almost everybody have smartphones or tablet compu- ters. Experts say that the use of mobile tech is predicted to exceed personal computers at some time in 2013, as businesses will rely more on IT, professio- nals with experience are need. Developers will create programs for future smartphones/ Tablets. Education required: A bachelor’s in software enginee- LA ENTREVISTA biar piezas rotas, arreglar sec- tores defectuosos en disco duro, etc. ¿Recomiendas algún software? Si Esetnot 32, es un antivirus que da una gran protección con- tra el malware y el spyware. ¿Cuál es tu sistema operativo preferido? Mi sistema preferido, diría que Windows XP. ¿Te gusta tu trabajo? Si aunque es mantenimiento, pero si que me habría gustado estudiar electrónica. ¿Qué hardware se rompe con mas frecuencia? Normalmente en un ordenador suele romperse la fuente de alimentación o la tarjeta de vi- deo también los cables que los conectan. ¿Qué cambios en la tecnología ha habido durante tu vida labo- ral? Sobretodo la evolución de los ordenadores a lo largo del tiem- po y luego la implantación de proyectores en el instituto. ¿Tenes algún comentario para la revista? Si: “Nunca se sabe el resultado de mis acciones en los ordenado- res del instituto, aun siendo iguales, son diferentes depen- diendo del ordenador. No hay tiempo suficiente para comparar los componentes ya que se que- dan obsoletos en muy poco tiem- po.” Hoy en nuestro espacio de en- trevista contamos con la presen- cia de Arturo el encargado de reparar los ordenadores del IES Parque de Lisboa ¿Cómo empezaste con los orde- nadores? Mi primo me inicio en el mundillo cuando me regalo mi primer or- denador que llevaba Windows 95 y poco a poco a poco fui apren- diendo con mi primo hasta hoy día. ¿Tienes alguna especialidad informática? Tengo dos: una de software y otra de hardware. ¿Qué tipo de problemas has solucionado en el instituto? Lo habitual entre ello: instalar/ cambiar sistema operativo, cam- LA PECERA Nº 2 ENERO PROFESIONES EN INFORMÁTICA Los niños de hoy día estudiaran empleos que hoy en día aun no existen Desarrollador pro- bando una app en desarrollo
  4. 4. LA PECERA Nº 2 ENERO This is an article for the unexpe- rinced people at internet its main purpose is to teach, what and how you can do in the internet (from watching videos to chat with other people) First you have a browser which may be either internet explorer, google chrome or mozilla firefox (this last one has an article dedi- cated to shortcuts and functio- nalities to surf the net), its main function is to navigate through diferent webpages hosted at an URL, you make a search (for an URL or for key words on a serch engine) On that browser you must have a search engine the most famous is Google, but you can also use Ya- hoo!, here is where you can intro- duce your key words for your search, instanctly a bunch of web pages will appear an you should select the most suitable to your search. In this article im going to talk about the app CleanMaster for android. This task- killer app has recievd really good critics and has broken the records on down loads. It has a simple an intuitive interphace, among its funcionalities i have to talk about the power optimizer of the proces- sor, this tool allows you to control which apps consume more energy, the CPU tem- perature, the commonly used apps, etc It also has a really good task killer as it closes every unusefull process on the back- ground memory, it also performs a advan- cedcleaning of the cache memory. But it is really spammed as everywhere you find adds of the company and other apps. But it has achieved really good comments on the app store, from every user i’ve seen. APPS TU RINCON This is the app logo En este pequeño comentario voy a tratar el tema de los cada día mas famosos “móviles chinos”…. Si porque aunque haya gente que no lo crea se puede ver ya la relevancia que están empezando a tener estos terminales en Europa. Las marcas mas famosas son Xiaomi, THL o Jiayu, esto es debido a los terminales que han fabricado con unas prestaciones de alta gama a un precio muy asequible, estamos hablando de móviles fabricados en acero y unas especifica- ciones como ocho núcleos de procesador, 2gb de RAM, cámaras con lentes increíbles a un precio que varia entre los 300€ y los 200€ lo cual sorprende y nos dan una opción diferente a la de las típicas marcas como Samsung o Apple en las cuales los precios son desorbitados por un terminal que no vale ese precio, además luego tenemos que añadir un servicio técnico y un precio de accesorios en la misma línea de precios, a favor de dichas marcas. Se ha de reconocer que sus productos no sue- len dar fallos y ofrecen una gran resistencia al uso diario, esto ultimo no esta tan presente en las marcas chinas que he comentado anterior- mente, si es verdad que ofrecen un buen pro- ducto pero es mas habitual encontrar fallos, pero estas macas a diferencia de las mas famo- sas tienen un buen servicio técnico y unos acce- sorios originales a un precio razonable, además se pueden encontrar distribuidores en nuestro país que nos ofrecerán los 2 años de garantía que da la ley, y que en caso de fallo técnico nos reemplazara el terminal. Yo soy usuario de uno de estos terminales en concreto de un Jiayu G3T, con el cual por cier- to estoy bastante satisfecho, buen tacto, ro- busted y una increíble fluidez a la hora de mo- ver android o multitarea algo que es raro de ver en móviles de 200€, he de decir que en cuanto a juegos no es que luzca pero por otro lado tenemos una batería con una autonomía de hasta 3 días, algo raro de ver en un móvil dando igual la gama o marca que miremos. NETWORKS .this is Jiayu’s logo and here at the right you can see the model i’ve just commented