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Aligning Employee Engagement to Organizational Strategy - W Buckhead for Cornerstone OnDemand

  1. Teela Jackson, Director of Talent Delivery Talent Connections EVP, SHRM-Atlanta
  2. Let’s explore Employee Engagement  Trends in Employee Engagement  Three Key Drivers  Making it Work in Your Organization
  3. Engagement is an employee’s decision to apply his discretionary effort to the goals of the enterprise, to accept those goals as his own and wholeheartedly commit himself to achieving them. (Fineman & Carter 2007)
  4. “Research has clearly and consistently proved the direct link between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue growth.” ~ Harvard Business Review, 2000
  5. “Engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave their organization. - HR Magazine
  6. Celebrate small milestones  My Pleasure Culture  Making Happiness Happen; “Happiness by Design”  Traditional Recognition
  7. Succession Planning  Special Projects  Leadership Exposure  Educational Opportunities
  8. Knowledge Brokers Manage Up and Across Hi-Po’s
  9. Do What Works for Your Company  Keep the Goal in Mind  Measurable  Consistent